“It’s a war out there. Now you have two of them.”

There is no better way of framing the coaching response to the new early signing period than through these two quotes:

Florida coach Jim McElwain: “It will put some players that have maybe taken reservations rather than commitments places, it’s going to call that bluff, as well as a lot of schools that have a lot of offers out. … I truly believe it’s going to call some people’s bluff, both from the players’ side and the schools’ side. It’ll be interesting to see.”

Alabama coach Nick Saban: “I think evaluation is important, and I think the sooner you have to make decisions on these guys, the greater opportunity you have to make mistakes.”

Saban really doesn’t have time for this shit.  It’s gonna make for some fun times on the ol’ recruiting trail come December 2018.



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16 responses to ““It’s a war out there. Now you have two of them.”

  1. Macallanlover

    Agree with McElwain, it is going to put both athlete and university in a position where the BS will have to stop. Love the rule change but it could use a couple of modifications: a cap on the number (or percentage) of early signees for December, and an opt out if HC changes before February signing date. There will be some learning from this first early signing that can be incorporated into the rule to improve it as we move forward. Great idea which should keep both sides more honest.


    • You like the bluff being called aspect of the new rule, but support a cap? Seems contradictory, Mac.


      • Macallanlover

        Only at the extreme would it be contradictory. I feel a cap is a realistic way to give both parties a chance for a “reset”/fine tune after the December date. I don’t see a bull rush type signing in December, just feel it will narrow the focus. Showboats gonna showboat and drag it out, imo. Primary difference is coaches will make extend fewer frivolous offers, they will have to be genuine offers, and it makes the athletes get closer to a real “commitment commitment”. I feel calling the bluff opportunities reside in both camps, but we don’t yet know how it will play out the first couple of years.


        • A cap gives a coach a built-in excuse to obfuscate: “Kid, you know I would have liked to sign you now, but I ran out of cap space… we’ll get you signed in February. Trust me.”


          • Macallanlover

            We ar e looking at this from totally different perspectives, we will see how it plays out. The “kids” who will benefit most from this are the 3 stars, who are the ones who are the most likely to be screwed over. But there are some benefits to programs as well, but not overwhelmingly so. Good chance this helps both sides in several ways, great rule change, imo.


  2. heyberto

    Saban will just have to hire another support staffer to figure out all the new recruiting/signing scenarios he doesn’t have time for.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Saban’s statement that shortening evaluations by two months is a material risk, is thin gruel. He and every other coach worth a durn has been looking at their targets for years. They know what they need to know. He’s just pissed that he’s gonna have to change his routine.


  4. Mr. Tu

    I am interested to see what happens with the “Non-commitable” offers. Do some kids get December option offers and other get a February only “offer” even before the December signing date?


    • Cousin Eddie

      Do the teams fax LOIs to only “committed” players? Do the teams fax LOIs to everyone they want or think is committed? What happens if a kid keeps the LOI and signs in February even after the team has moved on?


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Once these kids sign and start getting in trouble, even if it’s the same rate as the kids who sign late, the coaches will use it as a way to push back against it (assuming they want to push against it).


  6. Trbodawg

    I still think doing away with a single ‘signing day’ is the way to go. Shool offers employment contract, (oops, LOI) and kid has three days to sign or move on.
    That would totally blow up the Saben Way ( and probably Kirby’s too )


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