“It’s not just about passing yards, either.”

I guess we’re all supposed to get excited about Mike Huguenin’s discovery that SEC quarterbacks amassed some yardage last season.

The SEC leads all Power Five conferences with eight returning quarterbacks who threw for at least 2,000 yards last season.

Except, as Bud Elliott points out, throwing for 2000 yards in a season isn’t exactly a major accomplishment in the spread era.

If take a look at the national rankings for 2016 passer ratings, the excitement cools.   Among quarterbacks who started at least three-quarters of their teams’s games, the SEC’s top performer was Josh Dobbs, the only conference starting quarterback to rank in the top twenty.  (Bentley and Patterson, whom Huguenin also push, clocked in with 139.99 and 121.00 passer ratings.)

That’s not to say this isn’t a talented bunch, or that things aren’t looking up.  It’s just that overall we’re still a ways away from proven.


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7 responses to ““It’s not just about passing yards, either.”

  1. Greg

    To me, the interesting part of that list…is that there are 7 freshmen that rank above Eason.


    • Greg

      And only 2 freshman ranked below him, not far from being dead last. I certainly hope that position does better this year, gonna be tough going if not.


      • It depends on the OL IMO.


        • Greg

          Partly, but not completely.


          • Brandon

            Not completely, no but I would say mostly rather than partly. Its much easier to deliver balls on time and on target when you’re not running for your life immediately after receiving the snap. The rest I would put on I haz a fat pencil for running into 9 man fronts repeatedly on 1st and 2nd downs then dialing up a pass play on 3rd and 7+ when everyone in the country knows its coming.


  2. Macallanlover

    So hard to not look at any of these stats without factoring in the type of defenses these guys face every week, or what style offense they are in. How would some do against SEC defensive backs, not the level they face in the Big 12 or PAC 12? How many offensive plays do they run per game, or percentage of them that are passes? It certainly isn’t surprising how many yards a QB gets at Wazzu, or Texas Tech, or Oklahoma State. We don’t compare our QBs passing stats against them, or their running yardage against a GT or Navy QB. All QBs have a different role to play in each individual offense, I just want our QB to lead the offense he is given better than we have had the past two years. And I don’t care how that impacts his draft status if he leads us to SEC titles, or least the ability to compete for them.


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