BREAKING: Former Georgia Tech player isn’t impressed with Georgia.

Shorter Tom Luginbill:  Mark Richt’s failure to sign Carl Lawson or Raekwon McMillan proves that Kirby Smart is overrated.



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  1. UGA85

    Don’t you think he makes some good points? We have certainly missed out on some big in state athletes, and that has really hurt us. And his last paragraph, about our offense requiring a lot more from the quarterback position (compared to the spread), seems to also be true. Facetiously, I wonder if Peyton Manning would struggle a bit with our playbook.


    • They’ve been in place for one year with a true freshman quarterback and the usual transition a new staff faces.

      If that’s a good enough sample size for you, knock yourself out.

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      • UGA85

        It seems that young, talented quarterbacks struggle at UGA more than other programs. I do feel that our offense is complex relative to many others. One year is not much, and I look forward to the game slowing down for Eason this year.


  2. Didn’t Little Tommy go 0-11 his one year at Tech? How the hell did he make cut on those ESPN layoffs?

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    • Biggus Dickus

      Luginbill was the starter for about half that season then was benched in favor of backup and previous starter Donnie Davis who lost the rest. The Tech coach got fired after that season, too.


  3. Got Cowdog

    Who the F*%# is Tom Luginbill? Another ESPN talking head?


    • DawgByte

      Does it really matter Eddie?!!!

      The fact is Luginbill brings a lot of poignant arguments to the table. I think he’s over critical of Jacob Eason. Eason’s uneven play in 2016 is the product of an OC that was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and an Offensive Line that was on par with the worst we’ve ever seen at UGA. It’s a miracle Eason didn’t have catastrophic season given those two factors.

      As for recruiting… Luginbill is on target. We can’t fight for SEC & National Championships until we do a better job of keeping in state 5 star players. Losing Watson, McMillan, Lawson, Brown et. al. has really hurt us over the last 5 years. Moving forward, we can NOT lose Justin Fields – period! If we land Fields he brings a half a dozen difference makers with him and within 3 years we’ll be at the National Championship level. Right now we’re pretending!


      • Brah, recruiting is going pretty well right now…


      • Macallanlover

        Respect those points, but a different take on both. 1) I really hope you are right about Eason, but he is the biggest concern I have about 2017. I can see how he can improve with decision making and that the game could slow down for him and allow him to find the right receiver in a timely manner, but my concern is the accuracy. He can make some one of a kind throws on occasion, no question about that, but we have all seen some cannon-armed guys who could never find the strike zone. I am hoping along with you, we need to be better at QB this season.

        On the recruiting comments, I tire of the perception that UGA should get all these 4&5 star athletes. Did someone build a wall, or enforce a travel ban to nearby campuses? How much further was Lawson to Auburn than UGA again? How many counties have a ban to prevent HS coaches with Bama, AU, Clemson, FSU, TN, FU leanings from being hired and dare influence the HS players to their favorite school? Does anyone mention the 4&5 star athletes we get from other states as an offset for those we don’t get from Georgia? (Gurley, Stafford, Michel, Swift, Zeus, maybe, AJ, Max Jean, Sturdivant, etc. etc.) True we have a plethora of talent in the state, but we have a huge bullseye on this state and we are surrounded by successful predators….some more convenient that Athens.


      • So, if Justin Fields decides to go elsewhere, Georgia football should just fold up for the next 4-5 years? That’s the type of hyperbole from the recruiting über alles crowd.


  4. How did he get into Georgia tech if it’s so academically difficult because those quotes were some of the dumbest things I’ll ever read from a WWL talking head (and that’s saying something)? Take your shot at the previous guy’s recruiting and roster management. Those two guys are terrible examples. Lawson was a 4-3 defensive end. Excellent player … not a fit for our system. McMillan was never coming to Georgia. He wanted to go out of state.

    For everyone who complains about our offensive system, we don’t know how complex it is because Chaney seemed to dumb it down to the point where everyone in the stadium knew what we were going to do.

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    • He was a JC transfer when Bill Lewis decided he wanted more of a wide open passing attack. Luginbill beat out incumbent starter Donnie Davis which divided the team. They went 1-10, Tech fired Lewis and brough in O’Leary. Luginbill transferred to EKU.


      • Normaltown Mike

        I met a walk-on from that Tech team and he said the “dividing of the team” had a racial element too.


  5. Bright Idea

    Am I the only one who has seen Eason extend plays? Most recent example was TCU game. Has Luginbill even watched Georgia to know that?

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  6. Brandon

    I welcome this sort of story, especially lately. History hasn’t proved well for us when all our players read about in the offseason is how good they are and how they should beat everyone on their schedule.

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  7. Luginbill might be dead on about Eason, but his comments read like something out of Feb rather than July. I guess we’ll soon find out though.


    • Got Cowdog

      I was concerned about Eason being an A ball player from Washington State. My biggest concern was would he be tough enough. He is. If he gets some help up front, there are some commenters here that will need to man up and have a big old helping of crow.


  8. lakedawg

    Ga is going to lose some 4 and5 star players every year to other schools. We had outstanding class last year with the momentum of new coaches, facilities, etc. sadly this year do not see a G by any of the top 29 guys yet.


  9. Dave

    Him basically writing off Eason already is the worst part of the whole piece. Sure, plenty of struggles in multiple areas. I get it. But, when you look at a true freshman, I tend to focus on what he was able to do well at times, because that really explains the potential. He was calm and collected in 1 and a half game winning drives. He took a huge beating and was under pressure a lot, and still had a 2:1 TD to INT ratio. His arm strength is unquestioned, and he showed confidence in it, along with accuracy at times (yes, his lack of being consistently accurate is well-documented).

    So, the only real question is, can he be more consistent on those good things, because there QB’s out there that could never reach some of the peaks he saw as a true freshman.

    It’s fine to be lukewarm on Georgia, but Luginbill citing past seasons and examples is beyond idiotic. That’s why Richt is gone.


  10. The Quincy Carter of Accountants

    Skepticism is a reasonable position on Georgia. But bringing up that you missed on two particular players and failing to mention just how good last year’s recruiting class was seems dishonest.

    He says that the receivers are a ways away from being difference makers – probably true, but we have possibly the best backfield and tight end group in the country that goes unmentioned.

    He also doesn’t discuss the line of scrimmage at all. If you are down on Georgia, I think you should at least mention that the line which was bad last year might very well be starting Freshman this year – you don’t know how that is going to go.

    The Eason take is weird to me. He was a true freshman for heaven’s sake. For a true freshman in our offense he was good. It’s like the assumption is that he won’t get better. I assume he will.

    To me the more realistic conclusion is, that we probably have too many holes to contend for a national championship in 2017 – namely not enough wide receiver difference makers, freshman offensive lineman, and Jim Chaney (who sucks). But Georgia has been recruiting very well and if they continue to do so, in 2018 – 2019 if they aren’t contending, something is wrong.

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  11. I have never liked this guy. Does the ESPN talking head job application have a Q&A section on the applicants general dislike of UGA? Mark May, Herbie, this asshat….who else?

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  12. Dude says “You talk about them being a sleeping giant? That’s the problem. They shouldn’t be a sleeping giant. They should be the giant.”



  13. ApalachDawg

    I’m not going to get worked up over what this nerd walking around with a rice dick from the North Ave Trade school says about the Dawgs.
    I wish Richt would have just said to him on the sideline interview – Go Fuck yourself nerd…


  14. Does it sound like he’s smart enough to have passed calculus when he was at Tech?


  15. JCDAWG83

    Until we start winning something that matters and stop crapping the bed and having disappointing seasons, these type articles will continue to be written and we deserve to have them written. The truth can be painful but it needs to be accepted and the realization and acceptance of the problem is the first step in correcting the problem.

    Georgia has had way too many years of preseason happy talk and self delusion. It’s time to actually do something on the field.


  16. Mayor

    What’s wrong with Georgia football is at the QB position.