Meanwhile, on the injury front

When it comes to health issues, I don’t wish ill on any student-athlete, but in light of Georgia’s schedule, I thought I’d mention a couple of key hits.

No, those don’t translate into automatic wins for Georgia, but for once it’s news like this coming from other camps, instead of Athens.



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7 responses to “Meanwhile, on the injury front

  1. Can we wish ill will for Tennessee injuries after the way the hillbillies reacted after Chubb’s injury on their cow pasture turf?


  2. simpl_matter

    Besides the one 5* DE, the Gators are mostly 3* with a few 4* on defense now. If they can keep up their recent defensive reputation this year, I’ll slow clap them when the season is over.

    They normally have a few cupcakes to start the season and build confidence, not so this year. If the wheels come off in the Michigan game, UT two weeks later will be a “backs against the wall” game.


    • Russ

      I don’t expect much from the Gators against Michigan. You know Harbaugh is licking his chops at beating up a “name” SEC school and will lay the wood to them if he’s able to. How that game affects the Gators through the rest of the season is anyone’s guess.


      • simpl_matter

        Yeah, I think UM comes out with a bigger chip on their shoulder than the Gators. The quotes I’ve been reading from younger members of the Gator D have been about maintaining the standard set, but to me it came across like they were speaking a given. My guess is UM wins comfortably, but WTFKs.