The Saban Rules, a continuing development

The NCAA has approved a rule limiting the number of people who can communicate through headsets during a game to 20 per team, including 15 coaches.

I figure it’s only a matter of time before the University of Alabama begins ramping up studies on mental telepathy.


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14 responses to “The Saban Rules, a continuing development

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Well, you know Saban’s gonna need lots of people on headsets for “game operations, security, and medical.”


  2. Merk

    They said headsets, they will just have 1 headset guy talking to 20 other guys and relaying the info.


  3. Can we just get rid of the guy who stands on the sideline with the red hat and the headset to tell everyone when the game can be played?


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Nah. He pays the piper so he gets to call the tune. Little sh*t.


      • I don’t understand how they can’t come up with a similar deal to soccer. Have graphics and mention that this part of the game is brought to you by whatever brand buys the space. Have a full TV timeout after scores and maybe every other change of possession as opposed to now where they stop play at every opportunity.


        • AusDawg85

          I submit the commercial timeout aggravation would reduce by half if they just stop the TO after kickoff’s. Score, TO, kick for touchback, TO. The most annoying sequence of all.


          • In a regular season game, you typically don’t get the back to back TV timeouts in a college game. In the playoffs/NY6, they are using them.


            • Macallanlover

              You may be right but I do believe I get aggravated about that much, much earlier in the season than than postseason. Maybe not on cupcake games.


  4. ASEF

    Does the NCAA seriously have time for this shit? Really?

    Kirby and Nick will install pneumatic tubes if they have to. And when the NCAA bans those, Smart and Saban will install zip lines. Charge boosters $100 a ride for the thrill of a bird’s eye view of the stadium and delivering vital game info.

    Some programs just want it more. Deal with it.


  5. Uglydawg

    Ya think the Great Punkin’ will be listening in at Tennessee? I don’t want to miss it the first time he changes the play and it goes awry. Can’t you see it. The OC makes a call, CJP is watching from the sideline…at the last second before the snap, Fulmer changes the play, the QB looks bewildered, the playclock strikes zero and the ref throws a delay of game flag. Or the play goes and the QB gets sacked. The scenarios are fun to imagine.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    No limit on how many can listen, however. 😉



  7. Russ

    This only covers headsets. No limit on connected tablets or Google Glass.