What do you do when you’re branded, and you know you’re a man.

Larry Scott is just flat out stealing money from the Pac-12.

The Pac-12 Conference has hired one of the world’s top public relations and crisis management agencies.

Its mission?

Fixing the conference’s broken brand.

The repair is necessary, but what the conference members need most to compete is additional revenue. The brand isn’t broken because of public perception. It’s busted because of results.

You’d think that unless the PR firm can help Southern Cal or Washington win more games, it’s hard to see how much good branding’s gonna do.  But, then again, you’re not a genius like Larry.  I mean, check out the plans.

The internal memo aimed at the Pac-12 CEO Group from Walker listed the recommended objectives and strategies from FleishmanHillard.

Among the recommendations:

  • “Conduct in-depth analysis of the influencer landscape to identify neutral to positive voices and systematically build relationships with these influencers to shift the conversation.”
  • “Expand upon media partnerships with The Players’ Tribune and Los Angeles Times and identify new national partner(s) to increase national and regional coverage.”
  • “Enlist one of comedy’s great ‘coaches’ or ‘fans’ to star in a digital series that addresses the challenges of last-minute schedule and late games in a way that honors the true commitment of the Pac-12 fan.”

Solid work, there.  You can smell the playoffs.  These guys are pros.

The U.S. Mint contracted with FleishmanHillard in 2000 for $4 million to help market and brand the dollar coin. It never really caught on.

Well, pros in the sense that they get paid, anyway.

I can’t wait for Larry’s next scam.



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18 responses to “What do you do when you’re branded, and you know you’re a man.

  1. 81Dog

    Consultants have a great gig. One of my first year law school classmates transferred to a joint JD/MBA program at UGA. He got a summer gig as an intern at a consulting firm, spent 12 weeks at a bakery in NY. “Studying current practices and identifying ways to increase profits,” he was supposed to write a report at the end making suggestions based on his work. It was basically a 2 page paper that suggested “in order to increase profits, sell more bread.” He’d have fit in great with Don Cheadle in House of Lies.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Conduct in-depth analysis of the influencer landscape to identify neutral to positive voices and systematically build relationships with these influencers to shift the conversation.”
    Is that some beautiful bullshit or what!
    They could save the money if they just remember what Ernie Johnson said back in the early 90’s when the Braves started drawing big crowds:
    “No promotion works better than winning”.

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    • Texas Dawg

      When USC was WINNING, when Oregon was WINNING, when Washington was WINNING, I don’t recall the PAC-12 having a branding problem.


  3. Spike

    “.. Branded..” Wow , that brings back a lot of memories. I’m old enough to remember that great show with Chuck Connors. Kudos, Senator.


  4. ASEF

    So, Larry gets paid more than anyone oth commissioner to identify which marketing firms to hire?

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  5. Washington plays boring football and is lucky to play in such a weak conference. USC has the brand the WWL is praying to make the CFP every year (they are one of 5 teams that could make the playoff without a division or conference championship with Bammer, OSU, ND and Texas – they just pass the “eye test”).

    Therefore, Corch shows up next in Los Angeles when tanned, rested and ready.


  6. C

    PAC 12 league and schools will continue to make the types of choices that will hurt the brand because they will ultimately decide to do what they feel is best. This assumes they know what best, but they don’t. An example of this was a thumb on the scales to USC against WSU in what turned out to be a disaster. (My mind goes straight to the concept of Super Delagates here, something that was meant to tip the scales to “help” the brand).

    The PAC 12 will fail for the same reason major Cities like Detroit fails. This is not politics, but it shows how the thoughts and minds of those work.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Give them some credit for recognizing they have a problem.

    Everyone likes to feel important, but it will be an individual school, not the conference office, who leads them out of it.


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    True sign of a failure of a CEO…hire consultants to identify your problems. The Pac12 really deserves this guy.


  9. Anonymous

    Well, the PAC-12 has to deal with this:


    The cultural shift is not just on the west coast either. Who here would have thought five years ago that on a day of World Cup competition, the most highly attended soccer game in the world that day would be an MLS game in Atlanta? Who here would have thought five years ago that Atlanta United would enjoy as much (or even more) fan support as the Atlanta Falcons? Who would have thought five years ago that the Atlanta Hip Hop / Rap community would rally around a soccer team sparking a cultural change within urban culture?


    What we are seeing is just the beginning, and it is the confluence of multiple separate things. The PAC-12 is correct in hiring marketing consultants, but they need to focus on attracting younger viewers to the sport.


  10. Starting to believe mr. scott has much more than photos on some peoples who support his rational/checking account….or is the weed really that damn good out west to put those institutional leaders under the commishes hypnotic trance…….


  11. Doug

    “Trojans down by 5, ball at their own 10. They’ve got 13 seconds left to save their season and no time outs. Simmons in the shotgun, takes the snap, he’s backpedaling, trying to find an open man, but there’s…AMAZING! Simmons conducts a BEAUTIFUL analysis of the influencer landscape, and the Trojans are in the end zone! Have you ever seen a comeback like this?!”

    “No, Bob, I haven’t, and the way USC dominated that influencer landscape on the game-winning drive, that’s the kind of analysis the playoff committee is gonna remember in a few weeks…”


  12. UGA '97

    They are in a death spiral. Sell off the Pac 12 droughts, earthquakes, mudslides, fires, liberals and all.