Forget it, Jake. It’s March without sports.

“At least,” he said to himself as he saw Barrett Sallee tweet that Georgia is no longer the favorite to win the SEC East, “Sallee’s not trying to push Tennessee’s chances.”

Somebody’s got way too much time on his hands.


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7 responses to “Forget it, Jake. It’s March without sports.

  1. jt10mc (the other one)

    It really is laughable.

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  2. He is usually level headed from what I’ve heard of him on the radio.

    They must all really be bored.


  3. Down Island Way

    DUMB ASS………


  4. Russ

    Of course they are a “contender” in the sense that they play in the SECE. There are 6 other contenders along with them.

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  5. josh hancher

    If Coach has changed the culture (I think he has) this year will show it. Vols and Gators are improved. UK has above brand talent.

    But, Dawgs are way ahead. Hopefully we get to play and continue to dominate the East

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  6. spur21

    Editor: WTF why aren’t you writing stuff?
    Writer: There is nothing to right about. Everybody is out trying to find T.P. and hand sanitizer.
    Editor: WTF is wrong with you – make something up that will generate clicks. Do you know we are losing advertising $$$?


  7. Dawgtor

    I remember when we were preseason champs.