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TFW you don’t want it to just mean more

Pat Forde is concerned.

The ultimate stat: you could take away LSU, Georgia and Alabama from the SEC’s three-round draft tally and the league still would have had more picks (18) than any other.

In terms of both NFL player production and competing for a spot in the College Football Playoff, the sport’s power base currently is consolidated in the following locales: the top third of the SEC, Ohio State, Clemson and an incomplete Oklahoma program that needs to figure out defense in order to compete with the others.

This is not ideal.

Far better for the sport to regain some semblance of regional balance and conference depth, wherein other programs have the upward mobility to compete for a national title.

Yeah?  Shame he doesn’t have a solution for that.  I thought for sure he was this close to offering playoff expansion as a cure for college football’s ills.



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My only NFL draft question

So, if it turns out that David Pollack is prescient and nails this…

… does that mean:

  • Newman is a better QB than Fromm?
  • Newman’s receivers were better than Fromm’s?
  • Newman’s OC/position coach was better than Fromm’s?

You can only pick one.  I would lean towards number three, myself.


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