Another early top-25

PFF’s preseason power poll is based on a combination of “recruiting rankings, returning players and market information” on top of their proprietary metric.

Georgia sits fifth, one spot ahead of Florida and behind number three Alabama and number four LSU.

I do find it interesting that two fairly highly ranked SEC teams have some shoring up to do at an important position.

10. AUBURN (+3300)

Bo Nix was only the 70th-highest-graded quarterback in college football a season ago, failing to complete 57 percent of his passes or earn more than seven yards per pass attempt.

14. TEXAS A&M (+2500)

Kellen Mond, while relatively highly regarded, struggled a bit last season, earning our 48th-highest passing grade and failing to eclipse seven yards per pass attempt in 2019.

Some upper-tier SEC team is going to have a quarterback take the next step and that’ll likely be the team that makes the big jump this season.  The question is, which quarterback and which team?


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7 responses to “Another early top-25

  1. Sweet D

    I think a big component will be the surprise, or novelty factor, in that it will be a different kind of quarterback and/or offense. I see Costello and Newman having that type of potential.


  2. CLTDawg

    If I’m reading that correctly, they’re suggesting Nix’s completion percentage was 43%…assume they missed a “more than” in there…I’ll take 43% against UGA next year though.


  3. Mayor

    I hope you are right Senator but I see no evidence that the Georgia offense will be improved. The 3 year starter at QB is gone as are 3 starters from the OL and the top 2 RBs. At receiver there are one excellent receiver and one good receiver coming back plus several who can’t/won’t run correct routes and can’t/won’t catch a football. Plus we have the same WR coach coming back. Replacing Coley with Monken is likely an upgrade but Kirby didn’t really address the WR coaching problem and that is the very thing that was the team weakness last season. Yes, Kirby signed a transfer QB with potential and that might be a stopgap measure and he signed some good freshmen at WR but without sufficient coaching how good will they be? Assuming the best case—that Newman at QB for losing Fromm and the 3 new OL starters and 2 new RBs are all a wash—I see basically the same O as last season. Sorry Senator, I hate to say it but there likely will be no improvement on O.


    • … but Kirby didn’t really address the WR coaching problem and that is the very thing that was the team weakness last season.

      The senior transfer and two true freshmen played very well last season. Does Hankton not get credit for that?

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      • Down Island Way

        Potential demands in the passing game by the OC with respect to the wr room running specific routes will help Coach Hankton, the qb and all receivers (rb’s too)


      • Mayor

        No Senator. Those guys brought to the table what they brought to the table without Hankton’s influence. The WRs with a year or more of Hankton’s influence regressed.