Same old, same old SEC East

What’s better, the possibility of upside or the carry over of elite?

“The first thing I want to know is how many elite units are there over here? In this case the here is the SEC East,” Pate said. “There’s one. In this entire division right now, there’s one I know I can count on. I think Florida’s offense is going to be really good. Do I know they’re going to be elite? I don’t know that. I’ve heard some people suggest they could make this, now until the end of someone’s going to suggest, someone’s going to do this, this LSU-type leap. This year-two, got the same quarterback in the same system, got things figured out now, this Joe Burrow, LSU-type leap. I think that’s very unreasonable. It’s unreasonable to expect from any team in any given year. Guess it’s not impossible, but unreasonable. So I cannot count on Florida’s offense to be elite. They may be. Maybe that’s their ceiling. But Georgia’s defense will be and that’s the only one I see over there right now.”

I’m going with the latter, if only because Georgia beat Florida last season with an offense that’s likely to be worse than it will be this season.


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9 responses to “Same old, same old SEC East

  1. practicaldawg

    We can’t count on Florida to be elite, but we can count on their fans to be unreasonable.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Alachua county, FL – since 1906, accountable to be Florida’s epicenter of aqua velva scented cheese dicks.

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  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Pretty solid article. Trask might be better. He also might have a sophomore slump, especially now that defenses have a lot of film on him.

    The UGA defense, barring injuries – and there would have to be a lot of injuries given their depth – figures to be sure enough elite. The down time has me watching a lot of old games and we have mostly had really talented defenses (Thomas Davis, Pollack, Jarvis Jones, the Baileys, Ogletree, etc.), but the depth that we have right now is stunning. The other thing is that we are much more disciplined – broken coverages happen to any team, but you really notice it in the current version of our D because it is unusual. Someone might get beat but they are rarely just out of position.

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  4. UGA '97

    UFs got depth, holes & question marks on both sides of the ball, but this guy pate is one to talk about click bait. he failed to mentionUF, with the nation’s 101st ranked rushing offense ain’t anywhere near the area code of The LSUs, Clemson, Oklahoma, Ohio State’s . Uga was 30th, Mullen not even close. its almost June, gotta wander after losing Perine, how he’s got that side of the ball all figured out all the sudden, enough for a guy like Pate to think they are “in the coversation”. jees.

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    • Cojones

      He also didn’t mention that the Dawg’s D held FU to -2 yds until late in the 4th qtr last year. Now we look to be better on D and FU looks to be worse on O.

      Hope we stomp the crap out of them next time we meet.


      • Down Island Way

        When an individual with zero knowledge or even insider type info says ” i think, then say i know or don’t know” all within two seconds of each other means that person has zero intel…so be done with the lsu comparisons, cause you’re just embarrassing yourself…FU’s schedule is in their favor this season 2020 (?), that’s it…against a quality “D”, the o may be o.k at best, lesser opponents (and matching wristbands) may be good on film….their fans will choke on what UGA’s “D” will bring to Jacksonville…when seniors have the opportunity to go 4-0 against an ass wipe rival….all i can say is “look out my friend, the shit’s fixin’ to get deep here and now”…..#FTMF

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  5. siskey

    Florida has.a favorable schedule but they have to play us. We have a better defense and barring a total collapse on offense we should be able to score 17-20 points no matter what. We will miss Fromm, it’s hard to lose someone with that intelligence and moxie BUT we have better players everywhere but QB.
    This team (if we have something resembling a normal season) will be deeper at every position since I’ve been paying attention (1991).
    That doesn’t mean it will be easy but we have the team in place to make a run as a favorite and not as some underdog where everything has to break our way.
    Go Dawgs!