A few words of punditry praise

A couple of things to share from the national media about the Dawgs…

From Brandon Marcello:

In a year we all expected Arik Gilbert to break out as Georgia’s best tight end and receiving option (personal issues have sidelined him), another talented freshman has instead blossomed into a superstar: Brock Bowers. I’m here to say he’s also the nation’s best tight end and soon the country will take notice with high-quality matchups on the horizon.

He’s not necessarily as dynamic as the hybrid receiver/tight ends like Kyle Pitts of last season, but Bowers is every bit as dangerous in the red zone. The 6-foot-4, 230-pound Bowers leads the Bulldogs with 18 catches for 272 yards and four touchdowns, earning him the nation’s fourth-best offensive grade among tight ends, according to Pro Football Focus.

… Bowers is averaging 9.6 yards after the catch, a dangerous stat for a tight end capable of streaking down field and also playing the atypical role as a pass catcher in front of linebackers. Bowers signed with Georgia as the nation’s No. 3 tight end, according to the 247Sports Composite, but the true freshman has proven to be the best in the country, regardless of classification.

High praise, indeed.

Then there’s this note from Pat Forde:

The Kirby Smart coaching tree (2). Not only is Smart’s Georgia team undefeated, but two of his former assistant coaches are 4–0 and leading renaissances at Power 5 programs. Sam Pittman, who coached the offensive line under Smart at Georgia from 2016 to ’19, has Arkansas rolling. The Razorbacks have recorded double-digit victories over Texas and Texas A&M—games that will resonate in recruiting in the Lone Star State—and Pittman is an early leader for national Coach of the Year. Among those in contention for that award with Pittman is the guy who coordinated Georgia’s defense from ’16 to ’18, Mel Tucker. His second Michigan State team is 2–0 in the Big Ten and has three wins over Power 5 competition after a dramatic overtime victory over Nebraska on Saturday.

Hey, it’s not a biggie, but it sure beats hearing about how Kirby handles the quarterback position.


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18 responses to “A few words of punditry praise

  1. Love to see the success for Pittman and Tucker. Pittman especially — I’m developing a new habit of watching all his press conferences….

    If a man can lure me into paying attention to Arkansas games AND their mid-week pressers, he must be one special dude.


  2. It’s interesting that Kirby downplays the whole coaching tree thing especially with these two who coached a lot of football before they became part of the Georgia program. Lanning, Schumann, Scott and, to a degree, McGee are the guys Kirby would really look at as future members of his coaching tree.

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    • Texas Dawg

      The way coaches move from job to job over their careers working for multiple guys, it is hard to call it a coaching tree. It’s more like a tangle of vines.

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  3. dawgphan34

    Wish those guys all the success in the world. It can be nothing be a positive.

    Admittedly, when we start throwing to the TE, but that TE wasnt Washington or Gilbert I was a little annoyed, but Bowers has really played remarkable well. I think he was the Offensive MVP for the 1st quarter of the season.


    • miltondawg

      I wonder what one of the top TE prospects in the nation (Oscar Delp) from West Forsyth HS thinks watching Bowers and how that kid is about to be a national star.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Who is this Kirby Smart you speak of? Why isn’t the magical Mullen tour getting more press for the come-from-behind victory over a hugely underrated utk?


  5. He referred to coaches Pittman and Tucker as his elders, in a respectful way…I love how Kirby comports himself


  6. archiecreek

    Ditch lizards lost to the gumps???
    You sure???

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  7. Ran A

    I thought Kirby was perfect with this. He would not accept Tucker, Pittman or Beamer as part of his tree. Said he learned more from the first two than they did from him and basically said Beamer is from the Beamer coaching tree.

    Now a little of that is just being modest, but I also think he’s accurate in his comments. Pittman learned how to build an organization from Kirby.

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  8. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    When Brock Bowers makes a play and they show him on the sideline with his helmet off and you see his receding hairline he reminds me of a bigger stronger Jake Scott.

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  9. classiccitycanine

    Bowers has first round draft pick written all over him. Excited to have him for 2 more seasons after this one!

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  10. RangerRuss

    Kirby Smart can’t develop coaches!

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  11. Russ

    Just about the time teams start keying on Bowers, along comes the Big 0! What’s a poor defensive coordinator to do?


  12. whb209

    I think there is one thing all of these coaches learned from Kirby and that is to recruit you ass off.
    Jimmy and Joes beat X’s and O’.