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Game day post, blowing the Admiral edition

Yeah, well, I don’t think we’ll see that play call today.

The gap between those two teams then has grown into a yawning chasm this season.  If it gets to a point where a brain fart like that costs Georgia a win, this team has problems that were very professionally masked in the first three weeks of the season.  [HINT:  Nah.]

This is a bad, undermanned Vandy squad Georgia is taking on today, which should tell you something about the kind of coach Steve Addazio is.  [SECOND HINT:  Never take hiring advice from Urban Meyer.]  As I’ve posted a couple of times, the ‘Dores are the only SEC team with a negative net YPP and they’re also sporting better than a minus-1 turnover margin per game.  That was not a formula for success against the likes of East Tennessee State and it’s not going to work today.

As for throwing the ball deep because that worked against the Dawgs last week… well, Ken Seals is the only starting quarterback in the conference with a worse passer rating than Emory Jones.  And, unlike Jones, he can’t run.  Speaking of running, remember that Vandy’s leading rusher is gone for the season.

One thing worth noting (and it may not be much) is that, at least statistically, Vanderbilt’s offensive line has performed better to date than has South Carolina’s, so it may be worth seeing how Georgia’s front seven fares today.

On the flip side of the coin, here are a few relevant conference rankings for Vanderbilt’s defense:

The Vandy defense isn’t disruptive and doesn’t really do much to stop the pass or run.  Other than that…

The surest way for this game to be close would be after a crash on the way to the stadium, and we already know the plane landed safely in Nashville.  Dawgs should cover, and rather easily, but at worse we’ll should see something similar play out to what was on display last week.

There are issues worth tracking, though, such as injuries and recovery for same, along with what goes on with the offensive line.  I’ll be watching, for sure.  Feel free to share your game impressions in the comments.


UPDATE:  Per Marc Weiszer:

Kendall Milton, Georgia’s second leading rusher this season who led the team on the ground against South Carolina, is “banged up,” as is sack leader Adam Anderson.

That’s the word from Kirby Smart on the pregame radio show. Both are dressed out and going through warmups…




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Your (non-Dawg) game day post

Today’s slate of games:

Not exactly brimming with drama, but there are certainly a few games worth watching:  Notre Dame-Wisconsin and Texas A&M-Arkansas both involved showdowns between ranked teams; LSU-MSU will let us gauge how bad Bo Pelini was last year; Kentucky-South Carolina is one of those measuring stick games; and North Carolina-Georgia Tech may be good for a chuckle or two.

Then, there’s the Meteor Game.  Speaking of chuckles.

What’s on your agenda today?


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Stinger zinger

Not sure whom this is a bigger ouch for:

Let’s split the baby and just say the ACC.


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Up and at ’em!

Honestly, considering the opposition, this is an appropriate hype tape for this morning.


UPDATE:  Vandy hype clip, the sequel.


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