Your Daily Gator has a secret weapon.

Somebody just forwarded this to me and I am rolling on the floor:

Who needs a special teams coordinator when you can have a gamechanger?

I bet Booch is kicking himself for not thinking of that first.  It’s right up his alley.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    That is some Sideshow Dan clown-show level shit right there.

    Is Billy Bags gonna hire a Blind Squirrel Hunter, too?

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  2. That’s stupid. Next thing you know Napier is going to have garbage cans on the sidelines for turnovers.

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  3. uga97

    . .b/c nothing changes the course of a game like 3 turnovers in 5 minutes right before the half at TWLOCP.

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    • cowetadawg

      Absolutely. Just wait until a few fumbled punts/kickoffs or missed field goals and the memes will write themselves about how their coordinator is 100% “gamechanging”. Can’t wait.

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  4. practicaldawg

    Florida has become Tennessee and they are the only ones that don’t see it

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  5. whybotherdude

    What’s up next up is hiring Finebuam as Jockstrap-Changer coordinator.

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  6. I say we take up a collection, and endow the position that holds Kirby’s belt as the Get the Picture Get Back Coach.

    Someone set up the account.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      My wife thinks it is hilarious that there is a guy on the sideline whose main job is to keep Kirby off the field of play. Might be the hardest job on the staff.

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      • Down Island Way

        Only on game day, during the week he’s got Kirbs running 40 yard sprints with a few high hurdles thrown in there…Coach Sinclair is a bad man on a good guys team…GO DAWGS!


      • whybotherdude

        My wife also, she keeps saying, “He is a grown man doesn’t he know where he is and have some self control?” I just say, “He doesn’t have time for that.”

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  7. miltondawg

    Nothing like hyping up an analyst to the level of gamechanger for your program.

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  8. theotherdoug

    Kirby has to be scared!


  9. JaxDawg

    I wish them all the best. I can’t blame the two of them for seeking what they feel are greener pastures.
    I’m not as nonchalant about this as it appears the majority of the dawg nation is (at least the reasonable segment of dawg nation).

    I was hoping to see JT last year for all the reasons he was the starter going into the 2021 season. When it evolved differently based (I believe) on having a general defense, I was all for seeing SBIV take a crack at becoming a legend. And he did.

    But I have trouble seeing us field another generational defense in 2022 due to the personnel losses. Any one out there truly believe we would have won it all last year with a less than generational defense? As the senator has repeatedly pointed out, SBIV can (and did) lead us to the promised land IF he’s not forced to chase a high powered offense, and can play his style of ball.

    I think we’ll need more offensive juice next year, and I think not having JT and JB as options next year hurts our chances of staying on top of the mountain.

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    • sniffer

      Well said, Jax. We’ll see the top of the mountain all year with the skill and talent we have for 2022. How close we get to the summit is the question.


  10. JaxDawg

    Oops. Wrong thread.

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  11. classiccitycanine

    This is some Geoff Collins level stupidity.

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  12. barneydawg

    It appears that Sunbelt Billy is heading into Gee-off 404 Waffle House territory.

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  13. theorginaldawgabides

    He looks like Mr. French. Only folks above a certain age will get that.

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  14. Russ

    It will be interesting to see how Napier’s career plays out. Honestly he’s already done a better recruiting job in 2 months than Derpy Dan did in 3+ years. Then this stuff comes along and you have to wonder a little. Regardless, they are in a huge talent he the the next 2-3 years so he will have to coach his ass off to survive their expectations.

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  15. RangerRuss

    Fuck those motherfuckers.

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  16. practicaldawg

    His first job is to create a fitness routine for Brandon Cox that will enable him to catch Stetson Bennet.

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  17. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    A national title and Little Billy Napier turning out to be the next Booch in the same year? Surely I haven’t been living that right.

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  18. I mean, the Gators are only following the Saban blueprint for hiring dozens of “analysts” for each and every little thing, but I was kinda hoping the linked press release would explain WTF a “GameChanger coordinator” does that’s different from your standard run-of-the-mill analyst. Oh well.

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  19. originaluglydawg

    What UF really needs is a “Coach Changer Coordinator”.
    His first job could be to install a revolving door at the HC office.

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  20. Dawgfan Will

    Great minds think alike:

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  21. MudCat's Mechanic

    Waiting for a brick by brick speech….


  22. MudCat's Mechanic

    I’m willing to bet he’s going to have a “Director of Keeping it Real” pretty soon.

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  23. bucketheridge

    They had me at “A native of Milledgeville”.

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  24. Chris “the Game Changer” Couch…the dude looks more like a sleeper sofa.

    It’s quite possible that Coach Sleeper-sofa is eat up with the dickdo disease…bet you won’t see him running up and down the sidelines on a kick-off return…not unless an ice cream truck sneaks into the swamp.

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  25. My first thought when seeing the headline was Navin Johnson running around yelling “The daily gator is here! The daily gator is here!” I’ve got to tell you, eleven days later, I’m still as giddy as a schoolboy!

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  26. biggusrickus

    So we’re barely a month in, and we can already assume he’ll be fired within four years. I’m okay with that.

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  27. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Is it a sign that they’ve given up on football when they adopt a basketball logo for their unis?


  28. D as in Dawg

    Unless he hires an infinity stone, he’ll be gone in 3 years.

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  29. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    I am cracking up at those titles. Little Billy missed his calling as head of an HR department somewhere. He’s the kind of guy that makes everybody call the janitor, “Head Vice President of Sanitation Technology.”

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  30. hailtogeorgia9

    The weirdest part to me is the way they’ve presented Florida and Jordan as if this is a 50/50 collab between them. This is the University of Florida, FFS, and they’re presenting it like this is some cross-brand collaboration and the hiring of the coach is a result of that.

    A swing and a miss in trying to maximize brand value IMO. That’s what happens when you try too hard to be cool.


  31. RangerRuss

    God bless the great indoors.

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