Narrative vs. stats

Tired:  Jermaine Burton left because he wants to play in an offense with a more dynamic passing attack.


At least he’ll get to pad his stats during the next regular season before he turns pro.  😉


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  1. W

    Here’s to Jermaine pulling in 2k yards and 20 TDs on his way to an overall #1 pick and then opting out for the postseason.

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  2. Down Island Way

    But PAAWWWLLLL, we don’t throw to nobody…GO DAWGS!

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  3. gurkhadawg

    Stetson was obviously the best QB in the playoffs by a wide margin. We will be able to attract all the elite receivers we need.

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Senator, there’s cherry picking and then there’s cherry picking.

    Compare Bennett and Burton’s numbers to Young, Metchie, and Williams, now, but you know, for the entire season.

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    • fisheriesdawg

      Do we get to also bring a healthy George Pickens into this discussion?


    • miltondawg

      I posted this in another thread, but Metchie and Williams were targeted a combined 243 times in 2021. Burton was targeted 32 times.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

        And there it is.

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      • Dawg in Austin

        He was also hurt 1/3 of the year. When fully healthy in his career he got 4 targets a game. If he ends up as Bama’s #1 or #2 he’ll get double that, because their defense keeps them in games (not in a good way) and Saban doesn’t call off the dogs. That’s what he wants, so be it.

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        • miltondawg

          It is true that he was hurt some in 2021. But official Georgia stats on are that he played in 14 out of 15 games in 2021 and started in 8 and had 26 catches on 32 targets. His only game not playing in 2021 officially listed is the Auburn game.

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      • ben

        That’s what happens when your QB only has two reads and feasts on that all season. Bryce should have had them with him in NYC

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      • kdawg05

        I would argue that Burton is not Metchie and Williams. He still may be #3 on that roster.

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      • originaluglydawg

        That’s because he’s no Metchie or Williams.


    • moe pritchett

      Let’s compare rings from the title game instead.

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    • Not unexpectedly, you’ve whiffed on my point. Burton left because he wants to increase his catch numbers, which I understand, to enhance his appeal on the next level.

      Me? I don’t GAS about that. I just want Georgia to win. ‘Bama found it easier to produce in the passing game before it got to the CFP. That matters to me a lot more than what those guys did during the regular season. Obviously, your mileage varies. Perhaps you should take up playing fantasy college football. 😉

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    • Alabama 2021 is an interesting study. Its a team that rarely turned to its backup qb and receivers late in games. But what is telling is the fact that they weren’t really able to.

      We all saw the comparisons of our games vs common opponents to them. We could run the clock out vs those teams, they had to keep flinging, skewing the numbers a bit.

      But it goes back to one criticism of Richt, and in a different way to Kirby. The 4th quarter in blowouts is important because that is how you get other guys ready. Do you think Bama wishes some of those 243 targets could have been to Hall or some of the other receivers who were not ready to step up 2 weeks ago? You’re damn right they do.

      I wish Kirby us 35 vs Arkansas would let Brock or Carson fling it a little more instead of the Daijun show, but thats just me I guess

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    • originaluglydawg


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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    me. stats.

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  6. Biggen

    Who knows why he left other than him and the coaches. Maybe he didn’t like the coaches or the scheme we run, maybe he didn’t like the players around him, maybe he isn’t getting enough targets, etc…

    I will say that he has struggled to stay healthy which lead to Bowers, Cook, Mitchell, and McConkey getting more targets. And it just so happens all 4 of those guys are amazing at pass catching. Once a QB gets comfortable throwing to a select group of guys, I think it’s always harder to reintroduce another guy back into the receiving rotation. And no one could foresee how good Bowers was going to be. The dude is unreal.

    So I think all of the above lead to less targets than he probably wants. Add to that we also aren’t a pass happy offense that throws it 45+ times a game. Hard to feed everyone the ball when you have playmakers at literally EVERY position.

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  7. miltondawg

    I don’t know if the narrative is tired or not, but as a WR who wouldn’t want to play with a QB that threw for just under 4,900 yards on 547 attempts and 47 passing touchdowns?

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  8. Derek

    Over the course of 15 games Alabama threw it roughly 11 times (38) more than Georgia (27) per game.

    That approximates the number of more plays alabama ran per game than we did.

    If you’re chasing offensive stats I can see why you’d be interested in Alabama.

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  9. This data point you’ve selected doesn’t really pertain to the issue of Jermaine leaving IMHO.

    Bama runs more plays (both in the passing game AND running) than Georgia does but distributes the ball less. It’s all about math. If they’ve guaranteed Jermaine a starting spot for next year (and catches are all he cares about), he’d be foolish to pass it up.

    As to whether this stat illustrates how “dynamic” Georgia’s passing attack has been is up for debate, but I personally think there’s been a lot of reporting bias when it comes to evaluating Stetson’s play. Yeah, Stetson took some deep shots that paid off in the playoffs but that doesn’t change the fact his overall attempts for the year were much lower than a lot of his peers’ were. Yes, he did a great job in his role this year. But his role was mostly limited and people in large swaths are forgetting that.

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    • PTC DAWG

      We didn’t have to throw it in the 2nd half in 12 out of 15 games…how many games.

      F Burton, he’s with the enemy now.

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    • If you think “dynamic” means throwing the ball a lot, then, brother, Mississippi State has the dynamic passing attack for you.

      If you think “dynamic” means having a high ypa number, as I do, then Georgia’s passing attack will do in a pinch.

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      • “Per attempt” is doing a lot of work (as you like to say) and I think it’s less meaningful if we’re still only passing for about 200 yards or less.

        Stetson clearly made a lot of his shots this year. He had his fair share of oof moments in the SECCG and the rematch, but we’ll look past those since he’s a bona fide champion. My only question is do you trust him to take more shots if he has to?

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  10. mddawg

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics.


  11. cowetadawg

    “At least he’ll get to pad his stats . . .”
    And maybe he made the right choice if that’s his goal, but who knows?

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  12. uga97

    Now ask Saban why he brought him in.

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  13. I love the hot takes in the comments that never start with “I’m pretty much always wrong, but…”

    Dawgs Natty 2021. Couch Coaches officially useless.

    Go Dawgs.

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  14. kevinsauer

    Senator this isn’t a comparison about which QB is more dynamic, or effecient. It’s about Burton getting to put more on film.

    Bama = more passes = more targets (and they distribute more concentrated) = more on film.

    that’s it! makes no difference if Steton is 1 to Bryce 2 on YPA. Bryce is still good and will get Burton the ball more. at least, that’s what Burton believes.

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  15. Dawg19

    (Notre Dame Had Coach Dan Devine when told by a sports reporter right after losing the 1981 Sugar Bowl to Georgia that statistically, Notre Dame had out-played UGA):

    “Statistics are for losers.”

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  16. Geezus

    Meh, I don’t know why Burton is leaving, but I wish him nothing but the best. I’m just thankful that he finished out this season without being a distraction.

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  17. RangerRuss

    I hate, hate, hate, HATE the narrative that Stet is a liability because something something stats something that’s why Burton left!
    Fuck Burton and fuck Bama. Fuckn losers.
    Georgia Bulldogs 2021 National Champions.
    We run this nation!

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  18. archmartyr

    Bama’s WR room for 2022

    Brooks ***** (#2 WR 2021)
    Hall **** (#5 WR 2021)
    Earle **** (#6 WR 2021)
    Preston **** (#5 WR 2022)
    Burton **** (#15 WR 2020)

    Make up all the scenarios you need to make you feel better pups, your blind squirrel, broken clock championship will just be a distant memory next year, we’re taking back what’s ours. Deal with it


    • One of the posters known as Mark

      Is that a little dog yapping I hear?


    • RangerRuss

      Poor Bama. No quality depth or SEC refs to bail ’em when they couldn’t keep up the pace. Get used to it, girlfriend.
      Now get that chicken head bobbing, bitch. Don’t make me beat you like the Dawgs beat Bama.

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    • rigger92

      Uh, you’re going to have to deal with it. Game on dude. Machine is running at full tilt. See ya next Dec.


  19. So, so tired of the whipping taken by those that want a bigger arm than SBIV at QB. The only way I can sum it up is this – given SBIV over 100 seasons, and JT over 100 seasons (or Brock Vandagriff, or Gunner Stockton for that matter) – I firm believe that SBIV would significantly under perform the other group. It’s a matter of percentages, likelihood, trends – whatever. What we saw in 2021 – while ultimately beautiful – logically seems like an anomaly.

    I will cheer with my whole heart for the Dawgs, no matter who the QB is.
    And maybe I’m wrong and SBIV will lead UGA to great heights again in 2022 – but my bet – and many of our bets – is that he will suffer an unmistakable regression to the mean. And I, for one, am fucking tired of being labeled an unbeliever for seeing it this way.


  20. winodawg

    If Mr. Burton wants to leave for a team/coaching/situation that is more to his liking than more power to him. Good for him, and I hope he’s happy with he landing spot. I hope he gets 120 catches, wins the heisman, and sets records.

    Me? I’m don’t care about what makes 20 year olds happy. I’ve got real issues to worry about.

    Trust the coaches. They know more than you about football. All of you. Combined. X2.

    And get ready for the ‘TWO-THOU-SAND-EIGHT’ chant in Jacksonville next year. Because FTMF.

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  21. coachemup78

    It takes a strong message, but Kirby usually corrects his mistakes.

    Burton to Kirby: you’ve got to throw more than 25x per game if you want to keep multiple receivers happy.

    I’d guess JTD “don’t recruit em if you’re not gonna throw to em” lived in burtons head.

    Kirby will learn.


  22. Fantasyland. You live in Fantasyland Senator. When Jermaine Burton finishes the the year with 10 TDs, 1k yards recieving and a first round draft pick you’ll still find a way for it to be his fault and not Kirby’s. This Kirby can do no wrong narrative is as much garbage as the opposite.


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  24. CB

    Smallwood been cherry picking stats all week. I’m not even sure what his point is here.

    Burton left to play with Bryce for obvious reasons. It might not pay off for him but it probably will, and it really won’t effect Georgia’s offense.

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