Does HeismanPundit make any more sense than Les Miles?

HeismanPundit takes a courageous stand against Les Miles’ recent bout of diarrhea of the mouth here.

It’s really nothing more than another opportunity presented for HP to take a few whacks at the SEC so he can defend the honor of the poor ol’ unfairly maligned Pac-10. But amid all the condescension, here’s what I don’t get…

First, he says,

I’ve been a long-time challenger of the lazy status quo position that the SEC is year-in and year-out the best conference in college football. Some years–like last year–it is the best…

But then he writes that he doesn’t

… understand how a conference that plays the toughest schedules can’t be considered the best (ed: Who is the Pac-10 playing to make it so tough? Answer: Mostly other Pac-10 teams)…

while in the same breath making the assertion that…

Conversely, the Pac-10 plays a round-robin schedule, where no team is missed. What’s more, the conference tends to schedule tougher out-of-conference opponents and also plays more road games. This more than tips the schedule toughness ledger squarely in the Pac-10’s corner.

This is why every year we see football guru Phil Steele rate the Pac-10 schedules as the nation’s toughest. [Emphasis added.]

Soooo, the Pac-10 has the toughest schedules every year, the toughest schedules make for the best-est conference, but even HP admits that the SEC was the nation’s best last year. I’m having trouble doing the math here.

HP’s right about one thing, though. It is a damned shame his comments section ain’t working.


UPDATE: Evidently HP has fixed his comments problem, which is why his “I wish comments were working” line has been edited from his post. Much hilarity to ensue now, I’m sure.


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8 responses to “Does HeismanPundit make any more sense than Les Miles?

  1. Gator1

    Dude, I love this post! Total call out! Good doggie!!!


  2. See, that’s why I don’t read HP. Your post prompted me to read his, though. I love the “no one has to play all those teams in one season.” Interestingly, LSU ran that gauntlet (Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, LSU and Auburn) last year, or perhaps HP didn’t notice.


  3. What’s delicious to me is that it’s Les Miles that incurred HP’s wrath. A couple of months ago, Les walked on water, because he passed the Urban Meyer Challenge by hiring Gary Crowton.

    I guessing that now, as the saying goes, HP wouldn’t piss on Miles if he were on fire.

    Les, no “Gang of Six” for you!


  4. What of Georgia’s 2008 SEC schedule:

    South Carolina

    That is, to put it mildly and succinctly, brutal.

    I have a friend who’s a PAC-10 boy. Oregon Duck, in fact. He drinks the PAC-10 kool-aid as well.


  5. Add in the OOC schedule for ’08, Bulldawgy, and you’ve got what I think will turn out to be the hardest schedule in Georgia history.


  6. Chrisfrmatl

    This guy is ridiculous. I never has understood him… First Urban Meyer deliberately held back his offense.. Now the Pac-10 is more difficult because it plays a harder schedule which he points out is mostly other Pac-10 teams while the SEC plays other SEC teams and that somehow makes it weaker? He’s the Lou Holtz of blogging…


  7. That’ll make 2008 even sweeter when we run the table.

    I’m gonna think big for 2008 and 2009.


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