I thought we already settled this.

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Gawd Almighty, people! We already know that Les Miles is a doofus. Is it really necessary to write an entire article in The Los Angeles Times in response that really does nothing more than show your own asses?

Why does the SEC do it?

Why can’t it just shut up and play?

Answer: It can’t help itself.

The SEC still can’t get over Auburn going undefeated in 2004 and having to watch USC and Oklahoma play for the BCS title.

It still can’t stand the fact LSU had to share the national title with USC in 2003.

The SEC’s status as the nation’s preeminent college football conference — rarely argued by anyone — is only demeaned by the league’s seemingly insatiable need to tell everyone about it.


Speaking of ass showing, HeismanPundit chimes in with a hard hitting exposé of Pete Fiutak’s SEC preview at College Football News. Check it out:

CFN’s Pete Fiutak is, apparently, hooked up to an IV of SEC-is-awesome Kool-Aid as he manages to fit every one of the conference’s talking points in the first couple graphs of this preview.

No one can deny it’s the best conference going at the moment. No one can deny that the overall speed and talent level is tremendous. The weekly drama is unparalleled, thanks to so many good match-ups, and the overall competition is so tough that it’s just about impossible to get through unscathed. So after the way Florida blew up Ohio State to win the national title, will the conference start to get every benefit of the doubt? It should.

Yeah, because, ya know, there is sooooo much talk out there in the media about how the SEC sucks and is overrated. How the heck did Florida manage to win a title, anyway, playing in such a little-hyped league?

The best part of HP’s debunking is when he makes a list of the number of unbeated, untied (in conference) teams by conference since ’92, when the SEC went to a conference championship game, sees the Big East and ACC at the top by a healthy margin and tries to downplay that fact by noting that “(t)he Big East and ACC are skewed slightly by the dominance of FSU and Miami.” Well, duh.

Kinda like USC and the Pac-10 these days.

You have to give HP credit, perverse though it may be, when it comes to his world view about the SEC and Pac-10. His thinking may be muddled, but he’s not afraid to dive back into the pool.

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