I just threw up in my mouth a little.

John Feinstein continues to show that he doesn’t have a clue about college football with this eye-roller:

There isn’t a football player born who doesn’t at least think about playing at Notre Dame. The Irish don’t recruit players; they select them.

Either he’s talking completely out of his ass here, or it’s the biggest condemnation of Weis and his coaching staff I’ve seen.

Somehow, I doubt it’s the latter.

(h/t Sunday Morning Quarterback) 



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7 responses to “I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  1. Ally

    Let me guess, he’s got to be at least over the age of 40, right? Only someone of that generation or older would utter such crap and believe it.


  2. Joe

    Knute Rockne could come back from the grave and ask me to play for the golden domers…..Id tell him he waisted a trip and KISS MY ASS!!


  3. Atlchris

    That is the largest piece of bs if I have ever seen it…


  4. It is a common misconception. Many of the older fans don’t understand that today’s player doesn’t grow up listening with longing to Notre Dame games on the radio.

    But I’ve seen such attitudes appearing in other guises. For example, remember the people who said that the Michigan football team would be all fired up to “win one for Bo” after Shembicler (sp) died just before the Ohio State game? (never mind that one of Bo’s specialties was losing big games). If today’s players thought of Bo at all, it was “hey, I wonder if that was the old dude who talked to us last month? Did he give the U. lots of money? Oh, maybe he was a coach?”

    There is a big disconnect between us fat middle aged guys watching in the stands and the folks who are actually out there playing the game.


  5. Yes he does make those points but the point of the article is to say how great a weekend it was that a team like Navy, the underdogs, the little guy can go into Notre Dame, with its storied history, and lay the smack down on them. Notre Dame has the most fans in the nation so the general media panders to them. Do you really think Notre Dame has the best recruiting class in the country right now or has been in the top 10 the last 2-3 years. Hell no. The recruiting services simply put Notre Dame’s classes at the top so they sell more magazines. There is not one player on Notre Dame that would start at LSU, Texas, oklahoma, Florida, USC…etc… The program is in shambles and the rest of the nation loves it!!!!


  6. What he said used to be true, but not any longer. Kids today don’t give a poo about ND’s “tradition.”


  7. There is not one player on Notre Dame that would start at LSU, Texas, oklahoma, Florida, USC…etc…
    That isn’t true. My guess is that their senior tight end (Carlson) will play on Sundays.

    But yes, most of Notre Dame’s current starters wouldn’t be starting for an elite team.