Take him or leave him

Many in the Dawgnation are enamored of Auburn’s defensive coordinator, former Georgia player Will Muschamp.

Courtesy of Josh Kendall’s blog (new blog alert!), here’s a quote from Muschamp’s boss about the job he’s doing this year:

“He’s done a good job, but he’s got some good players. This is kind of a player’s defense.”

As ringing endorsements go, that one’s not exactly top of the line. Maybe Tubs is just trying to chill the bidding, so to speak, if he leaves for TAMU


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2 responses to “Take him or leave him

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    I think I heard somewhere, maybe it was your blog, that the Dawgs have scored 67 points and had 800+ yards of offense in their last two games against Muschamp’s defense. Was Muschamp the D-cord for LSU in 04…not sure if it was him or Bo. If you add in what the Dawgs did to LSU’s defense that year it looks worse.


  2. Muschamp was the LSU DC in ’04, in name at least. Most folks would counter that Saban really called the shots there…