Holy moly!

From Bruce Feldman’s live chat at ESPN.com:

wade (athens, ga): who are your heisman frontrunners for next year?

SportsNation Bruce Feldman: (4:27 PM ET ) Tebow, Moreno, Chase Daniel and Beanie Wells.



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6 responses to “Holy moly!

  1. Ally

    what’s great is that people recognize Knowshon by just his last name now….Moreno. Everyone knows who he is.
    Hopefully Stafford will join the conversation as well.


  2. Should be a fun season next year with both of us having horses in the Heisman race. All four of those he mentioned are studs, but Tebow may be on another level altogether.


  3. Not only that race, as Feldman also projects both our schools as preseason top 5.


  4. Yep. This was supposed to be a rebuilding year in Columbus with only three seniors that see any significant time on the starting 22. We should get hit with about 5 juniors leaving early, though.

    Hopefully we’ll get a chance to square off for the crystal next year. The last time we played, Garrison Hearst had 163 on the ground and 113 receiving in the 1993 Citrus Bowl.

    The Buckeyes need some kind of SEC win in the worst way.


  5. Speaking of Garrison Hearst, there was some pretty impressive backfield talent on display in that bowl game.

    Ohio State trotted out Robert Smith. And Hearst’s back up was Terrell Davis.


  6. Good point. I forgot all bout TD on the Georgia bench. Speaking of studs on the bench, Eddie George was a freshman on that team, buried on the bench.