“We still got this.”

Here’s a nice field level look at the Tech game, complete with delusional Jacket fans.

The blocking on Thomas Brown’s TD run is simply outstanding.

(h/t Hobnail Boot @DawgRun.com)


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4 responses to ““We still got this.”

  1. DirkDawggler

    That sure sounded like a home game.


  2. Yeah, it sure did.

    What is it that Mr. We Still Got This says after that? “Georgia’s not gonna [something] us”? Whatever he said, it was probably wrong anyway.


  3. I think he says, “Georgia’s got nothing on us.”

    Astute observation. Wonder if he stayed until the end of the game.


  4. I thought the touchdown pass to Mo Mass was going to land in my lap. I almost reached up for the ball.