Not with a bang…

Did any team fall as far as South Carolina did this year? To add insult to injury, the coach and fans of the program didn’t even have enough juice to squeeze ‘Bama out of the Independence Bowl.

It makes you wonder what kind of resolution the South Carolina House will be inspired to pass this year.


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8 responses to “Not with a bang…

  1. Mike

    Say what you will, but 16-12. Why the Sugar Bowl and not the Championship? 16-12. 16-12. 16-12.


  2. You’re right about that.

    It still wasn’t enough to get you guys to a bowl game, though. And Georgia beat Alabama.


  3. Mike

    Fair enough. Good luck against Hawaii and get ready for next year in Columbia. Remember, we’ll be getting 10 days to prepare.

    Go Cocks!


  4. You guys will be ready. I have no doubt of that.

    Besides, it’s not like Georgia is some big, powerful team. 😉


  5. Ally

    LOL! If lamecocks think they’re gonna get a repeat gimme by Georgia again next year, they’re in for a rude awakening.
    Our players are seething this morning again over that loss to SCUm. They know very well how the gamecrooks helped to spoil our MNC hopes….and it will not soon be forgotten.
    Good luck to you boys in your bowl. Oh gosh I forgot, you didn’t get invited… bad 😉


  6. rickdog

    I wish UK had beaten Carolina earlier this year. Then, when we beat them next year, SC will have lost 5 straight to the SEC East.


  7. I’ve gotta say Cal. Holy mackerel…from #2 in the nation to 6-6 and some bowl named after a helicopter. Only the general averageness of the Pac 10 gets them to a bowl. I know injuries and all, but at least beat Stanford for pete’s sake.


  8. Cal would be my #2, since the Bears made a bowl.

    But it’s close.

    South Carolina gets bonus points for Spurrier’s cockiness at the beginning of the season, though.