Hawaii: first snapshot

You can find the Warriors’ NCAA statistical rankings here.

Honestly, they’re about what you’d expect from an undefeated team that’s ranked 10th in the country.  Hawaii ranks in the top 12 in eight of the seventeen categories the NCAA tracks, including first in scoring offense (46+ points per game).

Running the ball is an afterthought at best for these guys (around 73 yards per game, good for 113th in the nation) and they don’t do a good job punting (#107 in the country in net punting), although somehow I don’t think they care too much about that.

Of course, all that needs to be filtered through a craptastic strength of schedule that resulted from playing only one team from a BCS conference and two 1AA schools.  Hawaii got taken to overtime by the likes of 5-7 Louisiana Tech and 5-7 San Jose State (both road games, by the way).

You can find a generic description of the run and shoot offense at Wikipedia here.   Some thoughts on defending it here.  Of course, Falcons’ fans have fond memories of June Jones and the run and shoot.  Here’s one memorable moment from the glory years:

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3 responses to “Hawaii: first snapshot

  1. Thomas

    I am so glad much of the Georgia population think we are so low that we don’t deserve to play the bulldogs. It’s always been that way for us in the islands. Please don;t hurt us. Bwahahaha. You people need to learn some humility. While we, ‘have nots’ FORCE ourselves upon the ‘haves’ you cry and cry, why aren’t we in the championship game, the fact is, you’re not good enough, period . So put on your best panties because we know we have a tough fight but all you guys do is whine and pick on peoples shortcomings, best you focus up because should we beat you(and we know we’re underdogs) the BCS will be proven right about the Bulldogs NOT being in ‘the game’. Aloha also means goodbye”)


  2. I am so glad much of the Georgia population think we are so low that we don’t deserve to play the bulldogs.

    Where did I say that? All I pointed out is that the Warriors are excellent statistically but that the stats were earned against a weak schedule. Is any of that inaccurate?

    Sounds to me as if you’re a wee bit touchy.


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