Dawg fans, it could be worse.

Just think:  if the “plus-one” format were in effect, Georgia would have been cut out from the playoffs last night by virtue of finishing fifth in the BCS standings.

How good would you feel about that?


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3 responses to “Dawg fans, it could be worse.

  1. The BCS is like the Titanic. Useless.


  2. kckd

    I don’t think that would’ve happened if we had the plus one. Those coaches and media were voting with the clear thought LSU should be in front of us thanks to ESPN’s push. If you know ahead of time LSU will have their shot, CMR and even some on ESPN probably argue that we are one of the top four teams and play in a much tougher conference, so we belong.

    How about computers that put VTECH at no.1 ahead of LSU despite getting their arse thrashed by LSU, playing in a weaker conference and having the same record.


  3. I don’t get the computers and Va. Tech, either.

    But I’m not so sure about who gets in with a plus-one. Va. Tech and Oklahoma have just as compelling stories to tell as Georgia. And I suspect that USC would have gotten a pretty big push, too, although I don’t think the Trojans are as deserving as the other teams.