Today’s recruiting story

… comes from an article in The Baltimore Sun about Maryland starting QB Chris Turner (about whom the only thing I previously knew was that his father was a drummer in the 80’s hair band Ratt).

In tracing the course of Turner’s journey to starter, the reporter notes that he was recruited by several schools besides Maryland, including Louisville.  Why didn’t he go to a school that was being touted as a national title contender?

… Turner picked the Terps over Louisville in part because his parents weren’t sure whether Cardinals coach Bobby Petrino (now at Arkansas after spending part of this season with the Atlanta Falcons) would be there long.

That was three years ago.  Imagine what kind of vibe Petrino is going to give off on the recruiting trail now.

It’s almost going to be too easy for guys like Fulmer, isn’t it?


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    No rest for the wicked I see-

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