This is a beautiful piece of Auburn Football History!

I don’t know what amazes me more about this ebay auction:  that Jason Campbell needed to sell his ring, or that Auburn actually emblazoned the 2004 ring with “National Champions”.

Wait a minute – you think maybe Campbell was just too embarrassed to keep it?

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8 responses to “This is a beautiful piece of Auburn Football History!

  1. dean

    Not that we can throw stones about selling rings but at least Campbell has graduated. However the “National Champion” thing is a bit pretentious.


  2. The reason I’m curious about Campbell selling the ring is that he wins the Sugar Bowl on January 3rd and is a first round NFL draft pick just a few short months later.

    It’s not like he needed the money, is it?

    And if you consider that the rings must have been issued sometime after the Sugar Bowl win, the time frame is compressed even further. Weird.


  3. dean

    I agree the timing is a bit odd. If he does need the money then he got screwed by his agent BIG TIME!! Kinda makes you wonder if Campbell is missing his ring.
    I just don’t understand why these kids sell these rings anyway. I guess I’m a sentimentalist when comes to these things but you’d think after all the work they put in the rings would have more than a monetary value.


  4. CLTDawg

    I think I am going with the embarrasment angle. I really can’t believe they stamped that thing with the NC moniker. Unreal.


  5. David

    he made $4,365,170 last year so for some reason i don’t think he needed the money. it looks from the listing like there are several (?) versions of these type of rings out there (yellow gold vs. white gold?). it’s confusing. maybe he’s protesting al borges’ firing. or maybe he just doesn’t love auburn that much. he wasn’t exactly treated all that well by the fans there until that last season.


  6. kckd

    probably gave it to a relative who sold it.


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  8. Mike

    The seller posted info about the ring on the Scout Premium website. The ring is a ring company salesman’s copy of Jason’s ring. It just has Jason’s number on it, but it is not Jason’s ring.