Just beat a Bulldog. Any Bulldog.

When Paul Johnson promised the Georgia Tech faithful that a top priority was to beat the Bulldogs, somehow I doubt they thought he meant these Bulldogs.

It’s part of a relentless effort on Tech’s part to find a Bulldog that the Jackets can defeat. In addition to SIAR, B! with the instate Dawgs, Tech’s taken on Fresno State – and lost – and will play Mississippi State in ’08.

If little ol’ Gardner-Webb doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other schools to take a shot at:

Bulldogs —


UPDATE:  The AJ-C officially confirms Tech’s schedule and without any apparent sarcasm tells us that “Tech has one of the toughest conference schedules in the ACC”.  Oxymoron alert!


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8 responses to “Just beat a Bulldog. Any Bulldog.

  1. Don’t forget the Emanuel County Institute and Mary Persons High School in Forsyth. Of course, they have more D1-A players on their rosters than Tech does now, but maybe experience would win out.


  2. Mark

    Alfred E. Beach High School- Savannah


  3. Random

    They could play GMC JUCO, but they would probably get spanked by kids that are en route to REAL D-1 Schools.


  4. Chuck

    Off topic, I know, but Urban told Omar that Mattison was not leaving. Omar is quoted as saying as much. The discussion is all over the Vault…


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    I humbly offer the Jack(et)rifice up to the George Walton Academy Bulldogs.


  6. peacedog

    How would the Jackets do next year in all competitions if we dropped them into the GISA?


  7. “Hey! We beat the boys from Knoxville this year!”

    They should also consider Carrboro, NC’s world champion Bouncing Bulldogs.



  8. peace dog,

    7-5 has a certain ring to it.