Everything’s coming up roses.

‘Bama’s got a couple of kids who will be taking medical redshirts, which happens all the time… as Georgia fans know.  No doubt Saban was aware of this when he was signing the entire senior class of Alabama high school football players and factored it into the ’08 class numbers.

This kid’s story is particularly poignant and you can’t help but wish him the best as he gets on with his life after football.  Well, unless you’re somebody like the guy who posts this comment in response to the news:

hmmm, now all of sudden Bama has three scholarship openings,
one to a pellet and two fdue to injury. I guess the new class will be filling in real sooner than we think. RTR!!!!

RTR, indeed.  Stay classy, dude.

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  1. texasdawgfan

    Those Roses suck and fuck Alabama

    Loves me some Dooley Hydrangea