Res ipsa loquitur.

All I can say is that any list like this that includes Woody McCorvey (at #40!) and omits Stacey Searels isn’t worth the bandwidth it consumes.


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  1. BCDawg97

    It’s all OCs and DCs making the “Assistant Coach” title misleading. I can’t remember if Searels made DDodd’s list of coaches that was taylored to each position (though Garner made it as top DL coach).


  2. That’s not true – Tenuta’s on the list. So is Garner.


  3. Brad

    It is pretty amazing that some of these guys have never coached a down (in a game) at their new schools. AU’s new OC is highly rated…I hope he isn’t worthy of that ranking come November.


  4. Burton Dawg

    Exactly. A list with Franklin and Clawson rated that high and never coached a game at the D-1 level. Yikes! Plus Phil Bennett the former SMU coach above some of those others. Even the guy he replaced (Auburn’s new DC).

    This guy is scary.


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  6. Ally

    I’m pretty sure Tony Franklin did coach Auburn in their bowl game. I think he had maybe 2 weeks to coach the offense into his scheme.

    Still doesn’t deserve to be ranked that high though. Neither does yech’s DC.


  7. Hunkering Hank

    I got no further than Muschamp at 3. Seriously? I mean, I love the boy, went to school with him, cheered him on, but please…

    As you said Senator, “the thang speaks for itself.”