First thoughts on Vandy

You know, a funny thing happened on the way to this post.  I was going to start out with a simple question:  given the stats, if Georgia stops the run and keeps turnover margin close, is there anything else to worry about with Vanderbilt?

But it looks like Bobby Johnson is thinking along those same lines as well.

Bobby Johnson wants to wring more production out of Vanderbilt’s offense, so he is switching quarterbacks following the 22nd-ranked Commodores’ first loss of the season.

Mackenzi Adams, who came off the bench and rallied Vandy to a win over Auburn on Oct. 4, will start Saturday at No. 10 Georgia unless something unusual happens. But Johnson said Adams will get most of the work in practice this week instead of Chris Nickson and hopefully give a fresh start to the offense.

“Mackenzi has demonstrated he can sit in the pocket and figure things out and see who’s open and do a good job of hitting them,” Johnson said Monday.

If you look at the statistical story for both teams, the move makes sense.  Vandy is last in the SEC in total offense, mainly because the passing game with Nickson has been abysmal (an incredible 90.3 ypg).  Georgia, on the other hand, is fourth in total defense, but when you break that down, the Dawgs are stellar against the run (2nd in the conference, at 52.2 ypg) and not so stellar against the pass (11th in the conference, at 221.7 ypg).  So Johnson is trying to stack the odds a little more in his favor by playing Adams.  It also means that Martinez has to adjust his game plan to account for the change at QB.


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12 responses to “First thoughts on Vandy

  1. Jim

    Martinez adjust? Maybe a little.


  2. “It also means that Martinez has to adjust his game plan to account for the change at QB.”

    I spit out coffee when I read that.


  3. Getting noticed might be the worst possible thing to happen to Vandy.


  4. Ally

    Let me get this straight…Our hopes of beating Vandy rest on the shoulders of Martinez’s ability to change his scheme & stop the pass.

    Awesome. I’m about to say hello to my breakfast again.


  5. Ally, don’t be so gloom and doom. Georgia’s hopes of winning don’t rest on changing the defensive scheme.

    My limited point here was that with Nickson, Martinez could go into the game virtually ignoring Vandy’s passing attack. With Adams, he’s not going to be able to take that completely for granted.

    Vandy’s last in the conference in total offense and tenth in total defense. Changing quarterbacks isn’t likely to have much of an impact on that. In other words, if the Dawgs don’t blow up on turnovers, it’s their game to lose.


  6. Sam

    Just so it doesn’t appear the Martinez critics are all that read this blog, let it be noted that I am one of many who is very confident that CWM will have us well prepared for Vandy’s QB change. UGA fans are perhaps #1… internet whining.

    CBJ is making a smart decision in bringing Adams in as QB this week but it won’t be enough. Getting Adams some experience as a starter will give them a better chance to win enough to get bowl eligible against teams on their schedule later this season.

    Dawgs will roll on Saturday, but Vandy will get 200+ yards with 40+ pass attempts but be under 300 total yards for the game. Take the W, pray for no more significant injuries, and enjoy the golden era of UGA football.


  7. NebraskaDawg

    This is the time of year when the Dawgs get on a roll, we’ve had our attitude correction game vs. Bama now it’s time to kick ass with confidence.


  8. Hassan

    For the CWM critics out there, the man does adjust…it’s just a quarter too late in some cases. The defense will be fine for this game.

    Vandy has lived off of the turnover margin this year and we have to protect the ball. The UT game should have been a blowout, but the turnovers cost us on both sides – killed us in the red zone and set up points for them.

    And pray for no more injuries…especially on the OL.


  9. montgomeryaldawg

    I’m with ND


  10. Ally

    …..was just joking senator


  11. D’oh! I knew I forgot to cut on the sarcasm meter this morning. 😉


  12. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    I’m thinking that Coach Johnson did us a favor by announcing the change on Monday.

    We now have a few days to implement a gameplan to stop a passing QB that is mobile versus a running QB that may pass.

    Without this news, we’d likely line up 8 in the box and dare Vandy to throw. I’m guessing we’ll now go with our typical 4-3 and play the safeties in cover 2 or robber.

    Speaking of safeties, did any one notice that Eric Berry shadowed AJ on every play Sat? AJ had a CB on him, but Berry always flipped to his side. I’ll have to go back and watch the game again to see if AJ line up on the right side during our 11 minute 4Q drive when Knowshon & Caleb ran left-left-left-left …