First thoughts on Georgia-LSU

Both teams have the same record and a first half blowout against a good SEC team, so I assume that the statistical story would support that.

It turns out that, for the most part, the teams are very close statistically speaking.  Here’s how they compare in the conference in certain key categories:

  • Scoring offense – Georgia 3rd; LSU 4th
  • Scoring defense – Georgia 8th; LSU 9th
  • Total offense – Georgia 1st; LSU 3rd
  • Passing defense – Georgia 10th; LSU 9th
  • Sacks against – Georgia 3rd; LSU 1st
  • Turnover margin – Georgia 6th; LSU 7th

There is one category, though, where Georgia owns an advantage of significance.  The Dawgs lead the conference in rushing defense, while LSU is ranked 5th in the SEC.  That ripples into the total defense numbers, where Georgia ranks 3rd and LSU 9th.  As both teams like to run power offenses, that strikes me as noteworthy.

Also, for what it’s worth, according to Sagarin, Georgia has amassed its stats against the 22nd toughest schedule in the country to date.  Sagarin rates the Tigers’ schedule at a considerably weaker 64th.

It’s early food for thought.


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9 responses to “First thoughts on Georgia-LSU

  1. Of all the statistics, the main focus for me would be sacks against. They have a very good line that can buy time for their inexperienced QB’s. We haven’t gotten a good rush from our ends in any game, save maybe ASU. If we can apply pressure in their backfield, I like our chances. Otherwise, I really believe we could be taken to the woodshed in this one.


  2. Not going to any woodshed this weekend. Our defense will hold up well in this game. The key is going to be if our offense can get the running game goig and get Moren and King into space. If so, look out. We are due for a game in which we do not continually shoot at and hit our feet with regularity.


  3. I hope you’re correct Hunker. I’ll be there with my LSU in-laws, and I’d like nothing more than to see a great game from the Dawgs. I’m not sure our O-line can hold up against their front seven, so if we don’t get pressure on defense against their offensive line we could be in trouble. This year’s team hasn’t shown me championship caliber anything yet, but maybe this is the week we get it all together.


  4. Re: Championship Caliber…a caveat…Asher Allen, Geno Atkins, Moreno, Curran, Boling…those guys have been playing championship ball. The rest fall somewhere in between playing pretty good to just plain awful.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Protect the ball, we win.


  6. By the way, wireless keyboards suck. That is why several letters magically did not appear in my post. Such as “going” and “Moreno.” Did not want to be confused with an Allbarn grad.

    Carry on.


  7. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    I think this game is setup similar to the Alabama game in a few ways. Advantage to LSU on the lines, advantage to UGA in the skill positions. I was wrong about this in the Alabama game, but I’ll be a blind homer and make the same prediction – our line gives Stafford and Moreno just enough time and space to make a few more plays than LSU on offense and we get a 3-7 point win. However, with the matchup at the lines, I won’t be surprised if we are on the losing end by the same margin.

    We may get punched in the mouth, but I just can’t imagine that we’ll come out flat and wait until 31-0 at half like Bama to punch back. If the coaches and players didn’t learn from the Bama game, then we deserve to lose this game and a few more.


  8. Agreed Bryan. I don’t think we’ll come out flat, but I’m not sure we are good enough (read: experienced enough) to handle their hosses.


  9. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    It is a completely “homer” analysis and probably wishful thinking in respects to the impact of the trenches on this game – especially given the Bama game as a nearly identical template. But, we just gotta believe. We’re Dawg fans. Every year is our year!

    In Searels We Trust
    In Richt We Trust