A tale of two Chiziks

With the hire of the soon-to-be legendary Trooper Taylor, Gene Chizik’s star at Auburn burns so brightly that I’m afraid some of the Tiger faithful may go blind from staring too hard.

Dont worry, hes about to drop the ball and chest bump somebody.

Don't worry, he's about to drop the ball and chest bump somebody.

Meanwhile, at Iowa State, the perception of Chizik isn’t quite so rosy, as The Wiz relates.  Is some of that sour grapes?  No doubt, but some of it still comes across to me as pretty damning.

… The fact that Gene Chizik could only muster at most 3 minutes for his two years’ worth of connection with a team, not answering any questions, he might as well have walked in, peed on the floor and walked out. Why waste your time with people you obviously care so little about? To satisfy his own guilty conscience is my only speculation.

I know it’s kind of gotten brushed over in the excitement of the assistant hires in the past couple of weeks, but Chizik’s also the guy that left Auburn before, for a lateral move to Texas.  Auburn fans seem awfully forgiving, so you wonder what might hurt more down the road – Chizik falling on his face, or Chizik succeeding and moving on again.

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