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Knowshon says thank you.

This is a nice catch by Dawg G on the Dawg Run board.

It’s certainly a lot classier than the fan complaints knocking him for lack of commitment after the Florida game.

Thanks back at ‘ya, KM, and good luck on Sundays.


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The funniest diss of the BCS yet

I love The Onion.

The punchline is teh awesome.

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The love that dare not speak its name – except on Wikipedia.

Evidently many people across this great land of ours were impressed with Thom Brennaman’s fine work at the BCS title game the other night.


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“I’m the guest on this show…”

If you haven’t already heard this exchange between CBS’ Tim Brando and an upset Auburn fan that took place on the Jerry Springer Paul Finebaum’s show, give a listen.  It’s a hoot.

Even Finebaum’s at a loss for words at the end of that one.



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