Enough, already!

No program deserves this much bad karma (personally, I blame Michael Adams, but you can assign the fault wherever you like):

Who, other than A.J. Green, will catch passes for Georgia this season?

That question, asked throughout spring practice as the Bulldogs seek to replace the production of the graduated Mohamed Massaquoi, became more problematic Wednesday when the team learned that rising senior Kris Durham will undergo shoulder surgery and miss the 2009 season.

“Depth is a concern for me, for us, at the receiver position,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said.

No kidding, Coach.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those “one door closes, another one opens” types, this ought to get you excited.

If he stays healthy, of course.



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9 responses to “Enough, already!

  1. I quit trying to figure this thing out a long time ago. I don’t know what Mark Richt and staff have done to anger the football injury gods, but they did something terrible (TRBL, as Charles Barkley would say). I’d like this cloud of bad karma to immediately vacate Athens and please come to rest on top of Gainesville, FL.


  2. The Realist

    It’s global warming.


  3. On another note, I like this from Charles:
    “I’m ready for Georgia to beat Florida again.”

    You and me both, podnah.


  4. NRBQ

    I hopes Corch Rikt thow de ball to Brendal Smiff!

    Go Dog!


  5. Ben

    When do we start hearing folks say again, “Fire CDVH! These injuries are a result of poor conditioning!”

    I’d actually like an unbiased analysis of the injury situation b/c damn it seems like the Dawgs get them all.


    • The Realist

      Yeah, I’m not sure how you condition your labrum not to tear. Do you coddle it? Perhaps give it positive reinforcement? Tell the labrum that it is prettier than all the other labrums at the ball?

      … actually, we might ought to try that.


  6. Richt-Flair

    With all of the shoulder injuries our players have had during the Richt era, I think we should hire a Labrulogist.


  7. MacAttack

    We always seem to have 4-Star WR’s that come to UGA and they never pan out. I know we have our Gibsons or Greens or MoMass’s their first year but others really have flopped at first.

    We really have NO 2nd WR that can kill deep. Moore is more of a possession WR. A good one at that.