So, they finally got to him.

You can spend your time parsing the preseason Coaches’ Poll, if you feel like it, but I found only two items of note.

First, if BYU somehow runs the table, it’s going to be a serious contender to play in the BCS title game, no matter what else goes on, as it faces four teams in the preseason top twenty, including #3 Oklahoma.  I’m not saying the Cougars would be a lock to play if they’re 12-0, but they’ll be in the mix, and deservedly so.

Second, Duke didn’t get a single vote.  Again.  The OBC is losing his bark and his bite.

Ah, what the hell, make it three.  Nice showing there, Big East.


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3 responses to “So, they finally got to him.

  1. Kevin

    That’s just pathetic. How does a BCS conference not make a showing?


  2. Jams

    I thought that before last year’s poll, coaches (Spurrier) were already discouraged from voting for teams without a realistic chance to be ranked (Duke), and that was why he didn’t put them 25th. There were stories about it. No surprise he didn’t do it this year.

    Was surprised to see how low BYU is ranked, compared to the other standards of the non-auto-bid conferences.

    Also, Big East. Ouch.


  3. Not You

    The sad thing about Spurrier not voting Duke #25… you could actually reasonably argue them for the spot this year. Cutcliffe’s really done wonders with them, and the ACC is probably the weakest it’s ever been.