Meanwhile, from another universe

After reading this, it’s almost hard to remember that Georgia won by 24.  (h/t Dawg Sports)


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  1. Turd Ferguson

    One of the reasons I know I couldn’t run a decent sports blog is the fact that my knowledge of the game and attention to important details are just nowhere near where they ought to be for something like that.

    So how in the hell does this guy think he has what it takes? (Or is he just the only A&M fan who knows how to use a computer?)

    Your (admittedly very talented) RB beats our guys to the edge on 1 play and that effectively ends all talk about the SEC being, top to bottom, the fastest conference? And our DBs played off your WRs for much of the night because they were too slow? Branden Smith … too slow? And how do you criticize a guy who is arguably the most talented WR in the country for having a mediocre night … without even mentioning the fact that he’s been recovering from an injury?

    Holy hell, that guy is dense. One more reason to be thankful for blogs like GTP, I guess.


  2. fetch

    This A&M guy just proves that anyone with a computer can have a blog. Wait, check that, you don’t even need a computer anymore. I’ve always felt that to run an good blog, you need wit, a grasp of the English language, intelligence in your subject matter, research, and more research. Oh well, one out of five ain’t too bad I guess.


  3. Will Trane

    Special teams may have put some points up…in fact more than the entire super-talented Big 12 Aggies. The only thing that counts is the score. I’d say getting 44 points laid on your ass is what we call a butt kicking in the SEC. A&M…yeah your average moron. But take this to the stands you a&m pretend military boys…Dawgs gutted you in the second half. Be thankful Richt called off the Dawgs.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    If I was a Georgia opponent this season, I might wonder how the hell I lost by 20 to Georgia. That blogger could temper his disappointment with a little objectivity though.


  5. Macallanlover

    I had bad reception during the game as well, apparently this blogger had even worse problems than I did because he couldn’t have seen much of the game. I am glad he feels optimistic about what he saw from Texas A&M. Personally I thought it was UGA’s worst game, outside of the TN fiasco, with the exception of Special Teams. (The weather made the ASU game hard to evaluate, but that was close due to the lack of offense.) If we still beat them down with that effort, it says volumes about their team.

    If you take Texas as their high point, and Oklahoma as their low, throw those out as not representative, you still have a pretty bad football team. They played UGA and Arky from the SEC, how did that work out? Hard to understand why he wants to make that argument. I will say most Aggie fans I know are much better than this guy at assessing CFB, so we shouldn’t draw conclusions from this piece of humor.

    My problem with many fans’ evaluations is they look at one game, or a few plays in isolation, when discussing relative strengths and weaknesses. Bowl games are particularly bad examples of how good/bad teams are due to layoff, coaching changes, venue, motivation, and the fact they are ceremonial in nature. He compounds that by selecting individual plays to prove points and draw conclusions. I will be the first to say the “SEC speed” is overplayed/misunderstood, but to take a play where we lost containment to say a conference’s speed is overrated is pretty bizarre. Likewise the fact their receivers were open against UGA DBs……well, wow! We cannot cover offensive tackles if they were eligible. He must have not seen us play since Champ graduated.


  6. dudetheplayer

    It’s pretty funny that all of the responses on that post are UGA people.

    That blog is dead.


  7. Johnny Carbone

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the “SEC speed” canard is directed at cold weather skools and specifically the Big 10 (11).

    Programs w/ warm weather climate that train outdoors year round is the common denominator from SEC through Texas to So. Cal.

    I recall after the OSU loss some taunts from them about SEC speed being overhyped. The speed difference is (now) most obvious on the line of scrimmage in games b/w SEC and Big 10. Those big corn fed dudes with weird German, Slavic and Baltic names are the picture of slow.


    • Macallanlover

      I think the speed edge for the SEC is with the DLs and LBs. The skill positions: receivers, running backs, DBs, and return men seem pretty equal to me.


  8. Thomas Brown

    Bluto, for a New Year’s Resolution, please learn how to TITLE the Subject of a blog or an e-mail sir.

    This 1 would be URL Link to Texas A&M College Station writer saying how much better Texas A&M is than the team that just beat his butt 44-20.

    REPLY : Let’s see 2 of the Top 5 teams in America are SEC teams. SEC has Won more Bowl Games, More National Championships, has the largest attendance, and sent 10 teams to Bowl Games this year, and playing the Big XII who has the worst bowl record of all conferences, has lost the most National Championship BCS Title Games, has the weakest attendance of any conference, and sent 20 percent fewer teams to bowl games this year, cannot chant SEC SEC SEC to you ? We do apologize. Somehow we must have had the mistaken impression that in fact The SEC is and has been the Best Conference with the Most Bowl Wins, Highest Bowl Winning Percentage, Most Attendance, and Most Players in the NFL. As for The SEC Speed, sir, did you not notice it in a 20-44 BLOW-OUT of Biblical Proportions, or are you used to getting beat by 44-20 scores ? The Big XII has a Losing Record to The SEC in Bowl Games this year because of this 44-20. You have 2 more games putting up OK State and Texas. At this point, what we do know is that UGA of The SEC totally annihilated Texas A&M I think. Now, don’t let me get carried away please. Let me calculate. 3 TD is 21 points and a field goal is 24 points. 24 points plus the miserable 20 you managed against our speed on Defense, finally achieves our total by our Lousy SEC team. Texas A&M ended with a LOSING RECORD 6-7. The SEC has 10 teams better than that, and the Big XII sent Texas A&M as 1 of your Top 8 teams. You completed LESS THAN HALF YOUR PASSES, our sorry QB only completed MORE THAN HALF his passes against Texas A&M. You rushed for 109 yards and we rushed for 208. You were not as disciplined either with both more penalties in total and for more yards penalized than UGA. Texas A&M beat no team who is ranked in the Top 25 today, while UGA beat for example Number 9 Georgia Tech. Texas A&M also threw TWICE as many interceptions by your better QB than our worse QB. Our Offense with no speed and no QB kept the ball away from your offense 32 minutes to your only 27 minutes. Why did you get blown away ? Because your undisciplined team, did not complete as good a percentage of your passes as our worse QB did against your defense, you could not run the football either, and we ran at will with our speed, our receivers caught a higher percentage of the passes thrown to them and will be Drafted Higher in the NFL Draft to add to the 45 NFL speedy Bulldogs there now already which only 3 teams in all of America have more in the NFL than we do, because both our OL and DL dominated the game, and because our Coach is a lot better at 90-27 in his 1st 9 years as your Coach Mike Sherman who has had a losing record every year of his career at Texas A&M has managed with his 4-8 last year and 6-7 record this year for a 2-year total of 10-15 and no bowl victory. And, because Coach Richt’s Special Teams also ran rings around Texas A&M with our speed and athleticism along with our Top 5 Recruiting Class all 9 years of Coach Richt’s Career at UGA. This Bowl Victory by Coach Richt is his 7th against 2 Losses and every season he has Won at Least 8 wins, in fact UGA has 8 wins every year starting 1997 which is 13 years, and longer than any other team in America. It also is UGA’s 26 Bowl Wins now, which only Southern California, Alabama, and Pennsylvania State have more than UGA’s 26 Bowl Wins, and no Big XII team by the way. It’s 700 miles from here to Shreveport, and you live right there. The Bowl Game was sold out and there were more UGA fans watching the game on TV than Texas A&M fans, by a wide margin. There are after all only 5 teams in all of America with a larger Attendance than UGA. Texas A&M is not one of them. The UGA fans spent a lot more money and had a far larger impact on your Economy there, than did the A&M fans, all of you of which, live right there. You had more at the game, and they were all miserable, except for you who I guess thought you watched a Win, or a Moral Victory of some kind against our lack of team speed and lack of a QB in a conference of no offense, that just scored 44 damn points on you despite all these short-comings you point out about us and our Conference. Texas A&M All-Time has a 13-18 LOSING BOWL RECORD. We presume you wrote the same bravado and braggadocio about all those far more losses in bowl games than wins, as well, right ? While UGA has 731 wins, Texas A&M only has 665 wins, 66 fewer wins than UGA. But, I am sure you had the better QB and the faster players and the better receivers and were in a better conference with more people attending, while you beat NO RANKED TEAM, while our slower players, in an inferior conference, with no one watching, and no good receiver, and no speed, and no QB and no Coach or Special Teams, just got what ? Lucky because of a blocked field goal, 2 interceptions, a kick-off returned for TD, a botched on-side kick-off because you were LOSING by 3 TD and a field goal, never mind the fact that our Offense garnered 3 TD by running the football right up your gut 3 times, and our Tight End caught 2 TD passes by himself, and by the way, you left off your Special Teams’ botched 2-point attempt our speed seemed quite evident in too. Your Offense scored 2 passing TD and 1 rushing TD. Our Offense scored 2 passing TD and 3 rushing TD. Sure our Special Teams with SEC speed ran rings around your Special Teams for another TD and a Field Goal, neither of which did you begin to match with your speed. But, our Offense scored JUST AS MANY PASSING TD as Texas A&M did, and scored 3 TIMES AS MANY RUSHING TDs as Texas A&M could manage.

    You are really unbelievable what you have written here. Of course, if you could play in damn defense in the Big XII we would not have returned the kickoff for the TD, nor thrown just as many passing TD as you did, nor would we have scored 3 times as many rushing TD as did Texas A&M of the mighty Big XII.

    Your QB 2 TD passes, 2 Interceptions.

    Our horrible QB 2 TD passes, 1 interceptions.

    Your Field Goal attempt was BLOCKED. We made our field goal from 51 yards.

    Other not mentioned snafus on Texas A&M’s part on Special Teams was your punter punted the ball 1/3 the distance that our UGA punter did.

    I don’t know.

    On the same field, in the same weather. In the same conditions. With the same crowd in the same stadium. Playing each other. 20-44, and you run in here with this B.S.

    The Big XII is now :

    49-49 Big XII in Bowl Games All-Time.

    193-152-9 SEC in Bowl Games All-Time.


    I actually thought Texas A&M played a pretty good game. I didn’t think it would be that close, 24 point chow down in ALL PHASES of the game.

    Texas A&M College Station has 1 of your men’s sports teams with a 917 Academic Progress Rate, which is NCAA PROBATION limiting the number of scholarships, in case you might be interested.

    Texas A&M College Station has a 946 APR in football; UGA is 976 a whole hell of a lot better, as well.

    I am searching for your so-called superiority in something, truly I am sir.

    According to Rivals for this Signing Date coming up, Texas A&M is Number 12 in the Nation in Recruiting. Very nice. Congratulations.

    UGA is Number 7 Rivals Recruiting 2010 Signing Date 4 weeks away.

    Perhaps Texas A&M College Station can add to your only 25 NFL players, but it doesn’t look like you are going to catch up with our 45 already there by direct comparison too.

    And, if the SEC didn’t have any QB last year, then why was the Number 1 Draft Pick in the 1st Round of the NFL Draft, our QB from UGA Bulldogs, who by the way, signed a $60 million dollar guaranteed contract while you went 4-8.

    6-7 now.



    And, it is scary how good you will be next year ?

    Can’t wait Bubba.

    This was really fun.

    Thanks for the laughs trying to compare your players to ours, reviewing a game YOU LOST by MORE THAN TWICE YOUR SCORE 20-44. We called off the Dawgs, by the way, and put in our 5th string while you scored a TD against them with 1 minute and 13 seconds on the clock to make it even that close.

    God Almighty what a obliteration to have to put up with this braggadocio from you, sir.


    • rbubp

      Thomas, in all seriousness (since you apparently posted the same over at 12th Man), you need to discover the joy of paragraphs. And that they and brevity, especially in a forum such as this, make a very, very positive impact on readability.

      In fact, without those two, your posts look strangely like a heap of words haphazardly piled on top of each other.

      Just sayin’…


      • nycDawg

        Sweet Lord Thomas,
        I couldn’t get through it the first time over at 12th man and it seemed even longer to scroll through here given the boarder constrictions of the reply thread.

        Although you put up nice points, most ppls attention span is not that long.

        Short. Bursts. Please.


        • Mayor of dawgtown

          Obviously rbubp and nycDawg do not appreciate William Faulkner and a stream of consciousness. I, on the other hand, am waiting in tense anticipation for the movie.


  9. almightytmc1

    After reading that expose of SEC speed and talent, It becomes evident that “Beergut” might have drank a little beer before he posted that.


  10. Thomas Brown

    There are 2 SEC teams destined to be 2 of the Top what ? Florida can no worse than what ? 4th in the Final Polls ?

    He tells you all about these fanciful Big XII LIES, INNUENDOS, and MYTHS about the supposedly great Offenses of the Big XII, and your reply ?

    There is only 1 team in the Big XII, Texas.


    You say T-Rey that Oklahoma and Texas A&M are not any good. Excuse me, that is our point. You’ve got 1 team. That 1 team beat whom ? Go ahead you can say it. Texas beat NO BCS TEAM out of conference. Texas did not even play a BCS Team out of Conference.

    UL MONROE is not a BCS Conference Opponent

    UTEP is not a BCS Conference Opponent

    WYOMING is not a BCS Conference Opponent.

    UCF GOLDEN KNIGHTS is not a BCS Conference Opponent.

    That is it for whom Texas played outside the Big XII and you say to him that Texas is the only team in the Big XII. How do we know that ?

    Go ahead, how T-Rey ?

    Nebraska played nothing but PATSIES this entire season too.

    It is, after all, what the Big XII does. Then, you brag about how GREAT you are, to The SEC who just BEAT THE LIVING CRAP out of you, 44-20.

    Oh, Texas is GREAT.

    Really ?

    Based upon what proof ?

    You have 12 teams in the Big XII. You would think you could run your record up.

    Texas played 4 absolute zero teams not a 1 in a single BCS Conference, and won 9 games against teams YOU SAY ARE NO DAMN GOOD, T-Rey.

    That is OUR POINT.

    By the way, that is LAME to make our POINT in YOUR reply.

    You said nothing about his points, he like I, logged into to make.

    Nothing is your reply about his point that The SEC having 15 QB in the NFL and that the Big XII does NOT HAVE A SINGLE QB in the NFL.

    Nothing is your reply about his point that AJ Green will be DRAFTED in the NFL way higher than all these supposedly GREAT Big XII receivers, who to a man were beat like a drum 44-20. We even make the point, that had we left our starters in as the Mighty Big XII did against us, that you would NOT have had 20, but 14. And, that we could easily have scored 3 more times with our starters. 67-14. That’s about what this game, really was.

    Nothing is your reply about his point that Alabama beat AT LEAST THE NUMBER 4 TEAM in America, Florida. Alabama ALSO beat Virginia Tech who is going to END UP ON THE TOP 10 of every Poll, also OBVIOUSLY.

    Nothing is your reply about his point that the Big XII ALWAYS LOSES Bowl Games to The SEC EVERY TIME. Especially, the Big XII LOSES the BCS Bowl Games to The SEC. Especially the Big XII LOSES BCS Title National Championship Games to The SEC, since The SEC NEVER HAS LOST a BCS Title Game.

    Noting is your reply to where is the SPEED on a team just BLOWN-OUT BY BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS 67-14, when all you guys point out is one 14-yard dash. Or brag about how great you were in-between the two 20-yard line markers. 67-14.

    Nothing is your response to where is the Big XII team with 26 Bowl Wins ? UGA just got our 26th Bowl Win, and there is NOT a Big XII team with more, never mind that Alabama has MORE BOWL WINS THAN even UGA.

    49-49 Big XII in Bowl Games All-Time.

    193-152-9 SEC in Bowl Games All-Time.

    Nothing is your reply to his point that Texas, if they are so great against the LOUSY DEFENSES OF THE BIG XII, why then are there FEWER PLAYERS IN THE NFL FROM TEXAS THAN FROM EVEN UGA BULLDOGS ?

    Why is that ?

    Even UGA of The SEC has MORE IN THE NFL than Texas.

    And, YOUR point is that OUR POINT IS CORRECT, that there is ONLY 1 TEAM in the Big XII. And, even TEXAS doesn’t have as many players in the NFL as even lowly UGA Bulldogs do.

    You have 12 teams in the Mighty Big XII and the Big XII is 6-9 all 2009-2010 Football Season against BCS Conference Opponents, including all the Bowl Games.

    That’s half a win per Big XII team over BCS Conference Opponents.

    LOSING RECORD for the Big XII.

    And, we come in here and tell you the Big XII only has 1 team and that that 1 team is GREAT based upon what, pray tell ?

    And, your REPLY T-Rey is that we are WRONG that there is ONLY 1 TEAM in the Big XII.

    Well, that’s our point.

    6-9 against BCS Conference Teams by the ENTIRE Big XII all season includes Bowls.

    The SEC is 13-7.

    The Big XII LOST every game to the Big East and to Navy, for God’s sake.

    Go beat the Conference USA and brag to them how much better you are than everybody else with ZERO EVIDENCE in (1) games against BCS Conference teams (2) NFL (3) Bowl Games against The SEC and ZERO Evidence in (4) BCS Title Games against The SEC either EVER.

    Oh, Texas is great.

    The Big XII is the WORST CONFERENCE in the Average Final BCS Ranking of your 12 teams at Average Ranking of 51. SEC Average BCS Ranking ? 35.

    Texas, even against this WEAK VERY WEAK COMPETITION with you coming in here saying there only is 1 Big XII team T-Rey is Number 55 in the nation in rushing the football.

    How in the living hell is Texas going to have the football any more than Texas A&M did against UGA Bulldogs, even ?

    How ?

    Texas CANNOT RUN THE FOOTBALL to save their soul.

    Texas is Number 95 in the nation in punting. So, if Texas cannot run the football and is 1-dimensional as they most assuredly are, if Texas cannot make their first downs against Alabama, then Texas will also LOSE FIELD POSITION to SEC Alabama, the Consensus Number 1 team in the nation for beating TWO REAL OPPONENTS this season, unlike Texas’ paper tiger 13-0 beating you say NO ONE.

    Texas is Number 80 in the nation in allowing SACKS.

    I guess you have your head up your butt if you think Nick Saban is not going to get after Colt McCoy in the backfield and knock him on his butt EVERY PLAY.

    T-Rey, please don’t forget to come in here AFTER your 1-team conference gets its 1-team butt kicked by a real football team as proved on the field against REAL OPPONENTS such Florida and Virginia Tech, unlike the pansies Texas played this season.

    You guys in the Big XII talk such a Big Game BEFORE the game.

    Afterwards, you are ALWAYS no where to be found.

    BCS Title Games have been going on since 1998 :

    1998 SEC TN vols NC

    2003 SEC LSU NC

    2006 SEC Florida NC

    2007 SEC LSU NC

    2008 SEC Florida NC

    2009 SEC Alabama is Number 1 beat Va Tech and Florida 2 Top 10 teams.

    Texas hasn’t even played anyone, let alone BEAT a Top team.

    By the way, the Big XII LOST last year :

    2008 Big XII LOST BCS Title Game NC

    2004 Big XII LOST BCS Title Game NC

    2003 Big XII LOST BCS Title Game NC

    2001 Big XII LOST BCS Title Game NC

    The only 2 the Big XII won were 2000 and 2005, neither against The SEC.

    Big XII in BCS Title Games NC IS THE WORST CONFERENCE 4 LOSSES 2 wins.

    SEC in BCS Title Games NC is The BEST CONFERENCE 5-0 includes 2-0 vs Big XII.

    If Texas is so great, why didn’t they bother to schedule even 1 single BCS Conference Opponent all season long to prove it ? Why do they ONLY HAVE 1 BCS Title NC Game? Why has Nebraska done NOTHING but LOSE in BCS Title NC Games ? Why is Oklahoma only 1 win and 3 LOSSES in BCS Title NC Games ?

    While The SEC in BCS Title NC Games is UNDEFEATED 5-0 ?

    You Big XII HOMERS make me sick with your B.S. HYPE and voting for your teams at the top of the Polls when they haven’t played 1 single BCS Conference Opponent and brag how great they are only to be in fact 2-4 to our 5-0 in BCS Title NC Games.


  11. NRBQ


    Ever encounter the lengthy epistles of BuLLdOg (or whatever) over on AJC?

    I believe we’re now blessed with his company here.


    • rbubp

      NRBQ, that’s exactly why I’m here now. Haven’t been blessed with the need for a trip to the AJC in months.

      Unfortunately, all of us in the club want to be the last ones in and bar the door behind us. I see comment moderation in the future for all blogs of quality. This is a place if amazingly insightful and passionate analysis… I hate to sound elitist, but it’s easy to see how quickly it can get rurnt (as my South Ga. roommate used to say).


  12. Russ

    Having attended the game, it’s pretty funny to hear an Aggie complain about any chants. With the cult that they have, they chant incessantly about anything. At least our chant is intelligible.

    I know they invented team spirit (it must be true – every Aggie I know here in Houston has told me so), but it sure was quiet during the 4th quarter of the game. They also magically morphed into empty seats around that time. Not saying our fans are better or worse, just that the Aggies didn’t invent school spirit, and don’t have anything on other fans.

    Oh, and 44-20, b-yotch!


  13. Thomas Brown

    SEC Willie Gault 4.1 in 40-yard dash Tennessee vols Griffin GA
    SEC Bo Jackson Auburn 4.18 in 40-yard dash Official NFL Combine 1987.
    SEC Donte Stallworth Tennessee vols 4.22 speed 40 at 2003 Pro Day.
    SEC Herschel Walker 4.25 in the 40-yard dash, 238 lbs.
    SEC Julio Jones Alabama 4.25 in the 40-yard dash. 6’ 4”
    SEC Trindon Holliday LSU 4.27 in the 40-yard dash.
    SEC Champ Bailey UGA Bulldogs 4.28 NFL Combine 1999 per NFL.
    SEC Braden Smith UGA Bulldogs 4.28 in the 40-yard dash. Freshman.
    SEC Jeff Demps Florida 4.3 in the 40-yard dash.
    SEC Dexter McCluster Ole Miss 4.32 speed in the 40-yard dash verified.
    SEC Asher Allen UGA Bulldogs 4.33 in 40-yard dash Pro-Scout day 2009.
    SEC Reggie Brown UGA Bulldogs 4.36 in 40-yard dash Pro-Scout day 2005.

    Shouldn’t surprise you I make no apologies for coming into a UGA football blog and providing the exact correct details on the topic at hand, while I see one English teacher on GTP. If we are to provide English lessons, I will be happy to do it on your UGA Bulldog details (none) in an UGA Bulldog blog about UGA football, son. I am an UGA football fan. And, if you want to have your posts edited for English, I will be more than happy to join you on THAT BLOG. Provide URL Link.

    Bowl Games this Season :

    SEC Ole Miss 21 Big XII Oklahoma State 7 Cotton Bowl 1/2/2010.
    SEC UGA Bulldogs 44 Big XII Texas A&M 20 Independence 12/28/09.

    SEC 2-0 vs. Overrated Big XII.

    Bowl Games last Season :

    SEC Florida 24 Big XII Oklahoma 14 BCS Title Game 1/8/09.
    SEC Ole Miss 47 Big XII Texas Tech 34 Cotton Bowl 1/2/09.
    SEC Alabama 30 Big XII Colorado 24 Independence 12/30/08.

    SEC 3-0 vs. Overrated Big XII.

    There is no reason to suspect that Texas will beat Alabama this season, either.

    SEC has the MOST BOWL WINS this Season 5.

    Big XII has FEWER BOWL WINS this Season 4.

    The reason ?

    Because The SEC BEAT the Big XII, twice so far with 1 game to go.

    Colt McCoy and Texas is NCAA Number 80 in being sacked this season.

    # 80 giving up Sacks Texas Colt McCoy.

    Colt McCoy and Texas is NCAA Number 55 in Rushing Yards.

    # 55 Rushing Offense Texas Colt McCoy.

    2008 BCS Title Game SEC N.C. Florida SEC.
    2007 BCS Title Game SEC N.C. LSU SEC.
    2006 BCS Title Game SEC N.C. Florida SEC.

    The last 3 Consecutive BCS Title Game National Championships SEC.

    Colt McCoy by far threw the MOST PASSES this season.

    Colt McCoy threw 12 Interceptions against a SOFT SCHEDULE.

    Texas did NOT even PLAY 1 single BCS Conference Opponent outside Big XII.

    Give me a break.

    No BCS Conference Opponent, and threw 12 Interceptions.

    12 Interceptions is the WORST in the COUNTRY.

    Texas NCAA Official Strength of Schedule is NOT in the Top 25.


    Colt McCoy TD Percentage as a Percentage of his PASSES THROWN is 5.

    5 Percent of Colt McCoy’s PASSES THROWN are TD for WORST IN COUNTRY.

    Why is Colt McCoy WAY BEHIND SEC Leaders such as Tim Tebow and Ryan Mallett in Quarterback Ratings ?


    Has his Passes INTERCEPTED 12 TIMES against WEAK OPPONENTS.



    Colt McCoy threw 468 PASSES which is the MOST IN THE COUNTRY.


    It is what you do.

    It is ALL you do.


    It is what you do.

    It is ALL you do.

    Colt McCoy has NOT beat 1 single SEC team in a Bowl Game EVER.

    Arkansas was 13-12 in The SEC the previous 2 years.

    That is the ONLY SEC team Colt McCoy has played in his ENTIRE CAREER.

    Texas has NOT BEAT 1 single team in the Polls ranked in the Top 18 or so.

    Alabama has BEAT Florida who is obviously about Number 2 or 3 and Virginia Tech who is obviously about Number 8 or 9.

    Alabama is Number 12 in the nation in Rushing the football.

    # 12 Rushing Offense Alabama.

    CLASSIC SEC Big XII match-up.

    1 conference who plays nothing but patsies pansies cupcakes and CANNOT RUN the football, who BEAT NO ONE and does NOTHING but THROW THE FOOTBALL UP FOR GRABS, throw 12 interceptions, who has NO OFFENSIVE LINE and cannot block for RUN or PASS.

    Against the Acknowledged LEADER in COLLEGE FOOTBALL who BEAT SEVERAL TOP 10 TEAMS ALREADY coming to the CREAM to the TOP of The TOUGHEST CONFERENCE, who BEAT the Big XII like a DRUM both this Bowl Season and last Bowl Season and ALL-TIME, who actually CAN RUN the football and CONTROL the CLOCK with NOTHING BUT NFL OL.

    I love the guy up top here who says he will TELL US ALL WHO the ONLY QB from the Big XII is.

    While The SEC DOMINATES on days like today, Sunday with 15 QB playing.


    What did these COLLEGE QUARTERBACKS do in COLLEGE ?

    (1)Kicked the butts of the Big XII, head to head.
    (2)Actually BEAT Top 10 teams.
    (3)Actually DON’T throw the ball UP FOR GRABS with 12 Interceptions.
    (4)Actually PLAYED a Top 25 Strength of Schedule and WON against it.
    (5)Actually have FAR BETTER Quarterback Ratings.
    (6)Proof ? NFL says they are FAR BETTER.
    (7)Run an Offense vs good opponents that is BALANCED.

    Texas A&M you told us was the NCAA Number 5 Total Offense in the Nation.

    20-44 vs. SEC speed.

    20-44 vs. SEC Balanced attack.

    20-44 vs. SEC reasonable opponent who played good teams.

    20-44 vs. SEC seasoned team FL GT OkS AZ S Ark SoCar LSU TN KY Aub

    6 of the Top 9 teams in Recruiting Rankings today are SEC.

    Big XII 0-2 vs. SEC this year in Bowl Games. Didn’t want to say that, did you ?
    Big XII 0-3 vs. SEC last year in Bowl Games. Didn’t want to say that, did you ?

    SEC was already ahead of the Big XII in Bowl Games.

    We always have been.

    Now, we have WON 5 more Bowl Games and LOST ZERO head-to-head last year and this year, again.

    But, of course, the Big XII is better because they play CUPCAKES, CREAM PUFFS, POWDER PUFFS and run up their record throwing the ball on every down against nobody football teams, like TEXAS THIS YEAR.

    How can Texas have played NO BCS Conference Opponent outside Big XII all year ?

    And, yet have 12 Interceptions.

    And, yet be only Number 55 in rushing the football.

    And, yet only have 5 percent of their passes be for a TD.

    And, yet be Number 80 in giving up sacks.

    To see Big XII HOMERS say, Texas will win.

    Big XII has ALREADY LOST 4 BCS TITLE Games National Championships.

    SEC 5-0 BCS Title Games National Championships.

    It’s easy to look good playing WEAK OPPONENTS. What’s hard is to LOOK BAD playing WEAK OPPONENTS being # 55 running the ball, throwing only 5 percent of your passes for TD, getting sacked at a rate to make you # 80 in the nation giving up sacks AGAINST WEAK SCHEDULE.

    Why is the Big XII over-rated ?

    Why do Big XII fans have flimsy arguments about their conference ?

    Because the Big XII plays WEAK OPPONENTS, beats NO GOOD TEAM, cannot make it into the NFL with their players, has no one watching their games as determined by the Nielson Ratings God do you guys know NOTHING, and because you ALWAYS LOSE to The SEC.

    No wonder you have a chip on your shoulder.

    Well Beergut, this has been fun son. You clearly have maintained this B.S. through-out while The SEC has WON BOTH BOWL GAMES ONCE AGAIN, Beergut. 3’s coming again this year, JUST AS THE SEC BEAT THE BIG XII ALL 3 GAMES LAST YEAR.

    4 SEC National Championships the ENTIRE CAREER of Colt McCoy.

    Chew on that one.