Did Mark Richt forget to renew his AJ-C subscription?

Because I’m hard-pressed to come up with another reason for the increasing Adam Krohn-like hostility emanating from the pages of that august publication.  Seriously, it’s getting that irrational – and in the case of Mark Bradley, maybe even disingenuous.

Start with this Jeff Schultz piece.  Schultz faults Richt for failing to haul in a high profile guy as his new defensive coordinator, but not for failing.  For looking stupid.

Richt made a conscious decision to go after Bud Foster, John Chavis and Kirby Smart — three of the highest profile defensive coordinators in the nation, none of whom were lacking in job security, none of whom were upset about their current situation, none of whom were looking to leave.

There’s nothing wrong with shooting high. There is something wrong when you’re made to look foolish by three consecutive candidates who play the game publicly but ultimately leverage job offers to get themselves raises at their existing schools.

Once you cut through the business side of things and the emotional tugs and whatever special place Athens may hold in the hearts and minds of some of the world’s defensive coordinators, it really comes down to this: Foster, Chavis and Smart weren’t going any place.

Richt should have known that. Any humiliation the school or the football program has suffered is on him.

Now hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.  And in his defense, Schultz isn’t expressing a degree of frustration that’s any greater than what you can find on just about any Georgia message board or blog these days.  But with all due respect to Schultz, and knowing a little bit about how the process works, it’s a bullshit rationale.

If Schultz or anybody else thinks that Mark Richt sat around and said to himself, “hmm… these guys sure are good coaches.  I’ll keep making offers blindly until one accepts”, I’ve got news for them – that isn’t how it works.  No head coach with any sense approaches a high-profile candidate until he’s received legitimate feedback from that direction that his interest will be reciprocated.  And if you’ll notice, none of the three candidates mentioned blew Mark Richt’s inquiries off.  So, the question is, should Mark Richt have known that he was going to get played by all three men?  Schultz indicates that, yes, Richt should have known – but I’d find his reasoning far more convincing if he’d have advanced it before any of the three turned Richt down.

But like I said, that’s fairly mild stuff compared to Bradley, who’s outdone himself with this post today.  Talking about the state of the SEC East in the wake of Kiffin’s departure, the ironies abound.  Here’s what he says about Georgia:

With so much in motion, the moment seems ripe for a stable program to make a bold move upward in 2010. That program would not seem to be Georgia.

Having searched for six weeks, the Bulldogs don’t have a defensive coordinator or a defensive staff. They’ll enter next season with a new quarterback, the result of having left Aaron Murray to redshirt. (A wise choice in most years, but not necessarily in the worst season under this head coach.) Worse still, there’s a growing feeling across the South that Mark Richt is a year away from feeling the big heat…

Short of landing Bill Belichick, it will be nigh-impossible for Georgia to emerge from this protracted search with a coordinator who will satisfy the majority of Dog-lovers. And it does seem troubling that three men who worked in the South and have coached against Georgia — Bud Foster of Virginia Tech, John Chavis of LSU and Alabama’s Kirby Smart, who’s a Bulldog born and bred — saw greater opportunity in the current positions than anything awaiting them in Athens…

In a great exercise of circular reasoning, Bradley cites this post at MrSEC.com in support of his argument.

From MrSEC.com, usually a clearinghouse of conference links, came this post-Kirby-Smart post from John Pennington, its headline reading: “Smart Stays; Richt In Trouble.” Pennington’s argument isn’t that Richt should be in trouble but that, having been spurned three times now by coordinating candidates, he’s being perceived as “inept.”

Gee, Mark, you know who Pennington blames for that perception?  You.

… Let me make this very clear — Richt is in trouble at Georgia.  In fact, I believe his days are running out.

I said last summer that I believed he and Les Miles would occupy the hottest seats in the SEC after the 2009 season.  I was emailed to death by UGA fans who said they wouldn’t turn on their head coach.

Well, they’re turning.  And there’s no question that Richt and Miles sit in the SEC’s hottest chairs going forward.

Here’s how things work: First the media goes, then the fans follow.  It’s already clear that many writers across the state of Georgia are anti-Richt at this point.

He was first attacked for not having the guts to whack his buddy Willie Martinez.  But then he did fire him.  So was there praise for Richt?  No, just the message that he’d better hire a top-name replacement and he’d better do it quickly.  Well, he hasn’t.  And now he’s being attacked for that.

But is it Richt’s fault that he couldn’t lure in the three men to whom he offered the position?

Virginia Tech supposedly matched UGA’s offer to Foster.  So why would he leave one job for the other?

LSU reportedly matched Georgia’s offer to Chavis.  So why would he leave one job for the other?

Now Alabama is set to match the Dawgs’ offer to Smart.  Again, what reason would the coach have of making a lateral move?

The money for each man was about the same to stay in their current positions.  And the Georgia position is the exact same as the ones they currently hold.  So what’s the draw?  Nice Georgia weather?  Getting to coach in front of a nervous, jittery fanbase?

Richt’s mistake was going after the best.  He should have gone after someone from a smaller school or someone who is not currently a coordinator.  Had he done that, it would have been near impossible for someone like — let’s say — Manny Diaz of MTSU to turn him down.  Quick hire, done and done.

Of course, had he done that Georgia fans and media would have squawked that Richt hadn’t pursued the best of the best, etc.  Writers such as Mr. Bradley would have asked, “How could he not kick the tires on a Georgia alum like Smart?”  UGA would have been called cheap, too, unwilling to spend big bucks for a top assistant.  [Emphasis added.]

Speaking of the SEC East, Bradley’s high on South Carolina now.  Why?  Glad you asked…

It has a head coach, which puts it ahead of Tennessee and perhaps Florida, and he has a national championship in his portfolio. It has a defensive coordinator, which puts it ahead of Georgia, and Ellis Johnson is a fine one…

You know what other local school doesn’t have a defensive coordinator right now?  Bradley does, but he sure doesn’t seem too bothered about it.

No major news was forthcoming at Paul Johnson’s season-ending media session this morning. He didn’t introduce a new defensive coordinator, but he seemed to suggest that it won’t be long now.

As ever,  the session was steeped in entertainment value. (PJ, as you know, cannot say, “Good morning,” without applying the arch PJ twist.) Some snippets:

On Georgia Tech’s search for a coordinator: “It’s going good. We’re going to have one sometime. I just want to make sure it’s the right fit … I’ve got some scenarios in play; it’s just a question of what I decide to do and then finalizing it.”

Ha, ha!  That Paul Johnson’s such a card!  Scenarios in play and all – the guy’s got it all together.  It’s amazing that his “season ending media session” is this sparsely attended.

Lots of open real estate there... (photo by M. Bradley)

Can anyone imagine a similar Georgia meeting with Mark Richt offering that, um, easy a choice for seating?  And can you say “double standard”?  I thought you could.

What really gets me here is that we’ve just seen the kind of hire that Schultz and Bradley would seem to favor, at least by default – Lane Kiffin at Southern Cal.  Sure, it was outrageously expensive and, sure, Kiffin wasn’t on USC’s A-list, but, hey, it’s done.  Quickly, even.  But does anyone really expect either of these two writers to seriously suggest that as a template for Richt and Evans?  Of course not – because neither wants to get laughed out of the room.


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52 responses to “Did Mark Richt forget to renew his AJ-C subscription?

  1. D.N. Nation

    Boom. Roasted. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Two main reasons why Bradley and Schultz (although the latter needs no reason to act like a horse’s patoot) are acting el nutso lately:

    1) Their editors are begging them to increase page hits
    2) Tech taking a dive in the toilet in every major sport is weighing on them

    Even so, I’d respect them more if they ever bothered to respond to valid criticism one-on-one. As is, they take the Adam Krohn position- Run away!


  2. D.N. Nation

    Also, I can’t get over Bradley citing pissed off fans as a reason why Georgia won’t succeed in ’10.

    Because, as we all know, South Carolina just finished a wildly successful season that left their fans feeling just peachy.


  3. Lil' Jeffy Schultz

    The fact is, the only reason why Georgia beat Georgia Tech is that Georgia Tech didn’t care. Same goes for the basketball game. And the Orange Bowl. And every Tech loss ever.

    Yeah, my finger’s in my nose, so what?


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sen, baby,

    You know what happens when great minds analyze idiots?

    BTW….from radio reports, a contingent of UT Board of Trustees members has approached Phil about his interest in coming back as AD or head coach, but no both.

    Phil say he be intrigued.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Bradley on Spurrier and South Carolina: “It has a head coach, which puts it ahead of Tennessee and perhaps Florida, and he has a national championship in his portfolio. It has a defensive coordinator, which puts it ahead of Georgia, and Ellis Johnson is a fine one…”.

    Bradley apparently failed to read the multiple not quite as rosy links in PWD’s recent post re Spurrier and South Carolina after South Carolina’s trouncing by traditional basketball powerhouse UConn and Spurrier admitting that he was outcoached by Randy Edsall in the recent Papa Johns Bowl debacle. Perhaps that would have refreshed Bradley’s memory…



  6. heyberto

    Those guys are why I read David Hale and only David Hale.


  7. Irishdawg

    Both those guys are unserious, attention whoring hacks that have bravely accepted the mantle of “Ignorant Jerk-Off” from Terance Moore.


  8. MT

    AJC has thrown real sports coverage out the window and caters now more toward the ‘yellow journalism’ school of thought.

    Why doesn’t the AJC hire David Hale or put Chip Towers back on the full-time UGA beat? The fact that the Macon paper has better and more balanced UGA coverage is an inditement on how far the AJC has fallen.

    Bradley/Schultz must have picked up the Terrence Moore banner….


  9. “saw greater opportunity in the current positions than anything awaiting them in Athens”

    I wouldn’t say “greater”, but probably equivalent. Do you want to uproot your family and move away from established friendships for an equal job?

    Maybe this is where Richt was mistaken: Not going after someone that clearly would have something to gain from the move. A taleneted DC from a mid-level conference or a DC on a terrible team from a major conference.


  10. RedCrake

    Bradley on SCAR (Edited for Accuracy):

    “It has a head coach, which puts it ahead of Tennessee and perhaps Florida, and he has a national championship in his portfolio to go along with his sub-.500 conference record with the Gamecocks. It has a defensive coordinator, which puts it ahead of Georgia, and Ellis Johnson is a fine one (even though he couldn’t manage to stop the worst Georgia team EVAH!)…

    And it has a returning upperclassman QB, Lil Stevie Garcia, which puts it behind most of the country.”


  11. Mark Bradley Logic

    If South Carolina started me as a quarterback last season, then the Gamecocks are all set for next season because I’m a returning QB.


    • mwo

      Mr. SEC can kiss my a$$. He knows nothing of the fan base here in Georgia. He proclaims Richt to be on the hot seat and that makes it so? Richt will coach at UGA as long as he desires, and Mr. SEC will just be another jagoff mathlete with a byline.


      • Hackerdog

        Come on! It’s not just him. Bradley and Schultz are proclaiming Richt is on the hot seat too. And the fans take their marching orders from them (and Adam Krohn). It’s simple cause and effect.


  12. Waltondawg

    Do yourself a favor and don’t waste time reading anything at the AJC website. They are a sinking ship!


  13. Kevin

    Those writers cannot lose. Think about it, if Richt doesn’t hire someone now, it looks bad, because they say it’ll look bad and since all that action is happening NOW, they can say “look, we’re right”.

    However, if Richt waits, analyzes, and makes the right choice in the future, then they get to say “this isn’t a big enough name, he’s going to fail, Richt is on the hot seat”… and they’ll be right, because no one has done anything to prove themselves and games aren’t being played.

    Now, if this non-high profile DC comes in and wins games or does his job, it will be one year from now. In an age where its all about instant gratification and information overload, do you think anyone is going to care about what Bradley said a year ago? No one will remember, and he’ll be spouting off some other bullshit.

    Sure, people like you and me and Hale will remember, but we’ll be in the minority. No one will care that you say, hey, he was wrong last year!! see!!

    They still get the page hits.


  14. X-Dawg

    But for the cutting and pasting of AJC articles on this and similar blogs, words from Bradley’s and Schultz’s “random streams of thought” would would never reach the interior of my brain pan.


  15. Those two goons at the AJC are simply trying to get people to read their stuff. Same ploy Terrance Moore used to get readers. Simply write something inflammatory that has no truth to it (i.e. Vince Dooley found molesting Suzanne Yoculan) and try to save the AJC from going bankrupt as it is slowly doing. Sad for these guys that they are so paranoid over losing their employer. Best way to resolve the problem is to cancel subscriptions and don’t click on their drivel. http://www.wedgeorgia.com


  16. Pumpdawg

    I asked a friend, who lived in Atlanta at the time,how these dumbass no-nothing sports writers got jobs at the biggest paper in the state.He said,because Atlanta is full of dumbass no-nothing sports fans.Makes sense.(No offense to fellow Dawgs who HAVE to live there.)


  17. Schlagdawg

    I personally love wallowing in the AJC hypocrisy:
    “Oh no, UGA has no DC hired yet, the sky is falling!!!!!”
    “Tech looks to be making a hire soon.”

    Hopefully Tech doesn’t hire Groh, so the brain trust can inform me why the new hire was even better and Tech didn’t need Groh anyway, and how the new guy will bring a new age of peace and prosperity to GT football…


  18. Gary

    Tony Barnhart, and maybe David O’Brien who covers the Braves, are the only blogs worth reading over at the Journal-Constitution (or the “Urinal for Constipation” as my dad used to call it).

    Bradley has seemed to develop early dementia or the technology of today has brought out the delusions that have always existed, but hidden by copy editors.

    Schultz is just an egomaniac who gets his rocks off on calling out UGA fans. If Georgia goes 14-0 and wins the BCS NC, Schultz would find something negative to write and highlight immediately. Listening to him fill in for Pollack over at 790 makes me think he was a nerd growing up and got picked on an awful lot – hence the reason he takes up for Tech.

    It would be so easy for all fellow Dawg fans to simply ignore both of them and don’t give them the blog hits that keeps more coming. Support your dog blogs like the Senator’s.


  19. EastCobbDawg

    Sadly, yellow (or shaded at a minimum) journalism is all that is left to draw attention to the “Sports Page” of the AJC. Print journalism is going the way of horse and buggy. Their subscription revenue model is broken and they don’t have the resources to keep up with electronic media for information delivery. So they have to create controversy to drive web hits to support their ad rates and keep their names relevant. It’s no different from talk radio (Mad callers are money to them). They are basically forced to attack UGA fans because they are the single largest contingent of sports fans in the state and by far the most emotional in their support. Attack the Big Dawg and you attack us all.

    It’s sad actually. I used to get the paper 7 days a week and the sports section was the first thing I read in the morning. I haven’t subscribed in years and the quality continues to erode every time I look at it. I get my sports fix from the message boards, blogosphere and ESPN and it’s all realtime.

    Bradley and Schultz are doing everything they can to drive eyes to their site and it works when they attack us and we respond. It’s an ugly way to drive business but it’s all they have left.


  20. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Do Mark Richt a favor and don’t feed the trolls by reading Bradley or Schultz’s blogs. They are both hacks. The AJC doesn’t seem to care if their commentary isn’t any good or not, so long as their pages are getting hits, they perceive it as being successful.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And do not e-mail them, either. That only encourages them. The best thing to do is ignore them completely. When enough people do that they’ll be at a major intersection near you washing windshields.


  21. ausdawg85

    Oh great, Senator. Now those two AJC hacks will be trying to sabotage GTP and PWD’s site again…don’t you see the connection?

    And please…let’s not throw Hale under the bus by hoping he’d ever go to work for that rag.

    For nearly 20 years I’ve been exiled here in bevo-world and used to rely on the AJC website for info these past few years…but it has just gotten awful. Worse are the idiots you respond on their blogs….”First!” Really? That matters in life? And the AJC writers acknowledge the effort….because it’s some type of great achievement? But I digress….

    It’s how I found GTP this year, thanks to a need to find real information on the Dawgs. God Bless you Senator…and all of the absolutely wonderful snarky, funny, insane comments posted here.



    • Pilot_Dawg

      Seriously, it used to be such a great site. The information was wide open and came quick.

      Do you think they get MORE hits now with the opinionated preteen media coverage than before when it was all about the information? Probably.


  22. Gary

    Heard Buck on 680 this evening. He got a shot in at Kincaid for sounding like Bradley and Schultz with his comments about the DC search. If Buck and the rest of the blogs are talking about this, then you know that Dawg fans will get the message to stay away from them. I know I do now, though it wasn’t ever easy.


    • Puffdawg

      Ah, yes, Buck Belue, the voice of reason. Go have another six-pack, Gary.


      • Gary

        Puff, all I was referring to was that Buck gave Kincaid a hard time for sounding like Bradley and Schultz just like many here are displaying their disgust with those over at the ajc. It seemed like a big topic yesterday on the dawg blogs.


        • Puffdawg

          Gary, that was directed more towards Buck Belue and his sorry ass unfounded elitist blanket statement attitude towards UGA fans, especially the “Go drink another 6 pack” comment. It was especially insulting that he thinks we only drink a 6 pack on gameday!

          No offense meant to you. I think SB’s snarkiness is rubbing off!


  23. Bradley and Schultz have basically turned into pseudo-cerebral print versions of Paul Finebaum. F-Baum, for all his fearless talk and reputation for being a bomb-thrower, is the biggest bandwagoneer in the state of Alabama. When Tuberville was kicking Bama’s ass on the regular, Auburn was awesome and Bammers were all knuckle-dragging troglodytes. Now that Bama is awesome and Auburn has been taken down a couple pegs, Nick Saban is a god come to earth and Tiger fans are all suckers for thinking Tuberville was anything but a snake-oil salesman.

    Same deal with Bradley and Schultz. When Geofgia was going 11-2 and Gailey was embarrassing GT, Richt could do no wrong. Now that UGA has had a rough season and Tech has won an ACC title, all of a sudden Paul Johnson smells like fresh-baked muffins and craps pure gold bricks, and Mark Richt is the bumbling Barney Fife of the SEC. But as soon as Tech’s vaunted triple-option gets rumbled and UGA beats GT a few more years in a row — it’s a matter of when, not if — they’ll change their tune and be right back to praising Richt to the heavens. Circle of life, folks. That’s how these guys operate.


    • Left to Right

      Very much agree with you regarding the bandwagon stuff. When Tech lost to UGA in basketball, Bradley said Paul Hewitt wasn’t the coach for Tech. When Tech beat Duke 4 days later, he said Hewitt and Tech basketball had turned the corner and were set up for success.

      OK Mark, whichever way the bandwagon blows.


  24. Chuck

    It seems ironic that in all the frenzy in the print media about UGA and the coaching hire, the voices of reason are coming form the blogosphere and the whackos are getting their stuff out in the print media. Maybe we don’t need newspapers at all. Or maybe the AJC should just rename the brand “Fox Print News”.


  25. dudetheplayer

    The thing that gets me about these assholes is that there is absolutely no accountability for the crap that they write. If they fly off the handle with half-assed assertions and turn out to be completely wrong, they just write it off as a “welp, i’m an idiot heh heh” moment and we’re all supposed to pretend like it never happened (like Bradley doing a 180 on the Mark Fox hire).


    • Puffdawg


      I think the accountability lies with us, as readers. The less hits we give them, the less relevant (if that’s possible) they become. I agree with previous posters that SB is contributing to their cause by linking them. I’d say don’t link them.
      Somebody else said they only read the AJC when linked on blogs, which is dead on for me.


  26. Hogbody Spradlin

    You spent way to many valuable keystrokes on those so-called columns and posts. Shultz and Bradley’s brattiness and have it both ways chutzpah are astonishing.


  27. Paul's Johnson

    A few points of clarification—

    Comparing the AJC’s treatment of CPJ and CMR’s handling of the D/C search at this point is comparing proverbial Apples and Oranges. Our opening is less than a week old, while its been about 6 weeks since Richt cleaned out his defensive staff.

    I agree with Mr. SEC point that AJC writers probably would have second-guessed Richt had he failed to try for at least one big name. But other than Smart, I think Schultz’s logic on pursuing these coaches is spot on.

    A lot of this criticism goes to the perception of competence , plan and process. As I commented on the AJC today, I believe that this process has not gone smoothly thus far because there was no over-arching plan, because Richt made these moves under pressure and mostly against his will. I believe Richt was initially given marching orders to bring in a big name and hang the cost. Evidently bringing in a gifted but relatively unknown coach (like Brian Van Gorder circa 2000) was never part of the program. I happen to think that Richt is very competent, but I believe he is following a path dictated by his athletic administration–but its making him look bad, not them.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      A hindsight judgment neighbor.


    • PJ – as to your first point, forgive me, but I thought everyone was touting Johnson for his decisiveness. So why should timing matter? Besides, if I recall, he make his decision to can Wommack weeks ago. Are you saying he wasn’t prepared to choose a replacement until a week or so ago?

      I believe Richt was initially given marching orders to bring in a big name and hang the cost. Evidently bringing in a gifted but relatively unknown coach (like Brian Van Gorder circa 2000) was never part of the program. I happen to think that Richt is very competent, but I believe he is following a path dictated by his athletic administration–but its making him look bad, not them.

      Do you have some actual knowledge about this, or is this just idle speculation on your part?


      • Paul's Johnson

        Senator, It’s obviously speculation on my part. But it fits what few facts are known. I happen to have a high opinion of your coach and his abilities. We both know that he has innumerable contacts all over the place. Richt’s an old hand. To me going after the big names smacks of institutional oversight—after all, if you’re an AD with a pocketful of money why not join the SEC coaching arms race?


        • Mikey

          “But it fits what few facts are known.”

          But wait PJ, I thought this was a very PUBLIC search that is an embarrassment as cast in comparison to Tech’s secret and contemplated effort.

          It’s either or. Not both.

          (In my opinion, I agree with the quote, Richt’s search has been very nonpublic and very little is really known but that goes against the wisdom and speculation of the interwebs so it obviously must be untrue.)


    • Puffdawg

      “As I commented on the AJC today…”

      Oh, you’re on of THOSE people?


  28. S.E. Dawg

    I keep reading every where that the other schools ( Virginia Tech and LSU) matched UGA’s offer. Exactly what did we offer? Yeah, I didn’t think we did.

    I will not cut as deeply as some of you guys regarding the AJC, but it has gotten kind of crappy lately.


  29. Dog in TN

    The reason they want a quick hire, is so they can criticize next season. Coach Richt is moving at a deliberate pace and not going to jump just because the “Urinal for Constipation”(plagerism at work here, thanks Gary) wants to report a story. Especially two hacks that wouldn’t know how to hire anyone.


  30. NRBQ

    Okay, I can take it.

    This is piling on, at it’s worst.

    Given, Bradley and Schultz are all that’s left of a sports section that, for years, may have been the best in the country (Dave Campbell, Chris Mortensen, Len Pasquarelli, to name a very few).

    It’s a shame that they’ve been reduced to stirring the internet pot in order to keep their jobs, but would you quit on principle in the same situation? Print jobs have gone the way of television antennas.

    Schultz was snark in print before the webs. He’s an equal-opportunity hurler of insults. But his two-column-per-week job has become 3 blogs a day, and his performance measurable in cold, inarguable hit numbers.

    And despite what was posted earlier, Bradley responds regularly to posts on his blog. He also publishes mea-culpa columns when he’s spectacularly wrong.

    Schultz is from southern California, Bradley from Kentucky. To think they’re both anti-UGA at heart is paranoid.

    Both are family men looking to make a living in a world which has passed by their training, and probably guys with whom you’d enjoy hoisting a beer. I say, if you don’t like it then don’t read it.

    And move on.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      But then it wouldn’t be any fun venting on them.


    • Pilot_Dawg

      I agree.

      They found a system that works on the AJC website, by blasting whoever, whenever. Just take a look at the replies and you see that people love it, or love to hate it!

      I took the AJC UGA website off of my bookmarks long ago simply because I don’t want them to have the hits…my only contribution to get them off of the www foreva. ; )


  31. EastCobbDawg

    C’mon guys. This offered and turned down 3 times nonsense is beyond ridiculous. Kirby got an offer but the others were discussions. albeit discussions that were close enough to turning serious that VT and LSU had to make a preemptive move or things might have moved into more serious discussions.

    Interviewing a prospective candidate and asking them for their salary requirements doesn’t constitute an offer. When said candidate runs back to their current employer and says I’m interviewing for a new job, its up to that employer to determine whether and how to try to keep them or let them go.

    The embarrassment is a big lie. The truth is that these guys are at the top of their profession and would only talk to a few select schools of which UGA is one. Don’t let the media manipulate the message here. These guys are hack writers and their opinion is worth squat.


  32. Russell

    Those two are just bad. A waste of their time to write it(other than the paycheck thing). A waste of my time to read it(Which I won’t unless I’m paid. Which I’m not, so I don’t)


  33. Keese

    Who cares about “appearance” or “perception” of the DC hire. In the end, as long as we get a very good & experienced coach and it doesn’t hurt in recruiting, what other impact could there be.

    In any senario that could have been played out, there would have always been counter criticizm. i.e. Richt makes a quick hire, why didn’t we try to go after coach x. Richt gets Kirby, everyone questions why we paid so much for someone inexperienced.

    The process is going to be scrutinized heavily no matter how it plays out.

    And by the way, I’m with D Hale. We are better off staying away from Kirby. Said it all along. Too much risk putting him at the top handling our defense. I think he’s one of those guys that can only coach well when the decisions and playcalling is under the guidance of someone else.

    We need something more. We need NFL experience on our DC and position coaching resumes. Especially with the players we get. I’d be thrilled with Grantham or Jones.


  34. Bob C


    I agree with your comments. I’m sure you heard by now that we got Grantham. I am excited about our prospects from here on out.