Kiffin watch: euphemism of the day

That would be “frayed relations”, as in

Sources said it was unlikely Tennessee tailback Bryce Brown would be allowed to transfer to USC because he would need to permission from Tennessee.

Brown, the No. 1-ranked prep player in the nation in 2009 when Kiffin signed him, is attending classes at Tennessee but is not participating in spring drills.

“I’d be shocked if that happened,” a source said, citing the frayed relations over Kiffin’s January departure to USC. … [Emphasis added.]



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5 responses to “Kiffin watch: euphemism of the day

  1. UFTimmy

    If UT really wanted to get back at Kiffin they would let Brown the NCAA violations that would follow him go to USC.


  2. Mayor Of Dawgtown

    I thought a player could just transfer, then sit out a season, without the permission of the first university (eg. John Dewberry).


  3. Reptillicide

    I don’t give a damn about bryce brown or UT or kiffin. But the university ought to let him go where he wants


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If they prevent him from playing elsewhere and that gets around, why would any top player ever sign with UT? Sign with them and if you hate the place (or conditions change) you’re f*cked. Awfully short sighted of UT. Maybe good for us in recruiting, though. I would be sure to tell this story to every recruit.