Something you don’t hear every day.

Or at least not in the last half-century or so from a Georgia football player – in this case, the chip on his shoulder that outside linebacker Reuben Faloughi carries around:

“Vanderbilt turned me down,” Faloughi said. “I remember that.”


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6 responses to “Something you don’t hear every day.

  1. X-Dawg

    Sounds like he is ready to kick some Commodore ASS this fall!!!!!

  2. hailtogeorgia

    Does this mean he’s pissed at Belin?

  3. He deserves the scholarship just vacated. He will be a major contributor to the Dawg’s D in 2010.

    • bort

      Word is that Reuben is a hellofa student, and has HOPE in addition to another couple academic scholarships. We may not need to use that ‘ship.

  4. Moggs

    Yeah and I remember when that drunk ugly fat girl wouldn’t do me.

  5. Vious

    He should be excited that he isn’t playing for Willie anymore