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The proverbial turds in the punch bowl

Pure comedy gold in this thread at BBuzzOff, although you have to dig through the usual anti-Georgia diatribes to get to it.

This must have been fun to watch.

… I just attended my step-sister’s wedding.  My two daughters were in the wedding.  The dresses were black with red sashes.  The grooms cake had a bulldog (uga) on it.  The candid photos on the grooms table had both the bride and groom dressed in UGA garb.  (Neither went to UGA)  Several people at the wedding had on UGA ties, belts, etc.  And the pisser of it all was that I had to dress my little girls in red and black.

Hope they got lots of pictures, man.

As a bonus, the dude’s got a fellow traveler in the thread.  Actually, it’s a double bonus:  a female fellow traveler!

I attended my niece’s wedding two years ago, same exact crap , they even had a uga cake beside the wedding cake, the wedding cake was also done in red and black; the uga fight song was played at least three times. Neither of these two went to college….. it was nauseating:((

With three daughters, I’m getting some wedding plan ideas here for my brother, the Tech fan.  Maybe I can talk one of my girls into including him in the wedding party.  Good times, for sure.



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College football, the NFL draft and keeping on trucking in Athens

Let me first say that I am awed by the amount of effort that went into Ed’s latest post.

Second, when you get into the meat of his research, it’s hard not to be impressed with Rodney Garner’s body of work as recruiting coordinator.

Third, you have to admit that Mark Richt has done an admirable job keeping the program on an even keel as the talent has passed through Athens.

(By the way, given the advantages in talent and the conference that he’s enjoyed, how has Jim Tressel only won a single MNC?)


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Organized chaos

It’s worth reminding ourselves that there are likely to be a few hair-pulling moments on defense in 2010.  It’s not rational to expect otherwise when there are too many changes on that side of the ball that have to be integrated.

“Those first couple of practices, they’re yelling and screaming and running everywhere,” (Aaron) Murray said. “They’re not all the way installed yet, but they’re definitely more comfortable. They have guys checking, going to one spot, they don’t have guys bumping into each other, yelling, ‘You get down, you stand up.’ They definitely look more fluid out there.”

And that’s just as of today.

… More position changes could be ahead, depth remains a concern in several places, and new freshmen who have yet to spend a day working with Grantham will arrive in June, further complicating life for Georgia’s defense. It’s every bit a work in progress.

But the upside, Richt said, is progress has been made.

“Let’s face it, it’s just been 11 practices and an awful lot of installation,” Richt said. “We’re hoping to get a lot of things on film so we can make good cut-ups of it for the summer if the kids want to come in on their own and study it.”

Lots and lots of kinks to be worked out – which is why the defensive staff is so smart to hammer on fundamentals early on.  Even if it takes a while to get the scheme down pat, if the tackling and pass coverage steps up, it’ll be a net gain as far as I’m concerned.

In that spirit, let me offer this as the 2010 defense’s theme song.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Brat-free, baby.

  • Only seven D-1 schools’ athletic departments have managed to stay in the black on their own for the past five years:  Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana State, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • 21st century name recognition“Although the team lost its opening round game in overtime to second-seeded Villanova University, traffic to the university’s Web site increased 40 percent and the school ranked among top trending topics on Twitter.”
  • Tony Barnhart speculates about conference expansion after hearing a bunch of other people speculate about conference expansion.
  • I’m guessing one of the people he didn’t talk to was Jack Swarbrick “The only things that could make it happen are the sorts of radical change in the industry that would cause upheaval and impact a lot more (schools) than Notre Dame,” he says. “You wind up with only three conferences. You wind up with two tiers of conferences. Now, all of a sudden, it’s not three divisions in college; it’s four. It’s the big change.  I don’t see that happening.”
  • Making money off of open records requests.
  • Gene Chizik is on the fourth warmest seat in the SEC?  I obviously don’t understand how Pete Fiutak’s scale is calibrated.
  • Last year, Corch Meyers wowed the more gullible members of the press with tales of the I-formation and Tebow under center.  This year, it looks like he’s opting to go with the two-quarterback story.


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