The third rail of Alabama politics

I suppose I should be amazed by this, but I’m not.


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11 responses to “The third rail of Alabama politics

  1. Ben Rockwell

    I actually had Finebaum on in the car while this was happening yesterday (WTH was I listening to it? Why do people like to watch car crashes?).

    If this is what it takes to sink the James campaign, then I’m all for it. This is one time I can unite behind the Alabama faithful in the face of the Aubies. Tim James is just a whacko. As for Byrne, the slam against him is that he professed a believe in evolution AND professed a belief that the Bible might, you know, not be factually true.

    If those are the things someone is going to be blasted for in Alabama politics, it’s enough to put me in the corner of that guy. This place is ridiculous right now.


      • Mayor of dawgtown

        Not that I disagree with anything BR said but have you been paying attention to what has been going on beneath the Gold Dome lately? Georgia is no better than Alabama when it comes to idiots in (or running for) public office.


    • gernblanski

      I think I just realized that this guy’s father was FOB James – former Alabama Governor and Vince Dooley’s team and room mate at Auburn.


  2. Dog in Fla

    They’re better than that…



    • gernblanski

      I think this hard chargin’, straight-talkin’, son of a gun used the same ad agency as the Yella Wood guy.

      Also, I think I seen the only remaining human being alive with the once prevalent “Dennis Weaver” complex.


  3. Reptillicide

    Lol, Alabama…. are we really surprised?


  4. Silver Creek Dawg

    I spent the last three days in AL on business and had to listen to Finebaum.

    I feel stupider for the experience.


  5. Vious

    Nobody has actually shown me that he said this…it is funny to see some Bama morons going off like they know for a FACT that he is going to do this

    Yet another example of right-wing, unemployed douchebags ranting at something even they deep-down know isn’t true