$1,000 catch

Wonder how he does after he shakes the rust off.


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  1. woulda been nice to see this on tv….


  2. devildawg

    yeah, i’d thought the same thing, but i sure wish we’d had him in a couple of these other games.

    also, how about vance cuff finally hitting and bringing down some people? that’s nice to see. and then as i’m typing boykin blows his assignment. yikes.


  3. UFTimmy

    Wow. That’s amazing.


  4. BMan

    Vance Cuff with his third personal foul, yet he continues to play. I kinda wish he’d go get a DUI (without harming anyone).

    I’m also guessing from the first half that geometry isn’t a strong subject for J. Hamilton, as he’s always taking a bad angle.

    Wish A.J. has spent his $1K on some Flexall or Bengay.


    • Dawg N Suds

      At least he didn’t foul out.


      • rbubp

        While you can’t excuse the other PFs, the one on the FG that was so costly was totally bogus. A, Cuff slipped and lost control; B, he didn’t actually touch the kicker, who took a dive to try to draw the penalty.

        Not sure how Cuff could have avoided that.


  5. dudetheplayer

    It’s unreal how our offense is just non-existent without AJ in there.

    We are fucked.


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    whats the scoop on AJ’s hammy?????


  7. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I’ve a sneaking suspicion that AJ’s hammy will keep him out the rest of the year.

    No need for him to risk his draft status trying to save Richt’s job.

    FWIW, Colorado sucks ass, and we are about to lose to them. If Mark Richt is half the man he professes to be, he will “retire” and not cost the university the rest of the buyout. He has clearly quit on this program and it is time for both parties to move on.

    Can you believe that we may have had the #1 draft pick 2 of 3 years and haven’t done dick with them? How sad is that?


  8. Sep

    Wish he could play defense because no one else seems to.


  9. D.N. Nation

    Might as well sit him out the rest of the year. There’s no one’s job left to save.

    Bye, Richt. Did it to yourself.


  10. The Original Cynical in Athens

    If there are any apologists left, you are an idiot.

    It is over. The plane has run into the godamned mountain. This is lower than anything in Donnan’s tenure. This is lower than anything in Goff’s tenure.

    THIS IS ROCK FUCKING BOTTOM. Mark Richt has quit on the program. It is time to reciprocate.


  11. Turd Ferguson

    Kinda wish we’d just forfeit the rest of the season, say our goodbyes to A. J. Green, and replace whatever coaches need to be replaced.


  12. dudetheplayer

    I’ve never been so disappointed in a team in my entire life.

    What a disaster.


  13. Doug

    If Richt doesn’t make some changes it’s gonna be his head on the chopping block


  14. NRBQ

    What’s with all the gloom and doom?

    I’m sure that after tonight’s experience as UGA’s starting tailback, C. Thomas will roll the rest of the schedule.



  15. JaxDawg

    the best, most gifted, most talented receiver the University of Georgia has EVER had and he’s played under THREE different QB’s and has experienced nothing but pure and utter mediocrity.

    No surprise if Aj and the rest of the team just fucking quit.


  16. Guys, you want to think about how horrible Bobo is (and thus in turn, Richt)?

    AJ Green may be the #1 draft pick this year. That would mean our 2008 team had two #1 draft picks and a #12 draft pick on offense…. and we still had a crap year and managed to lose 3 games.


    • Will

      We did win 10 games and lost 3 due to poor defense. Hardly an indictment of Bobo there.


      • Our offense sucked eggs in the 3 losses.


        • Brandon

          42 points against Tech sucked eggs? We got 30 against Alabama despite having to play from way behind (i.e. the defense having no doubt we were going to throw) from the first quarter on. The UF game was close for a half until our defense crapped its pants in the third quarter and Florida scored on drive after drive. Also Stafford legitimately had a terrible game which you can’t hang all on Bobo (otherwise you have to give Bobo credit for Stafford’s good performances as well which lead to him being a #1), this resulted in the hated Joe Cox coming in and leading us to our only touchdown.


    • Brandon

      We gave 49, 45, and 41 in those 3 losses in 2008 so I don’t think you can hang those on Bobo. Also Bobo didn’t fumble the f#$#@*g football tonight either.


      • Will (the other one)

        We didn’t move the ball at all in the 1st half against Bama or Florida, and Tech’s weak D shut us down often in the 2nd half.

        We’ve been running a 90s offense for a decade now, and when we don’t have NFL-ready talent, we’re dead in the water.


        • Brandon

          We scored 27 points and gained over 400 yards tonight. That is not “dead in the water” offense. Murray doesn’t have any consistent playmakers other than Green and he is not mature enough yet to carry the team by himself. Anyway if King does not just drop the ball like a sack of potatoes based on past history with Walsh there is 95% chance we win last night. It is a 44 yard kick if we don’t gain another yard.


  17. Scott W.

    Flea Flicker


    • dudetheplayer

      Just dumbfounded.


    • devildawg

      Was it really supposed to be a flea-flicker? I was watching the Fox coverage and it didn’t really look like a flea-flicker and the announcers said nothing about it. Did the other coverage show it was a flea-flicker?

      If it was a flea-flicker, well, that’s horrendous. If it was just a run play with Caleb King, well, the fumble is atrocious, but a big chunk of the blame falls on Clint Boling or whoever got owned on the play.

      In general, I thought they looked better tonight than last week, though against a worse team. Our line play is still very frustrating. I just hope the commenters on this blog can be somewhat more reasonable than the morons over at ajc.


      • The Original Cynical in Athens

        Honestly, what is reasonable at this point? Will someone tell me what that means?

        Is it unreasonable to want the coaches fired right now? If so, why?


        • devildawg

          Should I try to argue with someone who casts himself the original cynic in athens? Why should I think you would listen to reason? By the by, cynic originally meant “dog-like.” So in an odd twist, you claim to be the original dog in Athens. Good for you! Just some food for thought…


          • The Original Cynical in Athens

            I don’t want to argue with you. I just wish people would look at the situation in Athens without their red-and-black glasses on.

            Do you not honestly believe that the coaching staff needs to be overhauled after this season?

            I honestly don’t think it is going to ever come back for Richt. The attitude of absolute resignation that he has carried for the last 3 years has permeated throughout the entire program. The culture is terrible right now, and I don’t honestly think it will change without new leadership.

            Even in the great 2007 season, we lost to a mediocre Scu team and got trounced by a mediocre Ufk team.

            Do you think this season is just a blip on the radar? What do you think will change the fortune of the program next year?


            • devildawg

              Well, on the one hand, I would agree with you that something is rotten in the culture. The main example I’d present is the high quality O-line severely under-performing in several aspects of the game. But in a broader sense, I’d agree there’s something like an attitude of “resignation” in the staff and the players.

              The question then is whether there is anything else to be considered, any glimmer of hope. So here are a few thoughts: 1) we had a running game tonight; it could have been managed much better than it was, but we did have one. 2) murray still looks very good, and AJ back helped loosen things up a decent bit.

              There are plenty of things you might say to either of these. But I think, under the present circumstances, Richt may well get the players ready to go and still get some positives out of this year. If not, if he and the players give up, then sure, he should go. But the team tonight, aside from a few horrible moments, generally looked much better than last week’s team. So I do not think all hope is lost.


          • mdr

            Donnan’s last 4 years as UGA coach: 22-10 in conference. Fired.

            Richt’s last 4 years in conference: 20-12, including a pathetic 8-6 at home.

            These numbers don’t even count the 0-3 SEC start this year which is as bad as the worst of the Goff years.

            What possible reason, other than money, is there to keep him at this point?


            • Will (the other one)

              First 1-4 start since 1957. Goff never started a season this poorly.
              Goff never started a season this poorly.


  18. Derek

    Question: if you could pick all new coaches or all new players which you pick? I’d take a new 85 but I know we’re stuck with them.

    I’m not saying that the coaching is great by any stretch but the fact that it seems we be better off without playing a tailback is just sad. Safety play is pathetic too. #45 is awful.


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      ummm, this head coach signed off on all 85, several of whom have been in the program 3 years without contributing, some former walk-ons given schollie’s for no reason and some backup kickers.

      This head coach signed off on taking Chase Vasser over Jarvis Jones. This head coach thought it was a good idea to give Faloughi, a freshman walk-on, a scholarship. This head coach signed off on offering a LONG SNAPPER a scholarship. This head coach signed a backup kicker to a scholarship when he already had arguably the best kicker in the country on the roster. This head coach decided not to play a freshman QB last year to get him experience, even though the season was already lost and the 5th year senior was a turnover machine.

      Would love to trade 85’s, but you can bet your ass that Urban Meyer or Nick Saban would be 5-0 with the 85 that we have. It ain’t about the kids out there on the field right now. They are being failed by an incompetent and lazy coaching staff.


    • Marie

      Clone the 1980 team


  19. sad dawg

    Call the firing squat. Call the priest. It is time for the last rites. Maybe if we didn’t have some players concerned with looking for some weed during the week, we might have a better prepared team.


  20. dawginutah

    How does Cuff still have a scholarship after this game. I can’t wait to see how the apologists spin this tomorrow. It was fucking Colorado!!!!!!!!


  21. sad dawg

    sorry, firing squad. It’s hard to type while slashing one’s wrist.


  22. NRBQ

    We got a great quarterback. Pity for him he threw in with this group, but look how effective he is with a real receiver.


  23. JaxDawg

    You can bet your last $ that TN is going to work us OVER next weekend.

    They are FAR more physical and hungry that we are and we could be looking at a 1998 ass whipping for those that remember that far back (it aint that far back).

    Not that Richt has a chance but 1-5 is coming down the track.

    And what about that “dream team” recruiting class.



  24. UFTimmy

    Misery loves company. Pull up a chair, first round is on me.


  25. Doug

    Maybe I’m just an idiot but I would feel better with chapas as RB atleast he would hit the hole and not put the ball on the ground


    • devildawg

      I was hoping they’d give him the ball up the gut 3 times, and if we made a first down, great, and if we couldn’t, we’d kick and take the lead. I wish they’d gone for it on 4th down earlier, but playing for the clock and a lead off a field goal seemed wise there.


  26. Turd Ferguson

    So let’s see some realistic short-lists. Harbaugh would be great, but I don’t think we’d even have a shot.


    • gatriguy

      I don’t care as long as it is someone used to not being able to out-athlete everyone. Give me someone that actually has to know how to scheme and manage a game.


  27. shane#1

    The blame fdor this loss does not belong to Cuff, King, or any other player. The blame for this loss belongs to the coaching staff. Why continue to run the play fake out of the power I? You have no running game because everybody loads the box. I don’t doubt that UGA will be outcoached by Vandy, they usually are, but UGA may eke out a win. Now the Dawgs are the worst team in the SEC. I am sure Vandy will go with a 10 man line every time UGA is in the power I, that should give the ‘Dores the upper hand.


  28. the Coondawg

    Folks, if that was in fact a flea flicker type of play that was called on the fumble, I would sit Bobo down for the remainder.
    Excellent run down the field and Bobo wants to get fancy with a flea flicker..puhhhhleeeeeeeze.
    We can’t get out of our own way right now.
    we miss a field goal..lose by 2
    hold them to a field goal and hit the kicker, they score 7
    We run the ball down their throat on the finally drive and someone thinks its a great idea to get fancy dancy with a flea flicker…Mercy


    • devildawg

      can someone confirm it was meant to be a flea-flicker? i know some announcer in the fl-ala game said he thought maybe it was supposed to be a flea-flicker, but is there actual visual evidence somewhere?


      • C3

        Anybody think its possible that we don’t rough the kicker on that field goal if we tried to block a kick every once in awhile? Just wondering. Seems like if we try and get aggressive one out of thirty plays and it backfires because the players aren’t used to it.


      • the Coondawg

        Just read Seth’s column. He said CMR said it was a running play and King tried a spin move.

        Sorry for throwing Bobo under the bus on that but it seemed to me to be a throw back to Murray.


        • devildawg

          ah ok, that makes sense. the blame there is really on the o-lineman who got hosed on the play (Boling maybe? he got dominated a fair bit tonight), not the play call, and not even really on Caleb.

          besides, he broke 100 yds on, what, a dozen carries? all is not lost. We saw more Kwame and more Dowtin and S. Williams, and Dent looked like a beast. I know most people are saying they’ve checked out on this season, but I’m not ready to just yet…


          • Derek

            Your a dawg my man. As much as I hate where we are, still rather be dawg than anything else. There will be better days. I just don’t know when. We need to start playing some young guys like tree. At least I know he’ll hit someone.


  29. D.N. Nation

    Most amusing. After years of trolling Georgia and Richt, Bradley* and Schultz can’t even be bothered to write the this-is-the-end column. Chickenshits.

    * Obviously Bradley has been mostly fair over the years, though made an ass of himself during the DC hire. Schultz has always been a Tech clown.


  30. Doug

    Look on the bright side, we have to be the best 1-4 team in the country!


  31. The Defense lost this one. No way Col. should score on their opening drive or score 29 against the Dawgs. The entire program is at an all time low.
    I have never seen a Dawg Team play as far below their talent level as this one has. It has to be on the entire coaching staff & It Is time for them to admit it.


  32. Tim Rankine

    Preseason memes:
    Offensive Line, nation’s best or close.
    Stay Searels, nation’s best O line coach.
    Ealey/King, nation’s near-best RB tandem.
    AJ Green, nation’s best WR.
    Jakar H, nation’s best juco-transfer safety.
    Athens, nation’s best college town (excepting A-CC PD).
    UGA blogs, nation’s most level-headed.

    What else am I missing?


  33. TennesseeDawg

    Don’t panic. Richt will get it turned around. We are young. AJ will come back next year. RF QB. Trust the coaches. We have talent…… no, I’m just kidding. We suck and it’s an absolutely train wreck the worst looking sack of crap probably Georgia has ever put on the field. No effort from players ot coaches. No motivation to even try. This team has stopped responding to Richt and the staff. Sad.


  34. JasonC

    We have to be the most snakebit team in America, while LSU effin’ falls into BS wins with an offense that makes ours look dominant.


  35. 2005 Sugar Bowl – disgrace

    2006 utter fail. Lost to UK and Vandy for chrissakes.

    2007 we got super lucky to play an overrated Hawaii so we didn’t get West Virginia’d again. Yet we still choked gruesomely to Tennessee.

    2008 – We had first round draft picks at QB, RB, and WR, and lost 3 games. FAIL.

    2009 – Horrible fail.

    2010 – Apocalyptic fail.


  36. BoWeevil

    And, we still LOST.

    AJ Green made NO DIFFERENCE, just as I said he did not 2008, 2009 and now 2010.

    # 11 All-Time in 1-A Wins UGA from 1892 to today

    Only 3 other states more HS in NFL, we don’t get them

    Coach Richt really prefers to bring us the homeless, the wayward child, the troubled, the challenged, so that he can Minister to them in their time here.

    Once Jim Donnan’s recruits were all gone after the 2005 season finally, Coach Richt has only had his own recruits here.

    39-18 on the field after 2005

    # 2 most arrested / suspended of all colleges, off the field after 2005

    But, not just after the 2005 season has Coach Richt really not done well.

    Coach Richt has proven consistently that he cannot beat the Great Teams. How do we know a team is great ? They end up in the Top 10 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years is 3-8. The really good programs get that many wins in 1-year vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams. We are not those programs.

    Coach Richt has proven he cannot consistently beat the good teams. How do we know a team is good ? They end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years is 17-21. This is acceptable. It is not great. It might not even be good, and it 100 percent is a measurement which when compared to 5 other coaches in The SEC today, is worse than all those 5 coaches today in our own conference.

    Coach Richt has proven consistently that the can lose to the bad teams, the really bad teams. How do we know a team is really bad ? They do not end up in the Top 25 Final AP Poll. Coach Richt in 10 years has lost to 10 of these teams.

    This is the really troubling part, along with the 3 wins in 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, that Coach Richt has lost to 10 now teams who are not any bloody good, as measured by they even with their win over Coach Richt, are not Top 25 Final AP Poll teams.

    The Arrests, and there have been 10 of those since just March 7, have been especially disconcerting along with the bad press of the upsetting Suspensions. Looking at just the recruits Coach Richt had on our campus after the 2005 season, when not 1 of them were actually recruited here by anyone but Coach Richt, Coach Richt is # 2 in the nation for the most Arrested / Suspended Football Team. That is not just 1 year, but 5 years, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010. As a result, if you actually look at the recruiting classes of Coach Richt, what you actually find is that his recruits are not here. They transferred out, they were kicked off the team, they never qualified, the Admissions Dept at UGA never allowed them in, they failed academically, and they damn sure did not do great off the field or on it. Our recruiting has been bad. Not just not getting us a running back the last several years now, but many other positions where we stockpiled players at 1 position while leaving us huge gaping holes at others. What in the world can we do with so many tight ends today ? Nothing, apparently. We cannot evaluate talent well, and prefer to blame them, than accept the ACCOUNTABILITY that we cannot teach them the most fundamental of football of skills. We play FAVORITES.


    The real problem is that it is not Coach Richt’s inability to beat the truly great teams with but 3 wins in 11 games so far, nor his disquieting losses to really lousy teams that he has amassed 10 of in 10 years now so far, but his total abject ability to hire a Coaching Staff that really shows me that Coach Richt took advantage of a very good situation here, came here and did well initially and then steadily declined to the point today, that there is not 1 person in the country who thinks that Coach Richt is not in Trouble.

    Do you realize that if he fires Mike Bobo and the rest of the Offensive Coaching Staff, and surely must let Rodney Garner go too, that then Coach Richt in the last 10 months, if he were to do it today, has completely fired every single coach he ever hired ?

    What does that say about the confidence that any of us then can have that Coach Richt can hire a Coaching Staff ?

    10 months fired every coach on his “coaching staff.”


  37. BoWeevil

    Whose fault is it ?

    I have long felt that there should have been a Separation between Church and State. I see no reason to agree with his supporters who say that they prefer to have him to Nick Saban because he is a Forgiving Nice Guy. He is paid $ 3 million a year, and does not know how to recruit, or motivate his own recruits, hire his own coaching staff, determine who should be punished and who should not, how to control his football program on or off the field, beat the truly great teams, and he doesn’t know how to not lose to the really lousy ones. He also does not know how to talk to the fans.

    I just don’t think Coach Richt is of this world. I do not think he has the same interests at heart for this University of Georgia Football Program that I have for it. I think if he did, he would have completely different Priorities.

    Coach Richt has had 2 great years in 10. Both of those 2 years, he lost to really lousy teams and therefore was pitted against sorry opponents in our bowl game. In fact, Coach Richt has not only Never beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team in Any Bowl Game Ever, but most if his Supporters were to sit down and look at his only 3 really truly great wins here at Georgia : They were 1 beating # 4 Final AP Poll vols 2001. He Lost 4 games that season. Was that great or a Fluke ? 2 beating # 6 LSU in The SEC Championship Game 2005 but Coach Richt lost to Florida 2005, Auburn 2005 and West Virginia 2005 to take away the shine of the 2005 season. And, 3, beating # 9 Auburn in 2006. But, 2006 like 2001 and 2005, Coach Richt lost too many games to be able to say that these 3 signature wins made us all that great. 2006 Coach Richt lost 4 games.

    In the only 2 years of 10 that Coach Richt is said by his supporters to have been Great, he beat nobody. And, he lost games to teams he should not have; thus they say those were fluke losses. Were they ? Who did Coach Richt beat those just 2 years ? Go ahead; I will wait for your reply.

    Now, let me be the 1st to say, that I am consumed by the EXCUSES of his supporters. I open the paper daily for all these years back to the mid Fifties here in Atlanta and through all these years, I have never seen SO MANY EXCUSES for 1 guy in all my lifetime.

    There are not any excuses for making my alma mater a HALFWAY HOUSE for WAYWARD criminals.

    There are not any excuses for losing to 10 teams in 10 years who ended up not in the Top 25 of the Final AP Poll.

    There are not any excuses for losing all but 3 of 11 games against Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, and in those 3 wins having miserably average results outside those just 3 wins.

    Do I believe that we deserve National Championships ? I certainly do not for 2002 nor 2007 comparing the other teams and the fact that they beat Top 10 Final AP Poll teams those years and Coach Richt has NO WINS over Top 10 Final AP Poll teams by direct comparison either 2002 nor 2007. That is NOT the definition of # 1 and therefore we were not voted by ANYONE as # 1.

    Then, his supporters say he was jobbed, robbed of his NC either 1 or both 2002 and 2007. He was NOT.

    Do I believe that we as a Program could or should win National Championships ? UGA has 6 National Championships listed in the NCAA Records Book for 1-A College Football. 2 are Consensus. Wally Butts had a run from 1940 to 1948 that is a 9-year run like Coach Richt has had the 9 years prior to this one including 1. Vince Dooley had a run from 1980 to 1988 that is a 9-year run like Coach Richt has had the 9 years prior to this one including 1. In 118 years, we have 2 Consensus National Championships and 4 others that are Significantly Better than Anything Coach Richt has done in his 10 years here. They beat the top teams; they didn’t lose to the really lousy ones; they were not consumed by Bad Press for Arrests / Suspensions and they were not marked by the most ill conceived “coaching staff” of all-time on my campus.

    Coach Richt was an Assistant Coach who beat Cupcakes at Florida State.


  38. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, rants are one thing but “Bo Weevil” (whom I think is really somebody that you banned previously but now is using a different computer, ID and email address) is another. Please get rid of this guy. He is poisoning the blog and will run off the serious contributors.


  39. Will Trane

    The issues: Did not see, thanks to Fox Sports and Dish. At least I got my bill for my annual renewal this week. But Dish after 10 years and paying you guys for a year advance. Guess what I am going to Dish. Could have gone to the office and watched on cable, but we had a feeling this would happen. Nobody likes to watch “failure” all the time.

    The takes from listening to the subpar broadcast team. Munson, we miss your voice, calls, and perspectives on the game as goes on. The current broadcast team is representative of this current team. UGA can do better.

    Takes based on listening.

    O line play. From the first game of the season until game 5 there have been too much penetration into the backfield. La-La did it at least 6 times, and we said that was an issue. Where is the O line coach about this problem. Given up on Searels.

    RBs. Can not hold onto the ball. Guess that means King will get about as much PT as Ealey now. And Thomas, you are right Bobo, he has never been in a green jersey because he goes down on his own and does not play enough to get hit. No running backs and no RB coach. McClendon should have been fired 2 season ago…but he is “family”. What a waste of pay.

    Play calling. Honey we have 5 kids and do you know how much we owe on this mortgage. Don’t worry, I have 3 plays to get 2 yards and a TD. Let’s see I’ll call two passes with redshirt a freshman. Those fade passes in the endzone work all the time. What is the name of that moving van and can we live your parents for awhile.

    The D. Given up on TG. 4 quality D1 schools and you allow your D to give up a TD on their opening possession. Coach if you keep making the same mistake you get the same result.

    HC status. We’d like to hear you say something positive and encouraging. Know that is hard, but try. What we would like to hear is this. “Some coaches are gone and they do not know it and I’m looking for some replacements” Positive words…Bobo is gone, so is McClendon, Lilly, and Searels. And TG’s ass could be gone if he does not stop those opening scores.

    We have been here before. It is difficult and painful.

    The AD has been to the practices and said it is made up of moving parts. Some of those parts are broken and need to thrown out. The AD has to even look at the performance of his trainers. Explain how Green missed an entire quarter due to cramps. He was the only known player. How did that happen CMR and Bobo?

    AD, how many mortgages are their in the AD department. With the salaries paid to these coaches UGA is now the laughing stock of D1 football.

    Thought I paid for the broadcast of the game on Fox because my contract is not quite up. Thought I gave enough to the Dawgs and the University. Business rule…you do not pay for failure, just not good business.


  40. 69Dawg

    I can’t give any perspective to this discussion since I willingly turned the channel. I have lived and died with the Dawgs since 1964 but this year is just too much for me. I will be at the UT game and Vandy game but I don’t hold out too much hope. We are the doormat of the SEC and everyone is looking forward to playing us.