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Still in their heads

You live with the talented freshman quarterback, you die with the talented freshman quarterback.

A more dominating presence at nose tackle wouldn’t hurt, either.


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Game day prediction post

I don’t believe Georgia is going to win today – I have too healthy a respect for that 3-17 streak to go against it until I see a change in the outcome – but I will go on the line and make two predictions that I think will make this a better game than what we’ve been subjected to the past two seasons (I know, talk about setting your low bar).

First, Aaron Murray is not going to be a turnover machine against Florida.  Just keeping the Dawgs away from some terribly negative turnover margin number will make this game significantly more competitive.

Second, we won’t get that sickening feeling we got last year watching the Gator offense (which, if you’ll recall, had been pretty anemic up to that point) cut through Georgia’s defense on their first two series like a warm knife through butter.  Grantham’s charges are going to hold up.  In fact what I’m hoping to see… well, do you remember the Battle of Stirling scene in Braveheart where the Scots rip into the British infantry with complete fury?  Something like that, except without swords and severed limbs, of course.

Let me know what you see and think in the comments section.



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Your morning Meyer stat

Earlier in the week, Chris Low posted some impressive stats and streaks working in Urban Meyer’s favor today.

Here’s one he didn’t mention, though – Meyer’s record in SEC games without Tebow on the roster is 7-6.


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