It never ends.

There are days when you wonder if Mark Richt has a room somewhere he can go, close the door and scream.

Georgia running back Caleb King is being held at the Clarke County Jail this morning, according to the jail’s online booking report.

The charge listed is “Hold/Other Agency.” King, a redshirt junior, was booked into the jail at 5:08 this morning.


UPDATE: Just dumb.

… King was held on a charge of failing to appear for a traffic charge in Walton County, according to jail records. The traffic charge occurred on Aug. 6.


UPDATE #2: This is probably a good reminder why it doesn’t pay to jump to conclusions.

Caleb King’s arrest occured as a result of traffic stop this morning for his brother Brandon, according to ACC PD arrest report

Per report, Wood and Caleb King went to scene of traffic stop and had licenses run. King’s showed the Walton Co warrant

Even the Walton County Popo says this is no big deal.

… The charge is a misdemeanor, and King’s fines could be paid in Athens without him being transported to the Walton County Jail in Monroe.

“He had a traffic ticket and apparently forgot to pay it,” Wright said. “If he pays it, it goes away. It’s just a fine, as it would be with anyone.”


UPDATE #3: Rex Robinson makes an excellent point.

… Somewhere along the way, there has been a disconnect between the Athletic Department and the surrounding law enforcement agencies. There is obviously no attempt to handle things discreetly and still have consequences. How many people in Walton County with knowledge of this situation watched Caleb King and the Dawgs all year long and no attempt was made to resolve the issue. It’s not like Caleb is some secretive figure that no one knows where to find him. There knew how to find him.


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159 responses to “It never ends.

  1. Bulldog Bry

    For the love of God, please no………………

    • Jeepers Dawg

      It will end 4 hours after the Idaho game with CMR drunk, on a scooter, emerging from an alley, forgetting his middle name that he could juts look up on his suspended license (due to a jaywalking ticket from the Ukraine – gotten while adopting a special needs child), red panties flapping from the handle bars, with five unpaid parking tickets in the glove compartment, wearing a stolen helmet with a Gator sticker. Then, and only then, it is the end.

  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    If he did it, he has to go. No if’s, and’s or but’s, he is out of here.

    If we have to play Robert Arnaud and Torrin Kirtsey at RB, so be it, but this has got to stop, and the only way it is going to is for Coach Richt to roll up his sleeves and make some tough decisions.

    • Brandon

      Nice old school references there.

    • Spence

      I usually like your posts, but this is beyond stupid.

      Kiss recruiting goodbye if we kick our starting RB off for not paying a speeding ticket.

      Posts like yours make me understand how prohibition happened.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Without a doubt this Cynical character is the biggest asshole who posts on this blog. I think he must really be a Tech nerd pretending to be a Dawg fan just so he can say stupid things that demean the team with a little cover. Don’t tell this slime that you like his posts. It will only encourage him.

        • Normaltown Mike

          I don’t think a Tech fan alive could identify Arnaud or Kirtsey if you gave em a slide rule and a Ti84.

          • The Original Cynical in Athens

            Only a cursory glance at the timing of my first post would give clue the reader that I was referring to the original post that the Senator made.

            When the subject was stolen goods, it was a much different offense than an unpaid ticket.

    • Normaltown Mike

      I saw Kirtsey get tackled by a blade of grass one time.

    • TennesseeDawg

      Arnaud and bunch of other dumbasses rocked remedial English back in the day.

  3. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    Last weekend, Charles told me Mr. McGarity was looking to change the music in the stadium.

    How about the theme from C.O.P.S. when the Georgia team runs out?

    Or for the old folks in the crowd, how about Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak” or Rich James’ “Bustin’ Out of L7”?


  4. Well, at least we got to enjoy the weekend…

  5. MyrtleDawg

    Take one of the East Campus buildings and declare it an athletes ONLY dorm. The bottom 3 floors are football players only. Mandatory bed checks at midnight EVERY night.

    Why have we not done this? Is there an NCAA rule that states you shan’t have a mandatory curfew for a group that has proven to be completely irresponsible?

    • The Life of Reilly

      I believe there is a rule that forbids school’s from running a dorm that is exclusively for athletes. This wasn’t always the case. I think this change was made in the last 20 years.

      • Big Shock

        I understand that the University is now under investigation becuase the Clarke County Jail is now considered a dorm exclusive to atheletes.

      • Go Dawgs!

        There is indeed a rule that prohibits athlete-only dorms, which is why they moved non-football players into McWhorter Hall. It’s a crap rule. I don’t care if the football team ends up with a nicer dorm than everyone else. The NCAA needs to allow schools to put teams together so that senior leaders can police some of this garbage.

      • Silver Creek Dawg

        I was at UGA from ’90-’93 and they made the change then.

        A really stupid decision by the NCAA as usual, but then, when have the not made a stupid decision?

      • gastr1

        Yes. When I was at UGA in the mid-80s the athletes-only dorm was alive and kicking over there by the tennis courts. Forget what the name of it was, but we had all kinda rumors about the glitz.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Do you have teens? Young adults at home? They have to grow up and you have to let them. If they are going to mess up they will, regardless of a curfew. College kids coming home for summer break just aren’t the same kids you told to clean up their room while they were in High School. You run off every kid that you can’t reach or teach or can’t teach- will they end up at Auburn or Ole Miss or LSU? Granted that isn’t the reason to keep them, but a lot of these kids come from households where they just didn’t get the values and skill sets that you got in elementary school. Although, I’m sure our ex-qb probably erred out of youth and indiscretion . I have no idea why we are having these problems to this degree. Alabama won the Fulmer Cup in 2008. In 2009 that was changed. So it is possible to turn it around. I’m as vexed as you are.

      • Ward Eagle

        “You run off every kid that you can’t reach or teach or can’t teach- will they end up at Auburn…”

        I’ll have to assume you meant something other than to imply that AU’s players are troublemakers because it isn’t obvious from what you wrote.

        Based on fan reaction, sooner or later, Richt is going to have to prove that this crap matters to him or it’s going to be one of the nails in his coffin. He’s a great coach and a great recruiter, but I have about as much respect for his programs as I do for his mentor’s and the children of his mentor (little to none).

        How many of us have “forgotten” about a traffic ticket?

        • AthensHomerDawg

          How’s that qb working for you? Don’t be silly everyone at Georgia Athletics knows what forgetting about a traffic ticket brings. Seriously,…..did you just post all that??

          • Ward Eagle

            He’s working great. What exactly are the charges he’s been accused of at AU?

            So, you’ve forgotten about traffic tickets?

            Seriously,…..did you just post all that??

            • AthensHomerDawg

              I guess you did . Why you did is beyond me.
              “Rivals says the 6-foot-6, 245-pound Newton is the top junior college player in the nation. Newton was at Florida for two seasons, but left after he was arrested for stealing a laptop.”

    • Sanford222View

      How would a curfew have helped Caleb make a court appearance?

  6. Graham

    As much as I hate to say this I beleive that he needs to go.

    If Richt wants to cut this shit out he has to show that it doesn’t matter who you are.

    • Graham

      Assuming of course that its true. And also fire Van Halanger and replace him with Jimmy Williamson since he appears to be the one guy who is on the players’ asses more than anyone else.

  7. Adam

    Did anyone read the article? I think Marc Weiszer made it very clear that his roommate is the one suspected of actually stealing and possessing the stolen items.

    • Russ The Temporary Mascot

      “A residence where King, 22, is listed as living was searched for stolen items on Wednesday, UGA police chief Jimmy Williamson told the Athens Banner-Herald on Friday, but Williamson said then that police did not believe any student-athletes were involved in the theft.”

      This one doesn’t smell right.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Search on Wednesday….. King in the cooler on hold Sunday. Does that mean that the stolen property was from another area outside of ACC jurisdiction? And that King is now a suspect. Good grief, between school and college sports how does anyone find the time to do anything wrong?

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Off. The. Team. OFF THE TEAM.

    If I’m Richt, I give him ’til Wednesday to prove to me beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s innocent. After that? OFF. THE. TEAM.

    • Go Dawgs!

      OK. It’s a traffic warrant and not related to this theft crap that his roommate was apparently involved with. And that’s not as bad.

      Instead, I say tape him to the goalpost and leave him there all night and let his teammates throw footballs at him. PAY YOUR TICKETS, BULLDOGS.

    • Spence

      Calm. The. Hell. Down.

      • Go Dawgs!

        You’re right, Spence. When I posted that, I didn’t know that it was a traffic issue, and instead thought it was about the property theft search warrant they served on his house earlier in the week and that I’d been hearing about all day Saturday. So, my bad. Also, I’m not thrilled that King chooses to live with a dude that’s going to get search warrants served on his house, but that’s a different issue, though it is likely how the ACCPD picked up on King’s warrant in the first place, so, there’s that.

  9. Dooley's Wig

    traffic warrant Walton County???

  10. Brandon

    Failure to appear in traffic court? Come on Caleb, please tell me you mailed the fine in and this is a screw up. Wouldn’t be the first one.

  11. JoeE

    I don’t know, I think missing a court date isn’t really a bannable offense. Maybe just a few games?

    • Brandon

      This is definately not a bannable offense, assuming this isn’t a clerical screw up one failing to appear for traffic court should cause one failure to appear in Sanford Stadium this Saturday, no more. I have to say that this team has racked up the longest but pettiest rap sheet I have ever seen from a Georgia team.

      • joe

        That’s the truth, never seen more petty offenses get so much play. (Besides Robinson).

        I missed a traffic court before, never arrested.

        Sucks to have be arrested for that petty offense while UF players shoot guns into apartments or use dead girl’s credit card or UT players knock cops out cold and pay what appears to be virtually no penalty.

  12. BCDawg97

    Sit him for a half against Vandy…

  13. bort

    Ken Malcome, come on down!!!

  14. merk

    Skrew off the team…

    Take him out side and curbstomp him. These guys are stupid.
    No more…Well they are kids and kids do stupid stuff. Yea..Whatever, thats BS and u know it. You don’t miss ticket payment dates/court if ur not gonna pay.

    Boot him, then you can tell the next RB the job is yours if you come in and really want to play when you go recruiting. You think a nice starting RB spot wont get a top 5 RB here.

    We are 2-4…not really time to be acting like we cant afford for this to happen.

  15. Ben Fratlock

    So…what’s with the 5:08 a.m. booking? On these arrest warrants for failure to appear in other jurisdictions, do they just wait and knock on people’s door at odd hours of the night when they know the people will be dead asleep? They couldn’t wait about 3 more hours? It’s not as if he was some sort of flight risk or danger to the public. 5:08 a.m.?? Really??

    • joe

      Why didn’t they just get him at 5:08 left in the 4th?? They had a tip he’d be in Sanford Saturday. The ACC could have made an example of him by taking off the field in handcuffs. National TV, what a bust.

      One time I dealt with a similar incident they called and I went in, no fingerprints, nothing. This is far from a violent crime, and to “arrest” him is outrageous.

      I am sorry you bed wetters, he should not be off the team, he is NOT a thug. He missed a court date for a speeding ticket guys. That is NOT an embarrassment, but how they handled it is. If he had assaulted the cop on scene and then robbed the race trac I get it, but NOT for this minor infraction. (And no, I’m not advocating scofflaws, but this IS minor).

    • Kevin

      Given the footballer’s schedule, I think they’d be gone by 6 to breakfast before lifting and 8 am classes

    • SCDawg

      I think they ran his name when they executed the search warrant at his apt. Warrant from the other county showed up. That is why it says “hold/other county.”

  16. heyberto

    He better be gone by the end of the day. Nothing less is acceptable at this point.. and as valuable as King seems to be to this team right now.. this will be a painful dismissal.. but it has to happen.

    • JoeE


      I understand the frustration now, I really do, but Georgia football isn’t in a bad enough spot to where we need to be ruining someone’s life for a few mistakes that probably did not put anyone in any real risk.

      • Maxine Waters


      • Russ

        How is not allowing King to play a game “ruining his life”? I agree that he should be kicked off the team. He can transfer to Ole Miss. Nutt will take anyone.

        How do you not know you have a ticket outstanding? They even give you a little reminder of it, and it says you will be arrested if you fail to appear.

        Honestly, if this was an isolated incident, then let it slide, but the 11th arrest puts it in a different light. I believe this is a reflection of the general attitude on the team, and a general unwillingness to handle the details, or worry about consequences.

        • Nutt will take anyone.

          I sincerely hope you’re not equating failing to pay a speeding ticket with using a dead girl’s credit card.

          • Russ

            I was referring to Masoli. Not sure where the guy wound up that used the dead girl’s credit card.

              • Russ

                Oh, and of course I wasn’t equating the two. I was simply stating that if he didn’t play football at UGA, there are plenty of schools that will take him. That’s hardly “ruining his life”.

                Also, it’s not the speeding that bothers me (though 20 miles over is a tad much). It’s the apparently willingness to ignore the ticket and subsequent calls to pay it.

                Considering we just kicked a kid off the team for DUI (admittedly worse than speeding), what do you consider proper punishment for this, given the context of 11 arrests?

                • You toss this “given the context of 11 arrests” out there like it’s some monolithic problem. The reality is that there were a variety of offenses involved and I’d like to think that there’s a better way to deal with them than to take a one size fits all approach. I see a big difference, for example, between sexual battery and failing to give a police officer a middle name.

                  So, no, I don’t think it’s appropriate to kick a kid out of school for failing to pay a speeding ticket.

                  • Russ

                    So what is the appropriate punishment in your opinion?

                    Also, we’ll have to disagree on whether or not we look at the number of arrests as a larger problem. I think you do have consider them all in context once the number over a set period of time exceeds some limit. For me that number is somewhere less than 11.

        • Reptillicide

          He should be kicked off the team? Are you fucking retarded?

          • Russ

            Nice histrionics.

            Look, obviously the community at large thinks that failure to pay your fines warrants being compelled (i.e. arrested and made to appear) to address it. We’ve all screwed up in the past, but (I assume) we’ve also faced consequences. It’s not like the kid can’t play football again. Like someone else said, he’ll be courted by several other teams immediately. However, we’ve got to get this under control. Arrested is arrested. How many are too many for you? 11 is somewhere over my limit.

            • The Realist

              …obviously the community at large thinks that failure to pay your fines warrants being compelled (i.e. arrested and made to appear) to address it.

              So… the law is a reflection of the public’s opinion? In what universe is this true?

              Arrested is arrested. How many are too many for you?

              The players that committed offenses that were beyond petty were kicked off the team (or suspended to the point of transferring). That is appropriate. The players that committed petty violations that are only punishable by fines should face internal discipline… which is also appropriate. Not every crime is equal, and different crimes require different punishments… just like our legal system dictates. It is irrational to punish Caleb more harshly because Mett couldn’t keep his hands to himself or Dontavious thought it a good idea to drive drunk.

              • Russ

                The law is made up by elected officials, so in that regard, yes it represents what the community at large wants. If we don’t like the laws, we elect people to change them. What universe are you from?

                No one has answered the question on what they consider a reasonable punishment. And the punishment is not for a speeding ticket. The punishment is for ignoring the order to appear in court or pay a fine.

                • The Realist

                  The law is made up by elected officials, so in that regard, yes it represents what the community at large wants. If we don’t like the laws, we elect people to change them.

                  This may be the most naive, idealistic statement in the history of the internet.

                  • Russ

                    Do you vote?

                    • The Realist

                      1) That is irrelevant to the argument you are making.

                      2) As best as I can tell, you believe we the people create the laws by voting into office law makers. Explain this one to me then. How is it that the Health Care Reform bill passed just this year when there was so much public outcry against it?

                      3) The public, as you posit, has deemed it necessary for people to appear in court to pay their fines. If they don’t, then they have a bigger fine. That is all. Nothing like losing a finger, or days in jail or anything beyond a bigger fine.

                      You want to institute a zero tolerance policy which is in direct opposition to how the legal system has been set up for the past several centuries because you, I infer, are embarrassed by how many players on Georgia’s team have had run-ins with an admittedly aggressive police force. Do you not see the logical disconnect there?

                • The Realist

                  His punishment should be… pay the fine. Exactly what the court will tell him.

                  If Richt deems it necessary for him to run due to the embarrassment that this caused, then fine. But a dismissal for something relatively minor? Not so much. The precedent, by the way, is one half. See Rennie for the bowl game last year.

        • S.E. Dawg

          Russ, sounds like you know. Did Sonny do something back in his day.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      …if we tar and feather him — can we keep him?

    • D.N. Nation

      For being late with a traffic ticket?

      He’ll be on another SEC roster by the end of the day.

    • Spence

      Deep breath. Take one.

  17. Graham

    Missing court is stupid, but doesn’t rise to the level of criminal intent or criminal negligence.

    For the dorks: He just doesn’t have the mens rea.

  18. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Why don’t we have a friggin Traffic Czar working in the Athletic Department.

    This is so emblematic of all the problems that are endemic throughout the program.

    How f*cking stupid is it to see the same things happening over and over and over and over and over and over and over and nobody does a damned thing about it?

    Just like AJ Bryant, Kiante Tripp, directional kickoffs, play-action on 3rd and long, no punt rush, etc, etc…the lack of attention to detail is destroying every aspect of the program. How do we keep having traffic violations? For gosh sakes FIX THE PROBLEM!

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I agree. It’s just another indication of “i”s not getting dotted and “t”s not being crossed by our football program and athletic department. That’s what really bothers me about this. I’ll give McGarity a break because he’s new on the job and it appears there was more dry rot in the athletic department than we were aware of (which bothers me to say since I was a Damon Evans supporter up until his DUI).

      But it’s like Richt just won’t learn the lesson that success in the SEC in 2010 requires fanatical attention to detail. The college football world is a very different place than it was even 5 years ago. And things have changed the fastest in the SEC.

      Richt has got to learn that if he doesn’t nail everything down tight, it will all get away from him. For example, didn’t Richt say at some point this summer that they were going to review the driving status of all the players? What happened with that? Did they do it and forget about it? Richt has got to learn that it’s all a continuous process.

  19. Derek

    Kicking a player off for failing to pay a traffic fine is just stupid. This is a regulatory offense. It isn’t a crime in the sense that someone was harmed. Walton county lost it’s brief interest in caleb’s $. Big effin deal. Some of you idiots would have made excellent Nazis.

    Have any of you considered for a moment that the kid might be broke and couldnt pay the fine?

  20. Will Trane

    There is a culture within the university and certainly among the football players for this to continue to happen. Apparently the talking and encouragement from previous players, coaches, the president, the AD, and every alum means nothing to some of these guys.

    You can not expect to win when they have no pride or respect for themself.

    Driving and parking in Athens is a bitch! And traffic tickets and failure to appear in court can cause a player to be dropped from the squad. Say goodbye to a college education worth thousands of dollars. Every alum who received a diploma from this great university put time and effort into getting it. Part of college life in learning to managing your life. Discipline.

    My thoughts…a head coach and staff can only do to much. Now it is on the players. Not one writer, alum, fan, or supporter can blame a coach for this.

    No excuse. Has not been productive all year. Always hurt. Tells you something about the class and character of a player. Cut him. Find another player with respect, maturity, and desire to play and to learn.

  21. thewhiteshark

    It’s a speeding ticket. Stupid to not appear in court, but that’s mostly what this is is. He didn’t beat anybody up, rape anyone, or rob somebody. Make him run until he throws up and then make him run some more.

  22. Reggie Brown

    This is unacceptable!

    No player arrested on a bench warrant has a place in our storied program!

  23. Will Trane

    A dozen issues with law enforcement. The players have been talked to about this countless times. They have seen the problems of their peers. Two are on probation from this stuff.

    If you ran a business and had these kinds of problems with employees what would you do. Fire them, and start evaluating the system you have in place for hiring.

    You want to know why they miss tackles, gaps, passes, blocks, and assignments. When you have this kind of mindset and lack of discipline, you don’t turn it on and off. You will see it in their life, their studies, their grades, and anywhere else production is needed.

    No. Cut him. Trust me there are young men out there who are not built like this and what to do something with their life.

    Plus it is being rumored there is more to this story than a ticket. Remember Evans.

    • D.N. Nation

      Idle gossip following a moral rant. Cute.

    • Spence

      UGA’s graduation rate is high and ranks behind Vandy in the SEC.

      You can make half-assed windblown claims all you want, but don’t say anything so illogical as missed speeding tickets cause players to miss blocking assignments and fail classes.

      These kids work their asses off, and they do dumb shit sometimes. My friends and I would have been kicked off the team our freshman year, and we’re all pretty durn good people with good jobs now.

    • D.N. Nation

      “Plus it is being rumored there is more to this story than a ticket.”

      And now that the full story is out, you certainly look foolish.

    • Dawgwalker07

      “If you ran a business and had these kinds of problems with employees what would you do. Fire them, and start evaluating the system you have in place for hiring.”

      Except college isn’t a business, and young men on scholarship aren’t employees. They’re students. And even if they make bone-headed decisions you don’t fire them and deprive them of the opportunity to better their life in a way they probably wouldn’t be able to if it weren’t for their athletic gifts.

  24. Scott W.

    Yeah, but Ealey fumbles too much.

  25. Scott W.

    At least he had a license.

  26. Ben

    Whoa. For a minute there I thought this had turned into the Dawg Vent.

    You folks completely and totally jumped all over the kid and assumed he was completely and totally guilty and in the wrong, called him a thug, and said he should be curbstomped. That’s ridiculous, and you should be ashamed.

    As it turns out it’s a warrant for a missed court date related to a traffic violation. It shouldn’t have happened, but I’m sure UGA isn’t the only place plagued by things like this. Hopefully it’ll get taken care of, and this can be swept aside.

    King may not be the lights-out RB the Dawgs need or that fans want, but for now he’s on the team and he’s one of ours.

  27. adam

    Since when do the police go arrest someone over a bench warrant (in a different jurisdiction, no less)?

    Any lawyers willing to chime in? A bench warrant is not an arrest warrant right — I mean typically you only get brought in on a bench warrant if you are pulled over or your id is otherwise scanned by the police. WTF with ACC/UGA cops targeting players, it is beyond ridiculous.

    To those who say he should be kicked off the team over a speeding ticket, get a grip. Anyway the “law breaking” here was the actually speeding (who doesn’t), the FTA is just clerical b.s.

    • Go Dawgs!

      What likely happened here is that the ACCPD ran King’s name earlier in the week when they were making the rounds on those stolen property warrants. His name popped up with the warrant. I have no idea why they wouldn’t have made the arrest then, but ACCPD probably contacted Walton Co. and they wanted the warrant served, so ACCPD went out and got him.

      • adam

        Fair enough, at least that makes sense. Thanks.

        I think I am still firmly in the “who cares” camp with regard to minor traffic violations. They are 18 year old adults, let them deal with it. If it causes them to miss practice or class, let them run or sit for that, but don’t punish them for the traffic offenses.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Actually, looking at Update #3 above, it turned out to have nothing to do with the other search. He just went to the scene of his brother’s traffic stop, which turned out to be a mistake.

    • Normaltown Mike

      When he doesn’t appear, the Judge issues the arrest warrant (hence “bench”). Its entered into a state wide system so that any cop that happens upon him cuffs and stuffs on behalf of the other jurisdiction.

      I’m guessing that Sheriff’s offices also share lists and make rounds to pick up permanent residents in the county that have outstanding arrest warrants. If Caleb’s DL (thus the tix) had his ACC address, it doesn’t take Columbo to find him.

      • adam

        Thanks Mike. I got it now. It still seems like they target UGA players, but maybe that is just life in a small(ish) town.

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  29. Scott W.

    Somebody needs to forward the updates to Jeff Schultz.

  30. Irishdawg

    I honestly can’t believe some of what I’m reading here. Kick the kid off the team for a g**damn speeding ticket? Really? I got in a couple of fights at Georgia and got TWO speeding tickets; I guess I shouldn’t have been allowed to join the Army after graduation.

    Everyone try not to trip over your moral sanctimony.

  31. 69Dawg

    As a prior contributor to the Walton County budget, I can tell you that it is quit easy to get a ticket in Walton County. They like every other county just want their money. He failed to pay a ticket which means that he failed to post a forfeiture bond, which means he needed to appear, when he failed to appear a bench warrant was issued. When the bench warrant was issued the ACC picked it up off the statewide crime network and took him in. If he had not been stopped or asked for his drivers license this would not have happened. Given the string of shat that has gone wrong with this program in the last 3 years is it any wonder we are the most snake bit program in college football.

  32. PNWDawg

    I just hope he doesn’t sell his mug shot on ebay.

  33. dudetheplayer

    So ESPN has basically ignored our program the last several weeks (which is justified, given our record), and you have to search quite hard to actually find the scores of our games, yet “Georgia RB King being held on arrest warrant” is the fourth headline from the top on the main page.


  34. AthensHomerDawg

    I think we have established that he is not Al Capone. One would think that after all that has happened to our athletes, they would be sensitive to the repercussions involved when ignoring tickets, borrowing helmets, and driving scooters. That is the most frustrating part of it …….they just don’t seem to get it. Here’s where we all can say…….
    “Well, bless their hearts.”

    • Russ

      Exactly. There’s apparently only one way that they are going to realize that there are consequences to their actions.

      How hard is it to mail in your ticket?

      • Reptillicide

        I forgot to mail it in once. They mailed a notice to my old address that they were going to issue a bench warrant for me, and had someone not called me up and told me, I probably would have ended up in the same situation. I graduated from Georgia, consider myself a pretty smart fella most times, and if I’m capable of forgetting something like that, then I can forgive C. King for the same thing.

  35. Slaw Dawg

    Sorry, but this is a very bad thing. The context (10 prior arrests and AJ Green incident) makes this more than “just a speeding ticket.” Since we’ve already had at least one incident involving a missed court appearance/payment of fine, one of 2 things must have happened. First, the UGA Athletic Department compliance program should have issued a clear directive to all athletes regarding traffic related offenses; and, this would have ideally required successful completion of an on line compliance program that included a specific traffic related offenses element. If this happened, and King failed to act accordingly, he has failed to comply with the compliance program and should be punished in a very real way. If it did not happen, then the UGA Athletic Dept compliance program is wholly, astonishingly inadequate. I’ve helped implement compliance programs, and if a Compliance Officer in the corporate world had failed to mandate a compliance re-education program after events prior to Sept. 1, that Compliance Officer would be gone. If re-education was mandated, and it was violated, the offender must suffer significant consequences, or the compliance program is meaningless.

    • Reptillicide

      It’s just a speeding ticket. Stop being a jackass.

      • D.N. Nation

        I was late with a speeding ticket in Athens once. I’m glad Adams didn’t kick me out of school.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Chill… he’s right. We need some structure with respect to these..”it’s only a traffic ticket” and some accountability….wait a minute are you a Georgia player…. I mean with that attitude… “its just a ticket” I know it lands you in jail making bail and embarrassing your coaches family and friends…..but WTF it’s only a ticket….. OKAY you and me at the stadium and I’m running your skinny ass up and down those steps until you promise to stop being stupid.

    • You might want to read this post at Bernie’s blog. Particularly this part:

      Is it Caleb’s responsibility to make sure the fine is paid? Yes. But he was advised by people he trusts that everything was in order, no problem. If your own position coach assures you there isn’t a problem, it’s second nature to rest at ease.

      • bort

        Then maybe his position coach needs to be tied to the goalpost and have balls thrown at him . . .

      • Slaw Dawg

        Senator: if this is accurate, then, it may make Caleb King’s error slightly more understandable, but it also reinforces my point about a wholly inadequate compliance program. If the coaches aren’t even clued into the basic realities of our legal system (“fines must be paid”), then we have a major problem.

        And, Reptillicide, with all due respect, this is not “just a speeding ticket.” It is a failure to either pay a speeding ticket or to show up in court to explain why. And it is in the context of a string of traffic violations by teammates, including a failure to pay the fine or show up in court by none other than his cohort at tailback, so there should be no surprise here. Believe me, I can personally attest to an excess of zeal in the ACC constabulary, but my point is that either the Compliance Program is inadequate or the player has violated it–neither of which should be acceptable.

        • Reptillicide

          It’s just a speeding ticket that he forgot to pay, probably because he was distracted by being 1-4 and working at turning it around.

          Come off it already. There’s really not much to be said here. He forgot to pay his fine. It’s going to be handled and nothing more is going to come of it. You’re trying to make more out of this than there is.

          • Reptillicide

            And I realize you probably can’t relate to this – but of all the things a student-athlete has to keep up with (I really don’t think 90% of you understand just how much work a football player has between school and the football team) it’s completely understandable how you would forget about a speeding ticket you got before fall camp started.

            • AthensHomerDawg

              No it’s not. Can’t forget that or what time finals are. Hate it for you. Seriously, now I gotta run your Old Man up the steps at the stadium cause there it no way in hell … he raises you to make those DA statements without some culpability.
              just sayin’
              all the love man. You’ll get together …

              • Reptillicide

                “He had a traffic ticket and apparently forgot to pay it,” Wright said. “If he pays it, it goes away. It’s just a fine, as it would be with anyone.”

                You’re an idiot if you want to make more out of this than it is – a traffic fine.

                • AthensHomerDawg

                  Keep it up…now I’m including your Momma is the stadium step run … just way too stupid on your part without her being to blame as well. Hate it… I really do. Let’s hope she stayed in shape otherwise I may have to bring the paramedics along. OK. Now…..

        • Biggus Rickus

          Jesus. Most of these are minor traffic violations. More egregious crimes have resulted in dismissal. I don’t believe there is a systemic problem. It’s a few young men doing stupid things and being arrested by an overzealous police department (overzealous as it relates to traffic enforcement anyway). I wouldn’t sit a player at all for most of these so-called crimes.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        I wonder what Bernie’s source is for that because if true, it makes McClendon look awful.

  36. Ausdawg85

    Has anybody checked the Clarke County jail for our O-line? They’ve been missing for weeks now and I’m started to get worried.

  37. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Marks (GWOM), “Cease Fire Day 2”

    Lunchtime, 11 October 2010

    Ten meter platform, Aquatics and Natatorium Center

    Mark kicked back and relaxed in Day 2 of the Seven Day cease fire is hard at work trying to figure out what will get him blessed with another one-week cease fire because a day not in the sh!t taking on heavy incoming is not only unusual, it’s pretty darn nice.

    Especially so when only one starter gets picked up over the weekend for the usual ticky-tacky failure to appear.

    Mark makes the command decision that because the pre-game pep-talk of The Boss worked so well against the remnants of what Derek had to work with, Mark decides to bring in a post-concussion Bret Michaels in full mascara for the fired up and ready to go speed limits are for wussies pep-talk against the team coached by Rodney Dangerfield formerly known as the Inseminator

  38. Erik Kriebel

    This issue speaks to a much larger issue in Athens. First, you do need to acknowledge the fact that king should have simply taken care of his ticket. But the real issue to me is the ACCPD. Im a resident of athens and the frequency in which I (as well as many other Athenians) get pulled over for ticky tack traffic violations is growing to a level of ridiculousness. In the past 3 years I have been pulled over 5 times and no received a ticket of any kind. All the incidents happened late at night (between 11pm-3am). Upon discovering I’m sober and my car is sans drugs or weapons. Ive been let go. The excuse for being pulled over is something like “you appeared to be swerving, following to close, or tag light being out, none of which are ever the case. The city is in a budget crunch and ticketing is becoming an answer to that problem. I was given a ticket 20 yards, ill repeat 20yrds. from my home in athens because a headlight was out.

    There is no reason King’s ID needed to be run, other than one of the many cops in this town looking for anything to pop somebody with another misdemeanor.

    • PatinDC

      I had a question about that. Is it routine to run the id’s of peole who come down to the station to ick people up from violations? That seems crazy to me.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Certainly there is to some merit to your post. On the other side of the pillow….. Athens Finest are just working the streets to corral the bad guys. That being said… I have instructed my sons ( Fresh and Junior) at UGa ……JSTFU… if they are ever pulled over. Thats it. If it is ugly at 3am it wont get any worse later. They both understand if they muddy the water then it becomes their deal—100%- as I might not be able to help them.

  39. Dawg N Suds

    We are headed for the first nationally televised in-game player arrest.

    I am confident it will happen in Athens…and it will be for an unpaid scooter parking ticket.

    • O.J. Simpson

      Trust me. You have to nip this in the bud. Failure to show up to court with no consequences one day, then straight to premeditated murder the next. If that damn Coach John McKay had only been tougher on me (sob) I wouldn’t be where I am today. Kick him off the team immediately! It’s for his own good!