You know it’s spring practice when…

you hear the quintessential scrimmage quote:

“Overall I thought that we won,” tight end Orson Charles said, “but coach Richt said that Georgia won, so it’s all good.”


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3 responses to “You know it’s spring practice when…

  1. 69Dawg

    At least they are going 1’s on 1’s. The 1’s on 2’s is a joke. As long as practice is closed we won’t know anything of value since our guys are the past masters of over hype. If the D stones the O in the G-Day game then we will know one of two things either 1 our D is awesome or 2 our O sucks. In short we don’t know Jack until the BSU game then my friends it is too late.


  2. Cojones

    Jack Schidt blogged last year and I now feel that I know Jack. I sincerely hope that everyone knows Jack before the Eat Mor Hors game. What we really need to find during the game is Cojones. He is and always will be your humble servant.


  3. UGA '05

    I got the pleasure of seeing the bulldawgs practice during the coaching clinic and i have never seen any more intensity and competion and guys getting after each other in my life. both the O and the D look good. A little rusty but hard hitting and a brotherhood between each squad. Murray took a hit from a D player and Ben Jones went after the guy, kinda like he did with fairley except he didn’t catch the guy b/c he was slower lol. The team has each others back. It looks like it’ll be a good season.