About last year’s safety play…

File this under “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that”:

“Last year, I came out here and I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Hamilton said. “This year, I’m into the film more. I’m studying the playbook even more. Now I know what I’m doing. I know the concept of the defense. I get to play faster. I don’t have to think as much and I get to make plays. … Last year around this time, I would say I couldn’t even tell you a cover 4 from a blitz. Now I’m on it.”




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14 responses to “About last year’s safety play…

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I wonder how Grantham and Lakatos will put that to good use. It’s not going to be pleasant.


  2. simpl_matter

    I had such high expectations from him, what with all the JUCO hype he arrived with. He was the biggest defensive disappointment of the year, player-wise (defending the Wheel Route still takes the top overall prize). He’s a senior this year, he’d better be “on it.”

    Hopefully Big John Jenkins can restore my lost faith in big-hype JUCO players.


  3. ChicagoDawg

    It is pointless to care for 1/2 of a second about the quotes of 19 & 20 yr old college athletes — good or bad. They typically offer up banal, empty cliches or over the top hyperbole. Many times the just barf up inarticulate responses at the prompting of a reporter’s leading question — either due to nerves or immaturity or lack of wisdom. Each year there are only 1 or 2 players that can reliably offer up original or articulate thoughts and we really shouldn’t expect much more from these quotes.


  4. brad

    What?! We sure couldn’t tell, Jakar!


  5. Dawg85

    Still doesn’t explain how the “hitman” didn’t seem to want to hit anybody.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    The S and LB positions have me worried. My inner-Munson says there are too many questions about the returning talent and depth. Sure hope Hamilton has caught on. But I won’t be surprised if a few of our dream-teamers become starters by mid-season.


  7. 69Dawg

    I think we just brought into the hype on him last year. He wasn’t the only DB that looked lost. Heck I called them the ADD back field cause you could fake them off with shiny objects. That was what was so frustrating, they weren’t too bad they just could be faked out of position. Van Cuff was the only non tackler in that group, how he got a NFL combine try-out still gets me. I still see Bebe slobber knocking him on that short pass for as long TD.


  8. JaxDawg

    Big whoo. The year 2 D will make substantial improvements over year 1 – it’s much more familiar to these guys now. There are endless examples of teams making great defensive strides in year 2 – most notably to me: Georgia 2002 and Alabama 2008.

    I’d like to think Jakar and the rest of the guys will please us all with their play.


  9. At least he’s honest. Hopefully he learned he can’t just rely on his athletism and truly does hit the film room this off season and is able to fill a hole at safety.


  10. Regular Guy

    Not sure you can file that under “damn, son, I don’t think I’d have said that”, when pretty much anybody who watched him play last year would have heartily agreed. I appreciate the fact that he’s at least acknowledging it. You know what they say the first step towards fixing a problem is………