Georgia-Georgia Tech, an alternative history

There is so much stoopid concentrated in these two paragraphs about the Georgia-Georgia Tech rivalry that I’m almost worried they’ll make you dumber just reading them:

… But it’s not like one school has dominated the other on the field the past few years. In the past seven matchups, the Bulldogs have won six but nearly all the games have been close. Only one game’s winning margin has been greater than eight points, and both programs routinely go to bowl games.

The bottom line? Georgia Tech is going after elite academic kids—and it probably battles Vanderbilt and Stanford for key recruits as much as it battles Georgia. The Bulldogs constantly have to go against their SEC neighbors for the kind of athletic ability needed to compete in their conference.

Mark Richt is 9-1 lifetime against Tech.  How much more dominant could he be?


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33 responses to “Georgia-Georgia Tech, an alternative history

  1. Irishdawg

    That kind of distilled self delusion could probably eat through steel. The guy takes a sample of the last 7 games? What about the last 20?

    Georgia really needs to beat Tech by 30 points next year so maybe this kind of silliness gets tamped down a little.


  2. Joe

    Ow, That is a head “hurter” for sure!


  3. shane#1

    Of the 26 players that UGA signed nine were offered by Tech, including athlete Nick Marshal. Nick would have been a QB at Tech but choose to be a DB at UGA. It seems to me that Tech and the Dawgs often recruit the same players, but Tech can’t land them.


  4. Wonderful-Ohio-on-the-Gulf Dog

    HA, HA. Some kind of April Fool’s joke, no doubt.

    By that logic, Georgia went 10-3 last season because four of our losses were by less than a touchdown and those should count as wins.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oy vey! That is alternate reality stuff.


  6. Spike

    “..elite academic kids..”, like Reggie Ball?


    • gastr1

      Exactly what I was thinking. Elite academic kids who manage to compile graduation rates pretty consistent with average programs several years running. In 2009 we were at 57% and they were at 48. 2008:

      Now, maybe that’s because those “elite” academic kids can’t handle the pressures of strong academic programs (maybe), but then if that were the case they wouldn’t be too awfully elite. Somehow Vandy, Duke, Northwestern, et. al. manage to graduate football players at over twice GT’s rate. In any case I think I can say with some assurance that GT’s low graduation rates are not because those elite academic kids are going pro early, LOL.

      What a pathetic attempt at multiple excuses.


    • ScoutDawg

      +1 million.


    • 81Dog

      anyone who thinks GTU only recruits “academically elite” students for football has never heard one of them being interviewed. This is the kind of gross self-delusion that only Auburn fans can match. In fairness to GTU, however, at least most GTU students are actually smart, as opposed to most AU students. They’re about dead even in the Kool Aid drinking category, though.

      NB- it’s a tossup whether the first opposing response to this is some Tech nerd referrring to “thUGA” or “UGAy,” or some Barner suggesting we’re all “butthurt.”


  7. TennesseeDawg

    File that under “WTF?”


  8. The writer is just consoling those Buzzards that it is alright to lose forever as long as you stay classy and elite. LOL


  9. baltimore dawg

    “Georgia Tech is going after elite academic kids.”

    been hearing this tripe all my life. it’s narrative-porn for tech fans: rationalizing their failures through claims of high academic standards is the only way most of them can achieve an erection outside of dragoncon, so they will be happy to read this fool’s profoundly original thinking on the subject.


  10. Ben

    How much more dominant could he be? Well, if his defense hadn’t taken 15 minutes off in 2008, he’d be 10-0. That’s how much more dominant.

    But all of you already knew that.


  11. JW

    Yea, I think they run some whacked Wizard of Buzz computer to manage their moral victories. How else could they engineer so many forms of rationalization?


  12. Coondawg

    Tech Sucks


  13. JWalker84

    In 2009 UGA graduated 57% of the Football program. In 2008 Tech graduated 48%. That’s about 30% less than Vandy or Stanford and 9% less than UGA. I’m sure tech’s curriculum is challenging but If these kids are such “elite academic kids”, why do less than half graduate? It cant be any more challenging of a curriculum than Vandy or Stanford has. Its certainly not because they are leaving early for the NFL. Also, Why look back only 7 years. Since 1991 UGA is 16-4 against Tech. 16-4! That is total domination. The one loss Richt has had against tech in his 10 years was by only 3 points. I we were to use your logic That is actually considered a loss. So we actually went 10-0. Dumbass


  14. JaxDawg

    We’ve dominated Tech for 20 years they way that Florida has dominated us.

    And our program is much closer to Florida’s than Tech’s is to UGA’s.

    That’s what hurts. I couldn’t give two shits about Ga Tech and their bullshit football program. But I ran out of excuses for losing to FL long ago b/c there are none.


  15. 2011-dawgtrain

    Donnan also got the “jasper” call. I think the writer included” the short fat ” genious factor.


  16. kckd

    Does this mean we can say aside from 2008 and 2009 Florida hasn’t dominated us since Spurrier left?


  17. 81 Dog

    We’ve dominated Tech for 20 50 years they way that Florida has dominated us.

    Fixed it, Jax. 🙂


    • 81 Dog

      oops. I suck at HTML. But you get the point, hopefully. Not 20 years, (almost) 50 years. GTU averaged about a 30% win rate since Coach Dooley came to town, prior to Coach Richt’s current run. Now GTU is at a 10% win rate. I am not a calculus whiz, but I see a trend here.

      GTU can keep on consoling themselves for keeping it close and not getting dominated. I’m content for UGA to keep racking up Ws.


  18. The “ELITES” will always be in denial just like the ROMANOV’s of RUSSIA. LOL


  19. Irwin R. Fletcher

    When Techies try to play the ‘competitive series card,’ I always like dropping Duke on them.

    As in…in the past X number of years, Tech is X-X vs. Georgia….what is Duke’s record against Tech over the same span? (By the way, check the last 47 years….Tech has 12 wins against Georgia….that’s it. Duke has 15 wins against Tech in the same span)

    Another example, Mark Richt is 9-1 against Tech in his career…over the same span of years, Tech is 9-1 against Duke.

    Or…Richt’s 9-1 record is comparable to Tech’s all time record against Furman (10-1-3).