“It was as if he descended from the clouds of heaven.”

Oh.  My.  Gawd.

My guess is that the reaction of most ‘Bama fans hearing that was “whut you mean ‘as if?'”.


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29 responses to ““It was as if he descended from the clouds of heaven.”

  1. Zdawg

    The week before Easter, he descended from the heavens, where he sat at the right hand of The Bear. He will come again this fall, to judge the eligible and the ineligible. And his signing class will have no end.

  2. Deanna

    And if you listen closely you’ll realize she says “It was as if he ascended from the clouds of heaven.”😀

    • Zdawg

      Ascending into a cloud of $100 bills perhaps.🙂

    • BMan

      That chick’s not bringing the potato salad to the mensa picnic. And is there a sign at the idol’s base warning birds that Nick Saban’s statue doesn’t have time for that shit?

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Nice touch interviewing the anchorwoman’s little brother. Two minutes of perfection.

  3. Dog in Fla

    Those who just couldn’t wait for a sneak peek were warned that “there will be security standing by 24 hours a day until its unveiling on A-Day”

  4. Ell

    Yeah… some of us Bama fans were embarrassed by this report, FWIW.

    I can tell you for sure that we revere our national championship winning head coaches with very little correction. Gene Stallings nearly got us the death penalty by ignoring everything anyone did for the last 4 years of his tenure and folks around here still act as if he walks on water.

    • Dog in Fla

      No matter what, Gene had a voice that sounded like it breathed Chesterfields even if it didn’t. At least Mike Dubose didn’t win a NC and his statute didn’t appear by Deus ex machina to the Walk of Champions circle

  5. Ricky McDurden

    I had a Bama fan tell me today, in all seriousness, that UGA was the biggest embarrassment in the SEC and that we should be booted out of the conference. Among other things, I responded with this video. This may show greater delusion and lunacy in the Bama fanbase than the all-white ginger hulk did for us before the Carolina game in 09.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    I thought hard about this one. In one sense, it’s out of proportion, but only by ‘degree’ from our statue of Vince Dooley. In another sense, the University of Alabama has gone so far that it has crossed the line into idolatry. Where is the leavened judgment of a person’s worth that only time can bring? Where is the perspective on the body of this man’s life’s work? This strikes me as weird and hasty. A statue?

    • Reptillicide

      Except that we didn’t build a statue of Vince Dooley until 30 years after the fact.

      Saban won them a National title just two years ago and is still coaching there.

      Taking it a degree further, Auburn has erected a statue of Cam Newton.

  7. shane#1

    Well, when does Saban lead the chosen people out of Alabama? Oh, I forgot, he already took them to the promised land. Only to be followed by Cam and his minions.

    • Normaltown Mike

      The Canaanites were always harassing God’s chosen people in the Old Testament.

      Now it’s the Cam-aanites harassing God’s chosen fan base.

  8. Normaltown Mike

    Sadly, we all know the sad ending that will result from this battle of graven images by these dueling tribes.

  9. “… where it will forever stand.”

    Ozymandias just smiled.

  10. JasonC

    You can take Leah out of Boaz, but you can’t take Boaz out of Leah.

    • Vinings Dog

      I am going with Eufala. What strange accents all those girls have – part Paris Hilton and part Daisy Duke.

      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        She’s trying hard to enunciate despite her deep accent. Hope she doesn’t want to work outside the state of Alabama.

  11. I would bet before the season starts some Mensa candidate from Opelika sprays Spike80DF on it.

  12. JaxDawg

    Wow. I guess this stands as the permanent and preeminent example that the fine people of Alabama have very little to live for other than football.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    I thought the info babe wanted to prostrate her bare body before the statue for soul cleansing.