Now they crack jersey jokes.

Check out what was on the auction block last night.

… So when a No. 8 UGA jersey autographed by Green and coach Mark Richt was being auctioned off at the Lake Country Bulldog Club’s gathering Tuesday night, Richt did his best to get the price moving upwards.

“This thing is worth $1,000,” Richt told the crowd in Eatonton. “It’s documented.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo earlier chimed in: “It would easily be about $1,500 on eBay.”

It turned out the jersey brought in $750 that will go to help pay the cost to send players to Richt’s summer camp.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh, but there’s still something wrong with a system that says anybody in the world can make money off a kid’s name except the kid.


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13 responses to “Now they crack jersey jokes.

  1. matt b.

    Right and wrong no longer matter once you’re grown.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    The fact that it only brought $750 while the “collector” paid a cool grand makes me suspicious about the “collectors” true intentions. I know what you may be thinking….grassy knoll and such. Still ……. makes me ponder. Gives me pause and so forth.
    just sayin’


    • fuelk2

      Speaking of which, who is AJ’s agent?


    • HackerDog

      Green sold his jersey on Ebay, which has an exponentially larger pool of bidders than the Lake Country Bulldog Club. It’s unsurprising that the Ebay sale resulted in a higher price.


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Excuse me but I don’t think he auctioned the jersey on Ebay…… he wasn’t selling a ring (perhaps your confused- exponentially and not arithmetically). He sold it to someone he befriended on Face Book. This individual(purchaser) was a collector of sorts, who had collected several jerseys…..including AJ’s. As a collector it was worth a grand to him (however, it recently sold for $750 with added value of extra signatures). Now AJ- no longer a college junior , but a top 5 round NFL draft pick has had his jersey lose value. Yeah, I’m sticking with the grassy knoll.


    • Bad M

      Nothing has an exact value. It’s whatever you can get for it. People who go out of their way to save .25 cents for a 12 pack of soda in the grocery store will pay $4.75 at a game or movie. Some genious’s pay $1 for a bottle of water. (Some people get it for almost free) Jersey worn at a bowl game? Who knows?


    • Reptillicide

      Jeez…. here we go again


      • Deanna

        I giggle when people misspell “genius,” particularly when they’re using the word to call somebody else stupid.


  3. fuelk2

    Wow, I know folks go a little further when they are raising money for a good cause, but I’d say it’s a little too soon for that one. Of course, if you’re going to auction off the jersey, you might as well address the elephant in the room.

    So I think the solution is don’t sell the jersey. Sounds familiar.


  4. HackerDog

    Based on the title, I was expecting to see this kind of Jersey.


  5. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Same thought occured to me Senator when I purchased a framed & signed AJ picture at Stegman from the Athletic Assoc on a Friday night the same week AJ announced he was going pro …

    However, I’m guessing he was compensated for said signature after he announced he was going pro …