Another nail in Richt’s coffin

Here’s your handy-dandy chart of SEC coaches’ most recent APR numbers:

Coach (2010 team) 2010 APR
Mark Richt (Georgia) 1000
Nick Saban (Alabama) 994
Dan Mullen (MSU) 976
Steve Spurrier (USC) 975
Urban Meyer (Florida) 972
Gene Chizik (Auburn) 970
Houston Nutt (Ole Miss) 964
Bobby Johnson (Vandy) 955
Les Miles (LSU) 948
Joker Phillips (Kentucky) 944
Bobby Petrino (Arkansas) 935
Derek Dooley (Tenn) 921

I swear, it’s like Mark Richt is a controlled experiment for the “it really is all about the wins-and-losses” crowd.



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38 responses to “Another nail in Richt’s coffin

  1. Spence

    If you ignore the Fulmer Cup (I think you should), yes, it is a perfectly controlled experiment.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    The man really gives you a lot to like about him. I just wish / hope he could turn some of it into more W’s. Apparently, this is the year…


    • Puffdawg

      Vince Dooley, revered HOF coach – 69.7 career win pct
      Mark Richt, hot seat – 73.8 career win pct


      • NCT

        SO MUCH OF THIS!


      • JG Shellnutt

        I love Mark Richt and want him to succeed. I love the Bulldogs and want them (us) to succeed.

        Yes, Mark Richt’s win percentage is higher than Dooley’s, but, do you know the win percentage of the first 5 years of Richt’s tenure compared to the most recent 5 years?

        I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that despite liking the man, I would like more wins and fewer losses than has been the most recent trend. I don’t want him fired and I’m not calling for his head. I want the football team of which I am a fan to win more games than they are these days.


        • Russ

          2001-2005 51 wins, 13 losses 79.7%
          2006-2010 44 wins, 21 losses 67.7%

          He has slipped in the past 5 years, but I think he’s made the necessary changes and we’ll be back to our standards, sooner than many think or expect.


          • Felzinderbrandung

            This year?


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I think the bigger problem is the last 2 years: 14 wins, 12 losses 53.8% particularly since some of the wins were against walkover teams. Anybody can have a bad couple of years ( Dooley went 5-5 and 5-5-1 in 1969-70) but a third down year especially if it is like last season is a trend. Let’s all hope he snaps out of it in ’11.


  3. Between this, Mark Bradley tossing bouquets at UGA, CMR selling his vacation home and donating the proceeds to charity, and Beano Cook putting Georgia in the title game, it’s definitely shaping up to be a 7-5, Music City Bowl year.


  4. Joe

    How exactly is APR calculated again? I found it interesting to see Bobby Johnson/Vandy so far down the list.


    • Normaltown Mike

      It’s the interest rate plus all the closing costs amortized over the life of the loan.

      Oh wait, never mind.


    • GreenDawg

      It basically just tracks that your players are staying eligible and that they graduate. If a player is eligible his whole career and graduates, you went 2 for 2 with that player. If he graduates, but did not remain eligible for sports, you went 1 for 2 and so on. It’s not all that surprising to see Vandy that low, considering that Vandy’s academics are so tough. Probably tough to stay eligible there.


  5. Will Trane

    How old is Beano Cook? I thought the man was deceased. And what kind of creditability does he have now?
    The team and guys with the numbers is MSU. I think the West division will see a new master at the top in 2011, and it does not reside in the state of Alabama.
    The coach who is putting “nails in his coffin” is Perno. What has happened to this program lately? The performance is Hoover was very bad. But not like at Tallahassee in the last regionals the Diamond Dawgs made. That was as bad as it can get. For me it was when I began to question Perno as a coach. Since that exit the Dawgs have gone nowhere in two seasons. Their close of the 2011 regular season was pitiful. Lost all three series, plus to Mercer. Time for Perno to go.


    • Stoopnagle

      A few points on Perno:

      He’s overseen the greatest success baseball has ever known at UGA.

      He overscheduled this year – we basically finished fourth in the SEC and unless we win the tournament, we can’t go to a regional.

      He can’t control the catastrophic injuries which have crippled the team the last two years.

      He also didn’t solve our pitching problem this year.

      He was way down the list for the job when he got it. We’ll have a very difficult time finding a better coach since facilities are essentially the same. (Although, we do have ESPN’s money now).


  6. JasonC

    Good to see that Bama used their text books for something other than making a few bucks.


  7. JaxDawg

    LOL @ Auburn. What a fucking piece of shit school.


  8. Irishdawg

    “Beano Cook is still alive?!”

    I immediately asked the same question. In between predictions, does he ruminate on fighting the Kaiser and the invention of the steam engine?


  9. WarD Eagle

    Sadly, I think AU’s numbers are further toward the bottom.

    As in, barely hovering above 1 or 2 other teams. 940, I think.

    As far as a “piece of shit school”, methinks it’s easier to make good grades in junk courses than something of value. I’m sure I will now be regaled with multiple anecdotes of where your “dumb friends” went to school.


    • JaxDawg

      Unfortunately, any degree from Auburn (aside from DVM) is not looked upon with respect.


      • Dog in Fla

        Maybe by you, not by me. Why not take some pre-engineering or any other undergrad math, physics or chemistry courses at Auburn and tell us how easy they are. From what I recall, those departments model themselves after Georgia Tech with ‘the look to your left, look to your right, one or two of you aren’t going to be in this major much longer ‘ attitude, which explains why Auburn has so many business majors.


        • JaxDawg

          Neither Auburn’s undergrad or grad b-schools are ranked by business week. In fact, both are not only unranked, they are “not considered” to be ranked. You’ve got to be pretty shitty to not even be considered in the rankings. Btw, Clemson and LSU are also not considered. Nice company, huh?

          As for engineering, Auburn comes in 70th.

          The fact that neither Auburn’s engineering or business programs are nationally recognized says enough.


          • Dog in Fla


            Having taken some of the courses I described at Auburn long ago, they were challenging and well-taught courses. From what I understand from a relative who was an early admit to the Auburn Vet School and still enrolled there, those courses are still challenging and well-taught.

            The USNWR undergrad rankings for the schools usually talked about here are

            17. Vanderbilt
            35. Georgia Tech
            53. UF
            56. UGA
            64. Clemson
            79. Bama (a 6 way tie)
            85. Auburn (right after Bama and the others)
            104. FSU
            104. Tenn
            111. USCe
            124. LSU
            124. K.Y.
            132. Ark
            143. Ole Miss
            151. Miss State


            If those rankings mean anything (I don’t keep up with them and have no way of knowing whether they do or do not), we’re closer to Auburn than we are to Vandy or Tech.

            USNWR Engineering grad school rankings are

            4. Georgia Tech
            30. UF
            37. Vandy
            70. Auburn
            70. Tenn
            70. UNC Chapel Hill
            84. Miss State
            85. Clemson
            95. LSU
            107. UGA


            Yikes! We’re behind Auburn.

            Auburn ranking 5 out of 12 in the SEC in the undergrad rankings goes along with this also


            Having never taken a business course, I didn’t say anything about business programs anywhere except that from what I remember Auburn’s always had a lot who started in pre-engineering. But if I were to look at the USNWR B-School MBA rankings, they would go a little something like this

            28. Georgia Tech
            28. Vandy
            47. UF
            51. Ark
            54 USCe
            57. UGA
            63. Auburn
            63. Alabama
            89. LSU



            • JaxDawg

              Ok, you’re right. UGA is just a tad better university than AU and actually worse in engineering. However I don’t think UGA has an engineering school other than ag engineering.

              But you’ve proven your point. And I’m sure there are rankings that place AU ahead of GA in most categories.


              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                The guy who until a couple of years ago was the Dean of Auburn’s College of Business graduated from UGA’s business school with me. Maybe we shouldn’t throw rocks at the Auburn business school. Also just FYI JD, UGA recently started an engineering school to the chagrin of the Techmites who are pissed that it will drain $$ from them.


    • …methinks it’s easier to make good grades in junk courses than something of value. I’m sure I will now be regaled with multiple anecdotes of where your “dumb friends” went to school.

      I’m just gonna leave this here.