Doing the math on David Paschall’s projections on the games CBS elects to broadcast this season, here’s how the number of appearances shape up by team:

  • Alabama, 6
  • Florida, 5
  • LSU, 4
  • Arkansas, 3
  • Tennessee, 3
  • Auburn, 2
  • Ole Miss, 2
  • South Carolina, 2
  • Georgia, 1

Georgia and South Carolina are victims of bad timing, in that their game comes before the broadcast season kicks in, but, still, that seems a little light, especially given the ‘Cocks’ preseason standing as division favorites.  And no Mississippi State?


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  1. Macallanlover

    I can’t argue with those projections, they look pretty much on-target, but I don’t like the 3:30 spot that much anyway. Don’t get me wrong, I wish we had games that made us the top pick due to a compelling matchup, but I prefer us to have a night time slot. Night games in the SEC are the ones I enjoy most and CBS only has about one of those a year. I wouldn’t care if we never had another 3:30 game.

    CBS has always missed the first two games of the CFB season due to their commitment to US Open tennis, and they cannot require their affiliates to carry the SEC game anyway. Given the 16% miss at the beginning, the fact that they cannot even deliver a single national audience, and the 3:30 games get smaller ratings since more fans nationally are involved in their own daytime games (either getting to, attending, or returning from), I wouldn’t mind a switch from CBS. As state above, give me the 8:00 PM time slot every week, and put it on a network that reaches all CFB fans.


    • The 3:30 games get smaller ratings? You need to read Paschall’s article more carefully.


      • Macallanlover

        The Iron Bowl isn’t a real comparison since it was on a Friday with less competition, and last year’s was particularly high-profile. I don’t know but felt the comparison was to ABC’s 3:30 game which will rarely beat a “best of the SEC”. ABC’s best games are the 8:00 PM contests, imo. Aren’t their 3:30 games regional contests anyway?

        I feel there are bigger audiences at night on Saturday than in the afternoon. Granted, there are other night games to compete against but I would bet there are more potential fans surfing the list of games at night.


  2. sUGArdaddy

    I think it’s just wrong. That means we get nothing but Jacksonville. We don’t have a strong schedule, either. However, I have to think MSU, UT, or Auburn end up on CBS


  3. Biggus Rickus

    Unless Georgia has a magical season, that’s about right. The Auburn and Kentucky games could make the cut late in the season if Georgia’s undefeated or only has one loss.


  4. HK

    More lists…..


  5. AusDawg85

    Of the 3 “weakest” matchups in their schedule, we play at Ole Miss on Sept 24 and at Vandy on Oct. 15 so it’s easy to see the preference for the Alabama games. I’m a little surprised by the omission of our Auburn game and suspect that could change if we are likely to be 1st in the East instead of USCe or FL.

    3 apiece for Arky and TN is a head-scratcher….or lower for the hillbillies.